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Britney Jean Spears is an American singer and actress. Born in McComb, Mississippi, and raised in Kentwood, Louisiana. She performed acting roles in stage productions and television shows like "The Mickey Mouse Club" as a child before signing with Jive Records in 1997 and going on to become a pop superstar more.


Was marked as the female version of Michael Jackson. simply the best artist of the 2000's. VH1 named her as the third most influential artist of all time next to Michael Jackson (1st) and Madonna (2nd). she gave us one of the best performances in live stage.T.V. ratings went on high when she was the main guest. her Vegas show in 2014 was the best selling tickets of the history of vegas. all of her albums got high debut. and had a 105 million albums sold worldwide and 200 million records sold world wide.

So many of her songs are legendary and some of the best dance-pop songs to date. Several of her lyric lines have become massive slogans that inspire and unite. She is always iconic but also deeply human and year-after-year interesting to discuss.

Some other "pop" stars, the always or too-often try-hard-show-offs, seem too egotistical, not about the music, and can get annoying while performing or as figures in general. That really worsens the quality of the music, or at least dilutes the parts that make pop great. Many others also seem to veer so far away from pop once they get famous, or outright DIS it in interviews. Ugh! I kind of want pop-hating popstars/"pop" singers to GO AWAY. That's amazingly rude to fans of the MUSIC. But that's not Britney!

Even people who never gave her music a chance still like her as a person. And her fans support her hard yet probably aren't zombies who'd buy 8 seconds of white noise. They can actually get ...more

"She's the biggest pop star because her, and her music, define this new millennium. Spears at once makes us nostalgic for the past and hopeful for the future. We see ourselves in her. We know, that like Spears, we better work, and then work some more, if we want to be remembered at all. And Spears? Well, she's impossible to forget.
Britney Spears Is The Pop Star Of The Millennium and definitely a true example of a living legend queen of pop.

Britney Spears is the ultimate pop icon! Whenever one thinks of power house pop music and everything it stands for they immediately think of Britney Spears. She has had a long successful career entertaining millions of people and topping charts all over the world. She has talent, modesty, and is overall a caring person in which anyone can relate. She is the QUEEN of Pop!

She one of the most humble celebrities if not the most! Even if she had all that success she still the same Britney Spears since the very first day! From her music, outfits, videos and performances she has been one of the biggest role model for what we call today a pop. She reinvented the pop world of what it is today!

All songs are super. Sexy bitch.
Listen to her best performances and watch them, they are so so so so good it is unbelievable! She has talent! Not only is she the best vocal singer of this century going but she is also, the best performer of all time, and put so much energy into performance rather than just money like lady gaga, I love beyonce!

She has the spirit of conga fines and the courage to change herself and her looks in front of her audience. She changes her expressions very clearly without using her words. She's a truly talented singer.

Youtube shows Britney crying because of crowding paparazzi! She even CRIED when telling them to leave, but they didn't! No wonder she broke down..
I LOVE her music videos, but whether she can really sing, I don't know...
But it doesn't matter... At least she's happier and back!

If you want to listen hard, rock, soft, melody, classic songs then you must have to go Britney Spears. She is the queen of all types of songs. Never forget what she did in 1999 on her debut album "Baby One More Time". Just awesome. Fabulous, You cannot expect more than this.

People she is the undisputed princess of pop if you don't remember I'm 11 and I know that she also has many hit songs she made toxic that is stilled played on radios and one of the songs you know and sing everyday one of them has to be from her

She is my best pop singer in this universe cause she sung song very top less voice I love her very much and I pray god she will grow too up by god bless I love all song baby one more time, overprotect, toxic, criminal etc. your good fan sam.

Love her, shes the best dancer. Has the best pop songs for clubs and slow songs for hard times. Shes an inspiration to all people because she hit rock bottom and came back better than ever. Shes THE QUEEN, the one and only

She paved the way for many artists, she was the leader of her generation and has a great discography to support that. She's probably one of the only recent artists within the industry that can be labelled a legend.

Britney will forever and always be iconic. She's a singer, songwriter, musician, dancer, and actress. She is a quintuple threat. She's been through hell and back and is still on top. She will always be number 1 in my book.

She represents everything that's real about the industry, she's hit the highest of highs... the lowest of lows, then she's picked herself back up and now she's going strong again. I have a lot of respect for Britney.

She's the one that most of people wait to perform in many award's night and she's very humble. She sang very good. She's a very good dancer and a very good performer. No one can achieve what she achieve. She a legend and she's the best that's why she is the pop prences

Who does Britney thinks she is? She mean and she can't even sing. Again another autotune artist. A real artist wouldn't use autotune and they wouldn't lip sync at their concerts either.

Britney Spears saves the pop music with her music every single day. Nobody's like her, she's a pop icon, the legendary miss Britney Spears. The queen of all.

Britney I'm your no. Fan. All the good character is in you. I relate your music. Your voice is unique.

Everybody or should I say all generations loves britney spears songs.. And she's the epitome of pop.. She should be #1 on this list

What is there to say? She's a living legend, and MADE it possible for almost every other girl on this list to even have a career.

gaga who? spears is better than her. she makes way way way better music than that plain gaga...

I like Britney Spears. She picked me up when I tripped in front of her.

Fierce, but shy. Strong, but vulnerable. Passionate, but not desperate like some other "artists" out there.

How could we forget the queen of pop, she has talent no doubt but needs to work on some vocals there