Favorite Channels in SkyCable Philippines


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1 ABS-CBN- Channel 2

i really love abs cbn. i always watch the shows of abs cbn and the only time i switch channel is when i watch movies on channels like hbo and cnema one. i never watch gma. i hate everything about gma for unknown reasons.

im a certified abs cbn lover!

This station is unbelievably amazing. They produces great shows like Be Careful with My Heart, Ina Kapatid Anak and even franchised some of the biggest shows on earth, Minute to win it, the recently concluded X Factor and now The Voice. So excited. - hatcher234

Undoubtedly the number 1 station in the Philippines. They produce shows that are internationally acclaimed. World-class actors and actresses, singers and dancers. - hatcher234

I used 2 be kapuso when I'm in pinas... but now I'm in canada I am a certified KAPAMILYA!

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2 GMA 7

GMA your the best and nu 1!
gma is the best because its still on the top list for how many years, as it is also for its originality... KEEP GOING!

GMA is the best! Because in fact, this is the channel leading in metro manila, no one can beat this channel, abs-cbn sucks because their lossers and I'm trying to tell you that every house here in our place is certified kapuso...

because the GMA is the great tv show and I'm the director of the abs cbn

This is GMA, The Philippines' Largest Network for 65 Years.

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3 MYX- Channel 46
4 HBO- Channel 29
5 Cartoon Network- Channel 19
6 ABC Family- Channel 20

AWESOME! This is quite child friendly in my opinion

I like ABC Family Channel..! I want to watch all the drama series on ABC.

Skycable should get this channel @abcfamily as one of the top ten channel in 2015 cause shows in this channel is awesome.

I need this channel right now because of celine dion please sky cable pleasee

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8 Velvet - Channel 40

E True Hollywood Story

10 Hero TV - Channel 44

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11 FOX Channel Asia

Glee fanatics are enjoying this Channel. - hatcher234

12 National Geographic Channel
13 TV5
14 Cinema One
15 MTV Philippines- Channel 47

This is more Kewl than Myx...
great music - bedingfield

Sorry but I love if this channel is in our sky cable:((((( because I can't find it:( but I really like this channnel

It's cool. Yah I know myx is cool. But, MTV is more cooler than myx. :]

16 Pinoy Big Brother Channel- Channel 52

i really love pinoy big brother....!!

17 Disney Channel- Channel 37

I think that they have great episodes and movies for the whole family to watch

18 Animax - Channel 46

I like animax because it helps me with my anime drawing skills I really like it so much

19 CineMax- Channel 30
20 Crime/Suspense
21 Jack TV
22 Starworld

This is the T.V. station of American idol, masterchef, and other top international shows..

23 Solar Sports- Channel 33
24 Sugbo TV - Channel 14


25 UNTV 37


26 Nickelodeon Nickelodeon Nickelodeon is an American basic cable and satellite television network launched on December 1, 1977, and is owned by Viacom through Viacom Media Networks and based in New York City.
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