Top 10 Female Bassists in Rock and Metal


The Top Ten

1 Suzi Quatro Suzi Quatro Susan Kay "Suzi" Quatro is an American hard rock singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and actress. She was the first female bass player to become a major rock star, breaking a barrier to women's participation in rock music.

She was the first female bassist to become a major rock star in the 70s.
Probably she isn't the most technical female bassist today but I thought she deserved the #1 spot because she opened the door for many female bassists.
She's also a lead singer and I like her raspy hard rock voice.
There are lists with her songs on TTT. - Metal_Treasure

2 Wanda Ortiz

Plays for The Iron Maidens, her stage name is "Steph Harris," a female version of Iron Maiden bassist/founder Steve Harris.
In 1998 and 2004, she won the Best Female Bassist award at the Rock City News Awards, and in 2003 she won the best bassist award at The All Access Music Magazine Awards.
If somebody can play the basslines of Steve Harris... - Metal_Treasure

3 Gail Ann Dorsey

David Bowie bassist - Metal_Treasure

4 Rhonda Smith

Played for Prince and Jeff Beck.
She is on this list for her work with Jeff Beck, who's a rock musician (Prince is not a typical rocker) - Metal_Treasure

5 D'arcy Wretzky

Very good bassist

She plays bass in the best albums of smashing pumpkins Melloncollie,Siamese dream gush and adore


6 Melanie Sisneros

Aka Steve Heiress (in The Iron Maidens) and as Mellefson (in Hangar 18, a Megadeth tribute band).
So she can play the basslines of Steve Harris and David Ellefson. - Metal_Treasure

7 Jo Bench Jo Bench

She played death metal for Bolt Thrower from 1987-2016 (30 years) - Metal_Treasure

Bolt Thrower - Diplomate

8 Melissa Auf der Maur

Played for Smashing Pumpkins, Hole - Metal_Treasure

9 Sean Yseult

White Zombie - Metal_Treasure

10 Fernanda Lira Fernanda Lira

Brazilian thrash metal girl - bassist and lear singer for Nervosa - Metal_Treasure

The Contenders

11 Ida Evileye

Crucified Barbara - Metal_Treasure

12 Emma Anzai Emma Anzai
13 Karin Axelsson Karin Axelsson

Sonic Syndicate - Metal_Treasure

14 Tina Weymouth

Much more important musically and historically than Suzi Quatro, though she did appear slightly later in time; her "cred" was iron clad. How could she not be the first name when this list was created?

15 Doris Yeh
16 Paz Lenchantin
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