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141 Jin Boyang

He's definitely a jumping machine and has a beautiful quad lutz. He just needs to improve his components and ownership of the choreography.

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142 Lubov Iliushechkina

The most graceful pair skater ever.

143 Carly Gold

Sure, most anybody who's heard of Carly Gold only knows her as Gracie's sister, but she showed a lot of promise in her first Nationals appearace this past week...Go Carly!

144 Francis Boudreau-Audet
145 Kirill Minov
146 Marin Honda
147 Deniss Vasiljevs
148 Brendan Kerry
149 Kimmie Meissner
150 Vincent Zhou
151 Yuka Sato
152 Rika Hongo

I do not like terrible skater! She is really humpbacked and toothy people and repels her looks! I do not understand what she had done in the final Grand Prix of last season! It is to be ludicrous

No! She will never better, it is just a myth! Her new program looks like a crazy circus snake out of a bottle it's a shame but not a skater

She tries to copy/paste Jason Brown, but whatever she does she remains the most boring skater ever. The judges fell into the trap and inflated her PCS...

Last year she even managed to make Carmen look/sound flat and boring. Now the Riverdance and it's the snoozefest of the year...it's a shame

Like her performance and smile

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153 Julia Sebestyen
154 Maxim Shabalin


155 Ilia Kulik
156 Nathalie Pechalat

So beautiful, so nice - my favorite skater. I miss her.

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157 Richard Dornbush
158 Alexandra Stepanova

Good luck Alexandra Stepanova_Ivan Bukin! You are very beautiful, fast skating and show ballet on ice. You really eye-catching in your flexibility, grace and original music selections. I was at the Grand Prix of America looking at you and had great happiness to live in a time with the future Olympic champion! I am sure that you will must do first couple country of Russia, like the French;-)) But even without this status you'll have all the gold in the world on yous necks soon more and more :-)) America hopes to see you again in our Grand Prix!

Alexandra will be the new Olympic champion soon, because her grace, refinement and ease for body maked my heart beating faster, and fell in love with her at first sight! She is better in 1000000 times than Papadakis by French, because Stepanova won many times the French in junior! In next season and soon we will open the eyes of who is better or worse in this confrontation! Sasha has the best on the planet Twizzles and legs, and more... SP&Free dances Stepanova and Bukin in the new season will be the winner among American or a Canadian, French couples.

I am very interested to see Free program in the modern Mercury and Caballe! I can not wait to look a new season, cheers

Her new program this season will be a masterpiece. This will be a breakthrough year in the dances.

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159 Ksenia Monko

The most beautiful figure skater in the world

Xenia retired. This is unofficial information. Partner of looking for a new showgirl.

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160 Kirill Khaliavin

Really cute dancer. I love his Instagram!

The best partner and a handsome man

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