Yuzuru Hanyu


Not only is he a brilliant skater, athlete and artist, he is a very fine human being. He has dignity, compassion and humility. He is a complete sportsman, cheering for and congratulating rivals notwithstanding his "hate to lose" personality. His intelligence and maturity beyond his years are always evident in his interviews. On the other hand, he has a very playful sense of humor and childlike side which endears him to everyone. He has a tremendous ability to face and deal with adversity and challenges.

I've been FS fan for almost 30 years now but there had never been a figure skater like Yuzuru Hanyu. Aside from his technical skills, his artistry and beauty that is derived from his performance is just breathtaking. He is beautiful inside and out. His performances that shows his soul will grab you and speak to your heart. Only 20 years old, he's gone through so many things - ups and downs. That itself would make him a special person but he doesn't act like it at all. He just wants to be a figure skater. His heart and soul shines and he became the role model for many of us, all over the world. He is and will be my favorite figure skater forever.

I really respect him not only as a great skater but as a man who has passion to improve himself and always appreciate the people to support him.

"There is good skaters and great skaters. And yuzuru hanyu".
Yep, he is one of the kind only. He is the main reason why I got into figure skating. Many experts called him as one of the best skaters of all time. Can see why. Great at jumps, spins as well as skating skills, and above all, very expressive. He has it all to be a legendary skater. And he is still 20! Hasn't reach his peak yet. Can't imagine how it gona be.

His mental strength is inspiring as well - the ability to take chances and never give up no matter what. Beating the impossible to come on top. Not to mention, he was one of the victims of Tohoku disasters in 2011. He has been through so much, but he never make excuses out of it. Asthma, injuries, bloody ice collision, surgery, stomach bugs, Tohoku disasters... Yet he is still on top.

Above all, he is an honorable young man who has a big heart and very humble. Young people should emulate him. He is a great role model. Never let the success get ...more

As a superstar of single figure skating, he really improves the popularity of this sports. His experience and perseverance resonates with people from all over the world. In my perspective, this is what really matters and this is how you evaluate the true value of a skater--his influence and devotion on this sport. He deserves all his gold medals and he is a treasure made of all the golden qualities.

I wonder why there are so many thumbs down to the comments. Honestly, I think this is childish and goes totally against the sportiveness behaviour that our favorite athletes show and teach to us.

There are a lot of great skaters. Hanyu is my favorite, but there are many that I admire too. There's no need to put thumbs down to the comments dedicated to Yuzuru to prove that your favorite is better.

I voted for Yuzuru and I don't care about the comment to the other skaters. May the best win!

Just vote your favorite and stop this stupid war.

I found him 4 years ago. At that time he confronted a very difficult time, by the tsunami and earthquake.

He continued to polish the skating skill in ice shows, and gave us a ray of hope. Olympic gold medal of the prize money was also donated to his hometown.

He is really skater who I show the love and respect of. I will cheer for him no matter what happens!

I really respect him. Beautiful jump and spin and all performance. And his spirit is really great!

Hanyu is the most inspirational figure skater to me since I became a fan of his during the Sochi Olympics. I was a first time viewer of Figure Skating and was going to cheer on Canada (Patrick Chan), but Yuzuru just blew me away that I couldn't help but replay his SP performance over and over again. After his Romeo & Juliet LP, I just cried because it was the most amazing thing that I've ever seen that made my emotions go wild.

I think of him as the ideal role model because Yuzuru shows that it's possible to do what he does and achieve your dream, even with the barriers in his way, even with the ups and downs. And after his gold medal win at the Sochi, the following season was the most terrible with the accident at Cup of China and the surgery before coming back to win the Grand Pri Final and then finishing second at Worlds. It's because it's so easy to relate to him that there is no way that Yuzuru couldn't be not inspirational. His fighting spirit is visible to anyone. But we ...more

Yuzuru's jump is high and clean, spin is quick and position is beautiful! And his steps match with music. But at most, I really loves his character!

It is undeniable that all of these skaters are talented, but what makes Yuzuru so special to me is that he is the MOST inspirational. Although I love watching all of their performances, none of the other skaters on here are capable of filling me with such determination and a fighting spirit like Yuzuru does. So young, and yet so accomplished both as a skater, as an artist, and as a human being. Despite his injuries, he always pushes himself to do his best, to continue skating, regardless of whether he gets a medal or not (2014 Cup of China (skated and ended up 2nd even after a collision that left him with a bleeding head), 2014 NHK (After his injuries from CoC, he needed to rest and would only have 1 week of practice before NHK, but instead of missing it and risking participation in Grand Prix final, he chose to skate in it, securing the final spot. Truly, the phrase "losing the battle, winning the war" pertains to him), etc) and never lets failures stop him from achieving ...more

Thanks to Yuzuru who got me interested into the world of figure skating. I'm impressed by his will for constantly pushing himself forward in the sport, in all area. Very talented athlete, but what's even more amazing is how he can analysis himself calmly after each competition. Whether he wins or loses the competiton, there is always some take away lessons to improve on. I like how he is always very humble with his achievements, yet he is very open about his desire to win every competiton he participates :) A true fighter this young man is!

After the Olympic Games, it has changed around him of the environment. However, his style does not change. He got the fame, but not be dazzled by greed. I think that his behavior has led to think that "I want to skate." I respect him.

This season, in which there was a collision or surgery, he left the results. His skating became more smooth and passionate. Also, it's obvious, but his jump great gorgeous. Spin, step, he keep an eye on all. And he to harmonize the whole.

I excited to look at his program. I'm looking forward to his evolution in the future! I love figure skating!

He is so passionate a skater, but he also shows cool and smart face. He sometime shows his sensitive face but I can see his toughness and brave heart. I love how he is!

Why is he my favorite?
I find something very special when he is in the rink and when he skates, everything he does on the ice looks so pure and honest to my eyes, I can feel how much he loves what he does. That's why every time I see him skate is a magical experience. Not only that, he is also a great person off ice and a inspiration for many people. He inspires me to be better everyday and to never give up on what I love to do. Thank you Mr. Hanyu!

Yuzuru Hanyu is young and talented. He is charming. When he's on the ice, he is a fighter, a wild beast ready to take it's prey down. He does not like to lose. He gives his all in every performance to the point where he sometimes injures himself. Off ice, he is just an adorable, funny, goofy kid. Overall, he just loves to skate and what gives him more pleasure is to see his fans happy and content. That's why his fans love him so much. I am one of his thousands, if not millions of fans around the globe and I feel proud to say that he will always be our champion.

I respect him. He always gives me happy, smile, and hope.

Yuzuru Hanyu, the first male Japanese to win an Olympics Gold medal and at a very young age of 19. Needless to say, he is very talented, but his never-say-die fighting spirit is the most well-known in the world. He is very passionate about ice skating and you can just feel that he loves doing what he likes. He is always very motivated to improve both his artistry and technically, not forgetting that his sportsmanship is remarkable too.

Watching his competitions are hardly boring as he can be very unpredictable. He will make you feel on the edge when he is competing due to his high difficulty programs (and of very high quality too! ). His jumps are one of the best in the world as they just makes you think that they look so easy and effortless. You can just feel that the whole world is waiting for the moment when he hits all the jumps, which will definitely be one of the most magical moment.

Not forgetting his epic programs such as R&J 1.0 and PW. However, I would say that ...more

Yuzuru Hanyu is the most complete skater today. Have an expression of strength and talent, and every new program surprises with its beauty and art. Overcomes the difficulties with a smile only to give their fans a little more hope and strength. It is our Prince of Ice. The champion of champions.

One can endlessly rave about the qualities of Yuzuru, but the one thing that stands out for me is his sportsmanship and humility. No doubt, in future, there will be skaters with better jumps, spins, ss, etc. than Yuzuru. But what makes him the best skater for me is how he remains so humble and respectful of his rivals despite being at the top of the sport. and receiving so much adoration from fans. He never throws shade at his rivals, always has something positive to say about them and remains humble and down-to-earth despite his achievements. And all that despite only being 20! How many of us were so thoughtful and mature at 20? His achievements are indeed amazing, but above all, his character is truly what makes him the best.

Yuzuru is not only a fabulous athlete but also an incredible artist. When he skates, he doesn't skate with music, rather his skate creates music. He has charisma, which makes us believe that he was born to become a legend. I also love his personality; he is strong-minded, diligent, courageous, honest, caring, friendly and humble.

Floating over the ice. Who else has such skating skills combined with awesome spins, flexibility and spectacular jumps like his? He is THE best skater of all times!

He's 20. He's leading men's figure skating, both technically and artistically. And more importantly he's constantly challenging himself to be a even better skater. Who could ask for more? ! Look forward every program he skates!

Amazing skater that consistently performs and captivates with his powerful interpretation of the songs.

I respect him. From before he becomes the Olympic champion, he was so mentally mature. After the earthquake, I was surprised when he took the world bronze medal in the practice of about an hour a day. He controls the calm and passion.

After the Olympic Games, it has changed around him of the environment. However, his style does not change. He got the fame, but not be dazzled by greed. I think that his behavior has led to think that "I want to skate." I respect him.

This season, in which there was a collision or surgery, he left the results. His skating became more smooth and passionate. Also, it's obvious, but his jump great gorgeous. Spin, step, he keep an eye on all. And he to harmonize the whole.

I excited to look at his program. I'm looking forward to his evolution in the future! I love figure skating!