Favorite Figure Skater of All Time

The Top Ten Favorite Figure Skater of All Time

1 Yuzuru Hanyu

One need not look further than this season for a testament to Yuzuru Hanyu's amazing athleticism, steely tenacity, and insane growth. From a crash in CoC to absolute victory at the Grand Prix Final. From a 20% success rate on the quad salchow to beautiful, GOE-heavy quads. Now the kid is even predicting the era of quintuples. That sounds crazy, but coming from Yuzuru, it's matter-of-fact. What can we say? He's clearly beyond the level of mere humans.

I think he is one of the biggest talents in figure skating history. He's very versatile and he has got the full package. His jumps are spectacular, his speed is amazing, his presence on the ice is immense. And he is so captivating it really is a huge fun to watch him compete. What I especially love about him is his will to compete against all odds. He has a spirit of a top athlete. And he has his charm and artistic mind. Wish him good luck. He's the best of the best, one of a kind, an alien. Happy to be a witness of his success. Well- deserved one.

I've watched a lot of figure skating performances in several winter Olympic Games, but Yuzuru is the one that make me a figure skating fan finally.

Not only is he a brilliant skater, athlete and artist, he is a very fine human being. He has dignity, compassion and humility. He is a complete sportsman, cheering for and congratulating rivals notwithstanding his "hate to lose" personality. His intelligence and maturity beyond his years are always evident in his interviews. On the other hand, he has a very playful sense of humor and childlike side which endears him to everyone. He has a tremendous ability to face and deal with adversity and challenges.

2 Yulia Lipnitskaya

Yulia's spins are out of this world. No one can touch her flexibility, the ingenuity of her positions, her speed and the overall beauty of a spinning Yulia Lipnitskaya. If I were a judge, Yulia would be the only one who gets Level 4 on spins - her level 4s just cannot be compared to the others in the field. Take a Biellmann - most skaters struggle to do one, let alone a hyperextended Biellmann, and even when they hit the position they merely turn slowly for 3 to 4 rounds. Not Yulia. Yulia's thigh practically touches her head and she spins her Biellmann at a wonderful speed rarely seen among top skaters. Queen of spins and spirals, Yulia Lipnitskaya.

I love her for her musicality. I play classical piano, and I can't believe how well she can 'feel' and enjoy the music. As well, she chooses her music herself. And all of her music is always heartbreakingly beautiful and easy on the ears. She knows what she can do, and she takes it all to the max. Her spins are amazing to watch- just like a dancer or a gymnast. She has beautiful extensions and showcases fluidity in all of her movements. She has the spark that will certainly prove that she is the best in the near future.

First of all, I would like to share their impression of the rentals Julia.. Do not lie if I say that after the short program in the team competition, went under the impression week. I very much liked figure skating at all Olympic Games only look at the sport as possible trying not to miss the championship worlds and Europe, but in the last few years have not been able, up to the Olympics, look at the competition. Easy riding, smooth motion and rotation is breathtaking at the end I was incredibly inspired. I understand that, perhaps even under ideal rental in the women's singles competitions Julia could not get gold, but, in my opinion, is not so important points as important to convey power. If I was asked who my favorite athlete, I would say it was her name. :)

I wish Julia forces, which will be enough to become even more powerful skater, which is enough to maintain the spirit. Just I hope that with age, it does not lose its flavor, which inspires people.

Yulia's Olympic performance was packed with epic grandeur
Like a Shakespearean tragedy with a silver lining for texture.
-only the medium of expression was not written in words,
But molded from a multitude of exquisite positions that turned
Into a series of limber spins and accented with wave-like runs
To a string of quick whipsaw jumps that drilled into the utmost
Depths of my soul.

Yulia offered her open arms and palms to engage the audience
Lifting them dramatically like curtains slowly rising for stage presence
To reveal the first act in a role she alone had the capacity to play.
She veered left using the diagonal width of the rink as a runway.

As she launched into take off, her arms swung into motion.
Her back straight as a knife blade to cut the mounting tension.
Leaning deep into her forward edge, she folded her arms across her chest
To spin quickly. My heart raced as her rising symmetrical spirals hit their crest.
Her ...more

3 Daisuke Takahashi

Ridiculous to do such a thing - the same person change the browser to vote to the same skater many times.
One Person, One Vote! That's the justice.

I think ashamed of this vote as a Japanese. - kana_kana

Don't push thumbs down button on Yuzuru and overvote to Daisuke and other skaters.

Don't overvote to Daisuke and push thumbs down on Yuzuru.

4 Yuna Kim

Queen Yuna. Her speed, great ice coverage, musicality, artistry and technical consistency sets her apart to every skater out there. She's got the over-all presence on the ice, plus exquisite technique. Her jumps are often referred to as textbook standard, and what's more appealing to her is her effortlessness on the ice, and how she just portrays exquisite elegance and easiness. And even though she's retired in competition, she's still widely-adored by her fans worldwide. Inarguably, one of the GREATEST of all time.

She is a queen. She broke the world record twice and she won the 2010 Olympics and the silver in the 2014 ( she was robbed).

Elegant, graceful, beautiful, mysterious.

She is always perfect, and there are not betrayal others' expectation.

She does a beautiful jump to include speed and the height.

Her performance's emotion is plentiful and she excite the audience and impress me.

It looked like magic. Her performance is the most fun and I like it!

She is the hero who beat pressure and every thing.

I always respect her.

When she retired, I cried. I still think that I miss her very much.

5 Mao Asada

Mao's Olympic performance was packed with epic grandeur
Like a Shakespearean tragedy with a silver lining for texture.
-only the medium of expression was not written in words,
But molded from a multitude of exquisite positions that turned
Into a series of limber spins and accented with wave-like runs
To a string of quick whipsaw jumps that drilled into the utmost
Depths of my soul.

This vigorous warrior princess set the athletic standard in the ladies' group
By tackling the triple axel together with the combination triple flip and loop.

Mao offered her open arms and palms to engage the audience
Lifting them dramatically like curtains slowly rising for stage presence
To reveal the first act in a role she alone had the capacity to play.
She veered left using the diagonal width of the rink as a runway.

As she launched into take off, her arms swung into motion.
Her back straight as a knife blade to cut the mounting tension.
Leaning ...more

Mao is consummately elegant, athletic and artistic. She hits prima ballerina positions with stunning flexibility and beautifully erect posture and tackles technically challenging elements like the triple axel (which she has landed more consistently than any woman in history), the triple flip / loop, the one handed Biellmann, the cross grab Biellmann, acrobatic, rhythmic and emotionally moving step sequence. Then, she delivered the greatest LP in history in Sochi with 8 triples, with Russian pairs champion Maxim Trankov calling her "a true samurai." who she skated a program of "maximum difficulty" that "only an Olympic Champion could do" live on Russian T.V. with Julia and Adelina yet to skate. And live on French T.V. the announcers said that Mao "gave the performance of an Olympic champion." Then, Mao followed this with a world record SP at Worlds 2014. She should rightfully hold both records with her 8 triple program no matter what formerly ...more

Mao, you are amazing skater! Makes me to cry watching your skate. Love you!

She was indeed born to skate to Chopin. There is no wonder she is the current record-holder for short program. In my opinion, had the point system been revised sooner (before Vancouver), she would also be the current record-holder for long program, given her splendid Rachmaninoff performance. It touched my heart and many others'.

6 Stephane Lambiel

A real artist on the ice! The one who could put together the highest level artistry with amazing skating skills and technique. The one who will always be known for his highest demand of quality, even after his competitive retirement. And at the same time, also a wonderful person. And I haven't even mentioned his mesmerizing spins and musicality.

I can write a lot about Stephane. But I will say the main thing: his highest artistry, excellent technique, the beauty of movements, harmony with the music, the love to the audience. He fascinates, captivates, creates magic on the ice. Each of his program is a short theatrical masterpiece, a work of art. He's a real, sincere and he has no equal. He is a genius!

Stephane Lambiel is only a "contender"? I don't trust this survey as being valid. Lambiel is unquestionably the greatest male figure-skater out there in this day and age. I'm not just saying that because I happen to personally adore him (which I do), I make this statement objectively and in light of his consistent perfection and unearthly artistry. But why restate the obvious? Because, apparently some prefer to ignore the obvious. Listing him as a mere "contender" does have shock value, though... That works.

Stephane is a terrific skater, artist, undergoing art on ice. Absolutely incredible spins, amazing plastic, stunning artistry. Each utility is a masterpiece. He's such a one - a brilliant and unmatched. Do not get tired to admire this unique figure skater! In the entire cohort of great skaters, for me, Stephane - first.

7 Evgeni Plushenko

One of the greatest and most charismatic figure skaters of all time. He radiates power, beauty and energy. The sheer command he has over the ice and audience is spellbinding. There will never be a male figure skater as emotional, passionate, technically masterful as him. One of a kind. Tsar on ice!

I love everything about Plushenko's skating, the arm movements, the playing up to the audience, everything! Thanks to YouTube I have been able to see his earliest performances and his skill and talent is incredible. He will always be remembered in figure skating and he is the King of Ice.

There is only one of him in the world. There is no one like him. In an age of figure skating where everyone is the same, he is different. No one has the command and power over the ice that he does. No one has his charisma. I repeat, there is no one like him and never will be again. He is one of the greatest - a living legend.

Best skater ever. Legend

8 Alexey Yagudin

I remember his magic Winter in Salt Lake City.

The best. Simply the best

The great athlete, his programs can be revised again and again

The best skater! His programs are impossible to forget.

9 Michelle Kwan

8 what a joke. Top 3 yes!

Greatest female skater in the world.

Greatest figure skater ever

Favorite of all time!

10 Carolina Kostner

The magic moments she bring for the audience when she skates on the rink are unique experiences. Only the ones that have had the possibility to see live her in a competition or in an exibition could understand my thought.

Her Ave Maria won me!

She is a role model!

She is so great!

The Contenders

11 Ekaterina Gordeeva

Completely agree! She's absolutely magnificent, just breath-taking! She is not only a genius in figure skating, she's also one of the most beautiful women in the world. And it's very natural, that she's often associated with Katharine Hepburn and Audrey Hepburn - two greatest actresses ever. She's really Great!

There are only few things in this world which can always give you joy regardless your mood and state of mind: sea, sun in the sky, poetry of Shakespeare, music of Bach, paintings of El Greco, films with Katharine Hepburn or Dustin Hoffman and skating of Katya Gordeeva. Ekaterina, I'm so grateful that you exist! THANK YOU!

She is the only person in the world of the figure skating af all times, who has transfigured it to an Art. It's actually a ballet on ice and a Great ballet! This is the level of skating, when even her perfect technique doesn't play role any more, because the Pure Beauty dominates over everything: it admires, stuns, hypnotizes and gives a natural sensation of eternal harmony. Other great skaters are heroes, and Katya is an Artist.

Your are amazing) When I saw you I just fall in love..

12 Brian Joubert

One from the few skaters that lasted so long in competitions 9without any season out for over 10 years) and in high level. A real FIGHTER! King of quads! He has a great connection with the crowd! The james bond of the ice!

Best of the best!

Brian is the best, a wonderful champion!

He won so much international medals during such a long time.

13 Tessa Virtue

Tessa recently very much puffy and fat. I do not want to look at this slow, heavy cow.

Tessa Virtue is an amazing skater. My favorite!

Every move she makes looks perfect as well as perfectly natural.

Tessa is really brilliant. Very smart, charismatic, artistic. The best in ice dance.

14 Midori Ito

I ice skate, and my coach has told me that I am just like her. It pushes me more to be like that amazing figure in skating.

Definitely the best woman skater of all time. She is the only one until NOW who can jump as high as a male skater! She is the legend who brought the woman's figure skating level high as of today.

No skater can be as exciting and thrilling as Midori Ito! Scott Hamilton once said "there will be 50 years before we'll see anything like Midori Ito. " Twenty years and still counting, his word still holds true. A figure skating legend!

Her breathtaking skating and a big, genuine smile (instead of a smily face for points as too often seen during the competition) never fail to warm my heart.

15 Katarina Witt


Best ice skating competitor of all time and as it happens also on of most attractive women of all time!

Very beautiful, stylish and sophisticated. One of the greats.

La classe! Une grande championne...

16 Denis Ten

Denis is best skater!


The best of the best

I love all Denis' performances

He's artistry is amazing

17 Johnny Weir

He will make a mark on the sport for his artistry, creativity and personality.

Johnny is absolutely in a league of his own as a skater. He doesn't just skate to music. He becomes the music, interpreting it with every stroke of his blades, every turn of his hips, every flick of his fingers. He's mesmerizing and truly the most powerful, heartbreakingly beautiful artist on the ice ever.

I have become a figure skating fan because of him. I fell in love with his skating style right away. Johnny is the embodiment of grace, beauty and strength.

Johnny is the most artistic figure skater I've ever known! When he skates I can't put my eyes off the screen/ice (whatever! ). He's a real magician ON ICE! He takes your soul and your heart and returns them full of emotions and love, so once you saw Johnny skating you'd never forget him!

18 Elizaveta Tuktamysheva

Liza, the greatest challenger! Her skating is always beautiful, elegant, and gorgeous!

Very much I love Lisa! She tremendous, she has excellent jumps and an improbable triple axel!

She's very beautiful! Her triple axel magnificent!

Elizaveta Tuktamysheva is Queen of the triple axel. Goddess of ice really!

19 Scott Moir

Canadian dance today have regressed. Fallen to the lowest level in figure skating. Junior Canadian laughable. I do not expect the return of Tessa and Scott, because they are old, slow and uninteresting for a new generation of figure skating dance. I love Bobrova

Тhat would be unwise get back Canadians VM for compete. Your time is over! Now the kings from other countries in the dance,but not Canadians! Canadians are just servants of situation! It is the same in juniors


Perfect partner and joyful person! )

20 Brian Boitano

Brian had the power and grace. Dramatic presence on the ice. Also managed a great professional career.

He is Legend! And, I'm also enjoy "What would Brian Boitano make? "

What would Brian Boitano do
If he were here today?
He'd make a plan and follow it through
That's what Brain Boitano'd do. - Puga

21 Javier Fernandez

He's the worst world champion I've ever know in the history! He did not deserve the score and title he got! He is just so loved by the judges because he's Spanish, European,and white! This is Racial discrimination! I am so shamed for him and ISU to make this sport dirty as today! Look at his jumps, he has too much pre for his quad and he's flip and lutz look the same! See his spins, I can't see the reason why he got such high goe for those ugly spins! And his skating skill, he absolutely does not have the same level and difficult ss to Patrick and Yuzuru,but he got the same score for ss! And his performing style is not elegant and impressive at all! And never change! He should perform in circus! He makes me don't want to see this sport!

He is so charming!

One of the most extraordinary skaters ever. He's so talented, his technical skills, speed and gliding are perfect. His charming performance is just incredible! He is an artist! He's looking for new fresh ideas, unforgettable performance on the World Gala 2015 with a music from "Touch of evil"! He's an actor with such a strong personality! Brave and unforgettable skater!

Unbelievable skater!

22 Elena Radionova

I like her innocent personality.

She has to cherish that to express, especially exhibition is wonderful.

Very interesting programs, great technique, very emotional! She has everything to be the best female skater!

She is wonderful girl! ♡♡♡ I like her :) I always cry or smile, when I watch her programme☆

She is queen of ice

23 Takahiko Kozuka

He is from the time of junior, it is wonderfully skating, I was paying attention.

Up to senior, and now more and more to run a clever step work, I now look forward to seeing his step.

There is a flow to acting, smooth Very pleasant. In addition, part of the fun his selection of music also.

Classic look good, but also look good pop. Vocal music of the season as well, those very great, it is a love acting.

From now, also I want you active in the game.

His prominent skating technique has been attracting me long time.

Particularly, "Eagle" beautiful like wind is favorite for me.

2014-2015season's exhibition program, flamenco has passionate as well as his usual nobility.

His performances give me happiness all time.

I want to continue watching him in the long future.

Taka is the most favorite skater. Also I am impressed many times in his skating. step work of taka is the best. I do not feel the stress. And I really dense. I will always surprised. Whether it is possible for you to slip like that why? His skating has me to enrich my life.

Smooth and silky, just a joy to watch him skate!

24 Evgenia Medvedeva

I love her expression, the way she dances on the ice

She is very beautiful and greatest skater! Cool girl!

I like she is elegant skater.

Congratulations to the world record beautiful Eugenia, you are our new Yuna Kim forever - Queen! Love forever...

25 Serafima Sakhanovich

Serafima stays in juniors and we look forward to winning her! Serafima has not grown to the adult step to Grand Prix, and she will have no place in an adult company still ! But in juniors our Serafima real queen will win still, because she's the junior still.

Sakhanovich is consistency and technical difficulty was what mattered in her. I am saying that Sakhanovich's skating is perfect, she would have no problem to medal at the GP & JGP,because she is best for only Queen in soon season! Her quad 4 in juniors should surprise all the critics, forward Serafima.

26 Sasha Cohen

Who the heck is disliking the comments on her!? You cannot deny that she is one of the most graceful skaters ever. No one could beat her in the artistry. It's just too bad she couldn't ever focus all the way through a program. I think she was a nervous competitor. That was her problem.

After watching Sasha skate she has pretty much ruined me for everyone else. Her positions were textbook perfect. Her carriage was beautiful. I loved her spins, and that spiral... Still my favorite spiral ever.

Took the words right out of my mouth. I watch her and then everyone else looks ungraceful.

She is a Ballerina on ice and her spiral are perfection

An amazing skater with breathtaking spiral positions and a pretty smile.

27 Maxim Trankov

He is so sensitive and handsome on ice! I am completely in love with time and Tatiana! Hope their next season will be the same success as previous ones

The best male pair skater!

The best partner of all time/

He is very beautiful! And greatest skater!

28 Janet Lynn

She felt the music in her skating and, at her time, gave skating that little bit extra!

29 Miki Ando

Her jump is very beautiful!

Love her 3Lz+3Lo combinations and quad sal attempts.

Her smile is so wonderful!

2 times world champion! 4S! 3Lz+3Lo! Passionate performance!

30 Kurt Browning

Kurt is the whole package :) I find the skaters today although very talented and only interested in getting the next jump or spin. So much pressure to bang out quads that there's nothing in between. Kurt was not only talented but fun to watch. Extremely artistic, funny and charismatic.

Watched this lad from the early stages to now. Talent, grace and funny. Pure entertainment and skill. Even loses gracefully. The person who put the quads on the list. Pioneer plus.

Simply the best. Kurt Browning was already greatest at his competitive days and now at the age of 48 he still keeps getting even better.

Kurt Browning has the technique and style that I like. I'm from Canada. And the only other Canadian figure skater I love is Patrick Chan. Whom I'm shocked is not on this list. But then, I'm shock that Yuna Kim is not in first place.

31 Patrick Chan

I agree that he belongs far from the top of this list. He is an artistic skater, but could have been much better with a more technical jump coach and less of his cockiness.

One of my favorite all time! Only Yagudin is better than him in my opinion. Such an inspiration. His skating skill is damn amazing.

I like the way he skates, way beyond others.

Patrick is such a perfection, he is one of few who can make your breath stop for 3 minutes.

32 Jason Brown

New Free program about Jason is very boring and repetitive as a junior: ((I predict descend to Brown outside the top 10 in the world, because Brown is very weak skater.

He is an American household pet! He is a shame for America!

Hmm, where is the new program? Where is gonna be quad? It is to be unfair to give such high score for 2016 Glacier Falls Free Skate!

It is an indication of corruption and bribery of judges for judging at home, so must-have protested the international judges of the world. The world should not have to go on a leash a US judge, we are their eyes! Jason is very boring and of the same type components in the skater, so I'm sure that at the stages of GP this brash pet will not get even half of these illegal high scores for the middle of summer! Shame on America, you are ridiculous!

He have a something special.
He made everyone feel like so happy!

33 Irina Moiseeva

One of the greatest ice dancer ever!

34 Tatsuki Machida

I was deeply impressed by his performances. While watching him skate for a few minutes in a competition, I felt I was watching a whole movie or an entire performance of ballet. His movement is not just beautiful; in every single movement he has a message he wants to show the world, a message of love. Yes, it is a pity he no longer competes, but I'm looking forward to seeing him perform another artistic program, something like East of Eden or Beethoven Symphony No.9.

I love his pure skating and his passion.

In 2012-13 season, he looked like a different skater from last season. In 2013-14 season, I thought it again because his quad jump was so beautiful. In final season, he had the majesty of a king. Now, he show us a elegant (and slightly unique) performance in the ice show. He always amaze us. Thanks tatsuki!

He is a very beautiful skater!... And amazing artist.

35 Peggy Flemming

Her style, finesse, and composure put her at the top all time. The Perfect Skater

When I was a little girl
The first for me at the moment

36 Gracie Gold

I actually thought Gracie's air position in her jumps improved somewhat once she moved to Frank. Things seemed much tighter in the air and he really polished her skating as well as her spins. The only thing that holds her back is her inconsistency and inability to really interpret the music, her facial expressions annoy me because they are so fake or in existent! Gracie is still having issues with her jump timing in competition. She seems like she is a bit too tight and not relaxed which causes those scratchy landings. It's almost like she's saying " do it... do it... DO IT...'. I often wonder if she's actually enjoying and soaking in her performance. Her face shows immense concentration but almost no personality or depiction of the music. That to me is Graci's weakness. She struggles to convey emotion through her face which leads me to believe that while she's committed to being true to the choreography, knowing how to act and perform are still not a strong point for her. looks ...more

It is disgusting to see her lose this first fall in the combo. The period after the fall of the second combo is expected and as usual, but she was not having a good practice in this season, so it is very concerned about. She, anywhere at all, do not feel the connection with her the program, and for her that seems to have been a very important part of her skating well, and it does not control the nerves there. I hate her choreography, the angular lines do not get as much as possible towards the Firebird, the more need lyrical work. She skates worse than last year

This Firebird is really a disaster after Anna's beautiful program from last season. Boring, boring, boring. Nothing special. Sorry!

Just a very stupid and a wooden dummy! Nothing interesting would not expect her

37 Elena Ilinykh

Elena is so talented, so expressive and brilliant on the ice. She is such a fun loving, sincere and kind person. And she is a star and has a champion quality.

Elena is a real sportsman in the best sense of this word. She fights and struggles for every point, no matter what. She is a great personality. And she is gorgeous and unforgettable on the ice.

She is adorable because she is so essential.. She is just very open and kind-hearted! I really dream to meet her one day although I never really had any idols, I prefer to live my own life. ! But she is just so like us, all other people that it feels that to meet her will be like to meet an old lost friend from high school! I adore her! She is just lovely!

Elena is the best dancer!

38 Dorothy Hamill

one of the most beautiful woman ive seen,shes 3 years older than i.Ive watched her for all the years shes skated,i watched her interview on tv a month or so ago and know what she felt like in her time of sorrows,for i now feel her pain,and wonder how she made it.Wish i could meet her.

I like her because she is amazing... In stars on ice... The olimpics... And desierves famousness

39 Misha Ge

Misha Ge is my favorite skater. I love his skating for amazing emotion and for wonderful choreography. He is the best skater in the world and in my heart.

He is one and only Ice Artist. He always skates from his heart for audiences not only for judges. He is my best favorite figure skater of all time!

He's amazing sportsman! He dances for all and for everyone. He likes ice and flame in one.

Misha is very kind, talented and inspiring young skater. We wish him great success and great future!

40 Andrei Minenkov
41 Irina Slutskaya

Great character and perfect jump technique.

She is still my best!

Great skater from Russia. I Love. Speed, power, rotation, jumping, inspiration. Character! Fighter.

The best Russian figure skater!

42 Tatiana Volosozhar

She is the best athlete, the best partner, the best woman and the best person. I love her

Simply the best female pair skater of all times.

Absolutely biggest loving Tatiana Firebird! One of the best skater in pairs in RUS&WC&OGW ever! We miss and can't waiting for next seasons... With great love you my firebird.

Absolutely amazing skater! She is so graceful and beautiful! It is wonderful to see her skate! She always has a smile on her face and always has a positive attitude which combined with her dedication and hard work has truly made her into the champion she is! Thank you for everything Tanya!

43 Jeremy Abbott

He's a moving portrait on ice. Everything about his skating... Especially his choreography, deep edges, spins, heartfelt expressions, are magical. He becomes the music.

He has the best edges and feel for movement of skaters out there right now. He is beyond his years on the ice, and also a major throwback to the classic days. Extreme musicality. Very classy guy on and off the ice and a sweetie to boot.

So beautiful skating and Classy

His performances always move me

44 Han Yan

Love his flowing on ice! So charming!

His 3A is so great!

He has beautiful skating and dynamic jumps.
Han and Yuzuru suffered from the accident and they overcame the difficulties. They are wonderful. I think not only Yuzuru, but also him should be praised.

Very smooth skating skills.

45 Irina Rodnina

3 time Olympic champion

Irina Rodnina simbol figure skating. His legend!

3 time Olympic Champion! This is simply amarzing!

46 Mark Mitchell
47 Zachary Donohue

It is ridiculously like he copies Ciceron. Ugh, this is a big mistake.

A natural athlete and dancer. Possess charisma and excellent musical expression. Good posture and skating technique. Improving all the time. Boundless potential.

48 Kristi Yamaguchi

Her jumps are so skilled everything looks like it has been calculated and just wow I'm a skater and I can't wait to be able to do that stuff

She is amazing! Everything she does is through her heart. She tries hard and success into life. She made history! I love her, and shes my hero! She deserves to have good fortune in life..!

49 Nobunari Oda

The way he jumps and the way he lands are superb! Especially the landing.

His skating is so interesting but also his character is much more.

He is one of the best skater in the world

He is very lovely!

50 Brian Orser

Brian Orser has gone beyond skating as an athlete - he continues to lead the younger generation and now has 3 promising young skaters under his wing. He's probably the best coach of all time, if not the best skater.

Orser has made the history

my hero - so awesome!
see his Story of my life

Brian was great skater, and he is great coach now. He lead Yuna and Yuzuru to Gold medal!
Canadian Excellence.

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