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61 Kelly Rowland Kelly Rowland Kelendria Trene "Kelly" Rowland is a Grammy Award winning American singer, songwriter, actress and television personality.
62 Cheryl Cole Cheryl Cole Cheryl Ann Fernandez-Versini is an English singer, dancer, and television personality. She rose to fame in late 2002 as a member of girl group Girls Aloud on ITV's Popstars: The Rivals, and stayed with the group until they split up in 2013.
63 Dominique Young Unique
64 Foxes
65 Amanda Mair
66 Amelia Lily
67 Gabrielle Aplin Gabrielle Aplin Gabrielle Aplin is an English singer-songwriter. Aplin came to public attention after she gained a large online following by posting acoustic covers of songs on her YouTube channel.
68 Jamie Grace
69 Emma Bunton Emma Bunton
70 Ella Henderson
71 Amy Cimorelli
72 Dami Im

Dami I'm was born in South Korea and moved to Australia when she was 9 years old. She won Australia's X Factor 3013, and after conducting her Australian tour is now branching out internationally. Her voice is captivating and as is her stage presence. Dami sings ballads, pop, disco, and rock. Her range is wide as well as the genre of her music, which is boosted because she sings in both English and Korean. She seems to be a lovely lady, both inside and out.

73 Annie Clark
74 Lykke Li
75 Christina Perri Christina Perri

No, she is better than that. Ok, let's make a deal. Go to YouTube, pandora, spotify, or any music app, search up a thousand years, then listen to the WHOLE thing. Then you will see how amazing she is...

76 Anna Azerli Anna Azerli

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