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1 Stickybomb Launcher

The lack of rolling pills with the Loch-N-Load can sometimes seriously destroy it's offensive and potential for area denial. The Iron Bomber's lower roll is not always beneficial - in fact it feels more like a crutch in most situations excluding direct hits and pipe jumping.

The complete damage penalty in the Sticky Jumper often just restricts it to jumping around. It is very fun and allows for the demoman to reach the frontlines at no cost, but severely hinders what he's best at - indirect combat. The shields do provide damage resistance and critical hits, but you do have to give up the Stickybomb Launcher which is a fantastic weapon - something I will cover later. The Quickie-Bomb Launcher is bad at area denial and more so for sticky-spamming and airbursting. The Scottish Resistance has restrictions that allow for it to only take much of a defensive role.

The swords often have downsides that apply when they're not equipped. The Ullapool Caber is a great melee weapon ...more

This is the default Demoman primary weapon. It shoots mines that can stick to most surfaces except players. The mines travel in an arc and can be detonated with secondary fire. The mines take a little while to arm before you can detonate them, making the weapon less effective at direct combat compared to other Demoman weapons. However, the mines deal high damage and can be detonated simultaneously to deal very high damage. The mines last forever unless destroyed or detonated, and can be used to create minefields and can focus fire, hold critical positions (chokepoints) and can kill both the heal target and healer after an ubercharge in one explosion. The primary fire button can be held, for up to four seconds, to increase the speed that the mine travels through the air, increasing the distance and lessening the arc.

You get 8 loaded mines and 24 reserve mines with this weapon and you are allowed to place any 8 mines at once; detonating the mines or dying destroys every mine at ...more

I love how you can jump with it, like rocket-jumping. Also, it does a spectacular amount of damage when grouped.

Stock is the best, as always, although I feel like the Loose Cannon and Loch and Load are really good as well.

2 Loose Cannon

This is my all-time favorite, because of knockback, double donk, deciding how long the cannon should last, and how the downside is kind of replaced with a double donk, leaving about 130 damage!

3 Loch-n-Load

A non-default Grenade Launcher variant. This weapon shoots grenades that travel faster through the air, giving them more range, and that also deal more damage to buildings, but have less explosion radius and shatter into harmless pieces on non-player/building surfaces. The launcher itself has only 3 grenades loaded instead of 4.

This is currently one of the worst variants of the default Grenade Launcher, and arguably one of the worst weapons in the game. Its current statistics of +20% damage vs buildings, +25% projectile speed, -25% explosion radius, -25% clip size and bombs shatter on non-player/building surfaces, are not very balanced. The weapon used to be very good, almost overpowered, but constant complaints have caused Valve to constantly change and arguably downgrade (nerf) the weapon.

The weapon may be fairly good, but the main reason why it is bad is because its default variant, the Grenade Launcher, is almost 100% better than it. It does not have much use, as ...more

4 Eyelander

You can have so much health and speed after a few kills. If you want to be a demoknight, then the Eyelander, Tide Turner, and the Bootlegger, which replaces the less health, is the perfect match.

How is this thing so low? The Eyelander literally gives one of the slowest classes in the game the opportunity to outrun Scouts with the right weapons

It is an awesome weapons. With 4 heads you have 210 hp and you are faster than medic. And no other class except scout can outrun you.

This is definitely the best ever!

5 Grenade Launcher

This is the default Demoman secondary weapon. It shoots grenades, similar to the mines of the Stickybomb Launcher, with the same explosive radius and similar damage. The grenades, although similar to the mines, are different in properties. They do not stick to surfaces, instead they detonate instantly on direct hits, or, if they miss, they can sit on the floor for three seconds before they automatically explode, dealing roughly half the damage of a direct hit. This weapon is definitely the Demoman's weapon of choice for direct combat, and can support his minefield traps very well. However, if you miss your direct hits, it can be extremely difficult to fight off better equipped classes such as Snipers and Scouts, who possess weapons with bullets (hitscan).

You get 4 loaded grenades and 16 reserve grenades with this weapon. Reloading grenades is slow, as only one grenade is restored per reload, making spamming an ineffective strategy.

Definitely one of the most powerful ...more

The only reason that I voted for this instead of the iron bomber is because this has better skins.

6 Iron Bomber

A decent compromise between the basic grenade launcher and the sticky bomber, but not as good as either one. Useful if you want to use a shield instead of sticky bomber because you have better control over placement of your grenades than with the base launcher.

A great weapon that really helps with accuracy. This is by far by favorite

Why is this so low?

7 Chargin' Targe

This weapon is great because it provides 50% resistance to explosives, 40% to fire, and immunity to afterburn. This gives the demoman a way to tank hits better if he wants to focus on a grenade launcher.

This weapon is good for escaping a battle and attacking a far enemies.

8 Sticky Jumper
9 Headless Horseless Horsemann's Headtaker

Oh my gosh I put in this item and t beat 10th and 9th place and now its 9th! Go Headtaker!

Haunted by evil spirits...

10 Scottish Resistance

People tend to complain about all its positives compared to its single negative attribute, but the truth is: it doesn't need anything else. This single downside is enough to set it firmly behind defensive lines, where it soars (I consider the flank-routey pl_upward the best Demoman defensive map). It's enough of something to make the ScoRes very defensive, while the stock is versatile and the Quickiebomb is offensive.

The amount of stickies you can put out to cover an entire area on defense, if not offense, is amazing in any game, put together with the fact you can detonate clusters of stickies independently, putting immense pressure on a pushing or defending enemy team, provided your stickies are actually armed.

This is my favorite weapon for the demoman. It's a very effective trap setter and is great for co. Op and payload. The Scottish Resistance is definitely worth it and is better than all other stickybomb launchers out there

It's so good, the faster firing speeds and damage is so good! you can select which one you want to blow!

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11 Tide Turner

It's better than the other shields like the Charge-n-Targe. You have full steering control, so it's easy to get scouts and any other class.

12 Scotsman's Skullcutter

It is good for killing any class, except over-healed Heavies Spies and Scouts.

Oh my gosh! I added this weapon into the list and it's now 10th! Go skullcutter!

"I'll bloody you up with an axe!"

This. Thing. Death to all.

13 Quickiebomb Launcher

While the Demoman is best at indirect combat, and the Quickiebomb Launcher is not the most flexible, it can definitely hold its weight. It can function in chokepoints despite the damage penalty with a focused concentration of stickies, can eliminate enemy stickies, faster charge time means more time to airburst and harass enemies, and the faster arm time means it can hit enemies faster in direct combat. Despite the clip size penalty, six is usually all you need.

14 Splendid Screen

Screen is best. I can get insta kills and bang and also escape if I'm trapped

15 Persian Persuader
16 Frying Pan

It's the frying pan for gods sake!

100% Random Critical hit

17 Nessie’s Nine Iron
18 Ullapool Caber

This epic melee weapon EXPLODES on impact. You can even still use it as a normal melee after that

19 Level One Bottle
20 Half-Zatoichi
21 Master Ball

Gotta catch em all

22 Claidheamh Mor

When weapon is active:
This Weapon has a large melee range and deploys and holsters slower
0.5 sec increase in charge duration
Melee kills refill 25% of your charge meter.
No random critical hits
15% damage vulnerability on wearer

Sounds like Claymore, nice.

This weapon is awesome

23 Pain Train

Although it is frequently frowned upon, the Pain Train (especially coupled with a stickybomb launcher) makes the Demoman a force to be reckoned with. In this one weapon, he is given an ability unique to the Scout. He can become a ninja at capping points with one weapon. He gets a few weaknesses: Scouts, a notorious counter; Heavies, which can wreck him at close range; Snipers, which usually don't go for him; and Engineers' Sentry Guns, which are the largest hazard for him.

24 B.A.S.E. Jumper
25 Scottish Handshake

If you play true demoman, you won't need a sword. Only a simple bottle will strike quickly and not alter your health.

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