Top 10 Favorite Metal Subgenres for Users of TheTopTens

These are users of TheTopTens and their favorite metal subgenres. If you want to add yourself please do it like this: Metal Subgenre - Your Username

The Top Ten

1 Groove Metal - christangrant

Wow, great choices of everyone on the list... - Ananya

Of course ill put myself at number 1 but I just want to say this I hope you have a good day for reading this list :). - christangrant

2 Technical Thrash Metal - Metal_Treasure

Zxm, I make many lists about power metal (and I will make more) because power metal is probably the best subgenre for beginners. And most of the users on this site are namely beginners or just rock fans who would enjoy some metal but definitely not death metal for example. There was no interest in my lists about extreme metal/bands. I would recommend power metal to every new fan because the music idea of power metal is great when properly done. But I personally don't like one thing - all power metal bands (except Blind Guardian) sound too poppy at times. - Metal_Treasure

Thanks for including me in this list! I see there are many thrashers. I actually have several favorite subgenres and I wasn't able to choose between Technical Thrash and Technical Death Metal (had to toss a coin). I also like very much thrash (standard version), speed metal, neoclassical and heavy metal. And several other subgenres, LOL. Let there be metal! - Metal_Treasure

I though his favorite metal genre was power metal. He loves a lot of metal genres though. - zxm

3 Thrash Metal - PhantomMilitia
4 Thrash Metal - Element119
5 Thrash Metal - FireWasp2004

My other favorites are Heavy, Power, Pirate, Death, Power, and Nu - FireWasp2004

6 Traditional Heavy Metal - SteelCity99
7 Neoclassical Metal - jack2244
8 Neoclassical - Lucretia

Neoclassical metal is very less popular. glad to see some users like it. - zxm

9 Symphonic Metal - BoredJeff02

Glad to see another user liking symphonic metal. - zxm

10 Progressive Metal - CjWriter1997

Between the Buried and Me
Porcupine Tree (although could be classified as Prog Rock as well)
Dream Theatre
Pain of Salvation
Are some of the main Prog Metal bands I really like. It is definitely my favortite Metal genre for sure. - cjWriter1997

The Contenders

11 Power Metal - germshep24

My top 5 genre:
1. Power Metal
2. Symphonic Metal
3. Progressive Metal
4. Thrash Metal
5. Heavy Metal
although I prefer to say my favorite is power/symphonic metal since some bands are hard to say are power or symphonic - germshep24

12 Nu Metal - NikBrusk
13 Thrash Metal - Du
14 Traditional Heavy Metal - LightningBlade

He said his favorite metal genre was traditional heavy metal. - zxm

15 Atmospheric Black Metal - ProPanda

I was literally wishing for some new releases here and then one of my favorite bloggers tweeted the same thing. - ProPanda

16 Heavy Metal - Undistinguished

He once mentioned it. - zxm

17 Brutal Death Metal - Metalhead1997
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