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101 Oleg Protopopov

The symbol and soul of world pair skating. They made people cry. Real artists on ice. There are no such figure skaters now.

102 Marina Klimova
103 Fumie Suguri V 1 Comment
104 Kaitlyn Weaver

Kaitlyn and Andrew have to go into retirement. You regressed and that's the end.Goodbye forever

Canadian ice dance seems to have a ridiculous amount of quantity, but not much quality (at least elite level quality :)) At this point, that programs Canadians just kinda sucks to dislike this dancers. Canadian ice dance comes in crisis for them. They doesn't the light at the end of the tunnel! When there is a program that goes nowhere, is generic, and the skating looks like it's been done by pensioners, the coach, the fed, someone should tell this couple that their problem is not just lack of competitions, but lack of real training at this point.I think the problem with the Weaver Poje is that they still seem to be stuck in the 90s. It's shame! The fact that they think that THIS new season dances is what a masterpiece should look like, is very worrisome :))! I believe that Canadian ice dance is doomed. They need another technical specialists who knows the rules number one! This dance teams almost as a rule are weaker in tech than almost any teams. For WP It's a big problem! There is ...more

105 Yuko Kavaguti

Yuko is extremely brave and plain amazing. Fixing her injured shoulder right during the program? Earning three different degrees, with sport-related last, all while being at the highest performance levels? That's all about Yuko.

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106 Tara Lipinski

She had a very hard free skate. I'm just not so sure she should have won over Michelle Kwan. I wish she did not retire as soon as she won. She had potential to get better artistry. - oldhollywood

All these years later and based on the comments it's a fact that Tara will haunt Kwaniacs forever. MUAHAHA! Must be painful watching skating events on T.V. now that she's a commentator.

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107 Jill Trenary

She had so much style and beauty on the ice.

They changed the rules right under her feet, and that forced her out. The compulsory s being dropped changed the sport, and she was a casualty. Kwan was another casualty a decade later with the scoring changes.

I miss those big stars with the big personality on the ice. Today's women are zombies doing triples in comparison. Ratings are so low. Sad.

Seeing Her skate to Nancy Sinatra's "These Boots are made for Walkin" at a Champions on ice show made her one hot skater.

108 Kevin Reynolds

He can do 2 quads in short and 3 quads in free skate. Just very underscored talented skater. He's the "Quad King".

I like his jump and spin. Especially, he try only skater to jump 3F+3Lo, I think.

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109 Barbara Ann Scott

First American to win at olympic figure skating (1948).
A Canadian from Ottawa, Canada. Not only beautiful but a very graceful skater.

Always been my idol

110 Tonya Harding

Yay, but she should be much lower

111 Tatiana Totmianina

Brilliant figure skater! Five time European Champion, Two time World Champion, Olympic Champion.

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112 Nikita Katsalapov

Nikita, when you talk about music to a new program? Nikita please talk to us talk. We are looking forward to your breakthrough again and again, when you bring the result into the country? Nikita, how can you expect and we want to rejoice.

Good luck dear Nikita to SA. You deserve winning at this stage and output in the ending the Grand Prix season. Be bold and you will be the first ever. ))::

113 Ksenia Stolbova

Ksenia Stolbova must think about her jumps and does not be offended at the other fans when they tell her the truth in the face! Unfortunately Ksenia does not like the truth, but she feels and looks like a Queen on Ice, let's see what will be next season. Anyway, we LOVE Ksenia the Queen looks and she would win soon the сanadian Duhamel is terrifying Junior view!

I just think that the Russian couple Ksenia Stolbova&Fedor Klimov is the best and strongest pair in the world! Vivat Stolbova&Klimov, you deserve to the Olympic records in the scores, because you have the charm and style of skating! I admire you on the ice. Ksenia you're the queen of sports in pairs!

Today, the training Ksenia Stolbova is successfully jumped 4 quad Salchow. Russia must to win of Canadians.

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114 Mikhail Kolyada V 2 Comments
115 Sumire Suto
116 Maria Sotskova

Pure elegance and beauty! She is so charming! Ballet lightness, beauty of gesture, aristocracy, combined with very difficult technique - all this is about her! Moreover, her costumes, being continuation of image, are splendid; her programs are not mixture of movements, but stories on the ice! Gentle steadfast Tin Soldier! Go, Maria, go! - Alexey

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117 Wakaba Higuchi

Japanese is thick and slow girl who got too a large down payment on the first season from junior judges. But the second season with the injury has shown us all that she is the most ordinary, boring skater from Japan. It looks too ugly on the ice! Japanese juniors will always give way to Russian :-))

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118 Caroline Zhang
119 Toller Cranston

He was the best ever! Without him, male figure skating wouldn't have happened like it did. Love him! 🇨🇦❤️

120 Chad Aplin

Chad aplin is at one with the ice I love him

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