Taylor Swift

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Taylor Alison Swift is an American singer-songwriter. She was born on December 13, 1989 in Reading, Pennsylvania. She is best known for writing break up songs and for having more than 5 Grammys. She became interested in country music when she was around 9 years old and after watching a documentary about ...read more.


Sometimes, I feel like the only person in the world who feels and thinks the way I do. My troubles, my problems, my feelings, Taylor seems to know them all. It is nice to know that there is also someone else there that thinks and feels the same way I do. Personally, I feel like she is my angel who is there but I don't know it. She always knows how to protect me and how to make me feel better through her music. When all else fails and I am alone in this world with no one, I will always have my ipod and know that Taylor is there too and that she understands the way I feel right now. God bless this wonderful angel sent to Earth for us all.

Taylor is talented, smart, beautiful, kind-hearted, a great entertainer, great role model... And so much more :-D She really cares about her fans :-) And she doesn't undress or sell her private life to the press to sell her music, and she does great anyway :-)
Her songs are honest, catchy and beautiful :-) She reaches out to a lot of people, I know both grown ups and kids that like her music! I could go on forever ;-)

I love taylor swift so much, she won lots and lots of awards. She's kind, smart, beautiful, talented, funny and everything about her is perfect. Every time when I got upset because of something or someone, her songs always makes me smile. I promise with myself that I will go to her concert or meet her once in my life! LOVE TAYLOR SWIFT SO MUCH, number 1 FAN!

Taylor Swift is genuine and down-to-earth... She may not be a powerhouse vocalist but her lyrics and being-fit-in-with-her-songs talent would be a priceless talent she ever deliver to the world... Plus, she's so sweet... I love you, Taylor...

I LOVE TAYLOR SWIFT! She is so talented and her songs are so great and catchy. My favourite songs from her is Sparks Fly, Enchanted, Story of Us, and Mean. All her songs are about her life and I love how she just puts everything into 1 song. She is so beautiful and I play guitar because of her! TAYLOR SWIFT ROCKS! I hope you agree with me

Taylor is AMAZING! She is so talented, pretty, kind, caring, smart and so much more! Her songs are beautifully written from her heart! Everyone can relate to at least one of her songs! She is also an amazing ro-model for young girls and teenage girls! I LOVE Taylor Swift so much!

I went to her Hong Kong concert... It's amazing! I can't compare any other singers with her. She's so talented she even write all of her songs (or at least help write). She's my number one artist, she's just so inspiring all of my friends are like in love with her like me!

I think they willl will because rihanna is amazing just as well as beyonce and my fav taylor swift! I don't like kesha because she is not a good romodle and I am a christian and I have never heard of helena paparizou! but go team!


Taylor swift is my number one idol! I am wishing that one day I would be able to meet her. She is the best of the best, only an idiot would hate her! Swifties will be right behind her no matter what happens!

I am Taylor's biggest fan! I know SO MUCH about her! I HAVE ALMOST every singly one of her pictures I own all her albums! If I could, I would name every animal I have after one of her songs and probably her!

Taylor Swift is the MOST talented, genuiene person alive and is like a black swan... RARE. SHE IS TODAY AND FOREVERS SUPERSTAR, cause she is so true to everybody around her. LOVE YOU TAY!

Taylor is beautiful, talented, and I SIMPLY LOVE HER! Her lyrics are meaningful and touching, and her melody makes me feel comfortable. She is the best singer and beats all the other artists

She is the best thing that ever happened to me.
She does some really absurd things for us the fans. They say we're dedicated to her. Well it's the other way around too!
Her songwriting is spectacular. Her personality, her principles and thoughts and ideals are just plain awesome! And the best part is... She NEVER disappoints us! Her music, her words... She's been there for us!
We love Taylor Alison Swift.

I met Taylor Swift and she was so nice. Every time I have a hard time in school or anything else I just turn on my cd player and listen to her sing.. She make me feel good and I want to go to Julliard and be country singer so she is my idol.

all of the other are so not that good and I love her best singer in the whole world it would be so cool to meet her I'm real life TAYLOR SWIFT is the best like chocolater or icecream

Taylor's songs are amazing! We can relate to them and I have to say that I'm her biggest fan! Her concert in Singapore on 9th February was amazing! Hope she comes back soon

shes just awesome!... I love her... n I want 2 met her personally!... in my life if its possible!... n attend her concert... love you taylor swift!... your number 1...

I love her so much, words can't describe it. Every girl in the world could relate to at least one of her songs; I relate to many. A beautiful girl with a beautiful voice.

Taylor's awesome! She's so down-to-earth, hilarious, adorable, talented, beautiful, and true to herself. She hasn't let fame get to her and she LOVES her fans.

I think that taylor has been the best this year with all her songs like our song and white horse and a bunch other. Her songs are very positive so her fans really love that she is so strait forward and honest. Taylor is a very good roll model so that is another reason that she is so far ahead with the best female artist of the year. That is my opinon of taylor swift

I love Taylor Swift.!
I'm a biggest fan of her.!
I love all her song.!
Taylor Swift is the best! Forever and Always.! D
I love her so much.!
And her concerts are awesome.!
It's beautiful.!

Taylor is such an amazing singer, songwriter, role model and person. She is so modest and grateful of everything she has. Swifty forever and always

I love Taylor Swift! She's my role model. Mine, Speak Now, Back to December, Love Story, You belong with me, teardrops on my guitar are my favourite songs. GO TAYLOR! You should be 1st on the list!

This was SO not a bad decision! The gal is amazing'! And she is a BEAUT! Mind my accent but seriously people! Listen to her. Best singer in years to me!