Best Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light Crowns

No one has likely done this list so Fans of final fantasy PLEASE read this!

Oh and if you don't agree please say I do not mind!
The Top Ten
1 White Mage

-reason- The design may have of been original but this crown was very useful for healing! How to unlock: Beat Sand Devil! All the way 10/10!

2 Black Mage

-reason- You may have guessed that this crown was gonna be high on this list cause it's design was also original but it's abilities were also useful for using Black Magic I give it a 9/10! How to unlock: Beat Sand Devil!

3 Elementalist

-reason- The design was my Favorite out of all the crowns but It was useful but not as useful as White Mage and Black Mage I would give it a 8/10! How to unlock: Beat Arbaroc!

4 Beast Master

-reason- The design was AWESOME and plus you get to control Enemies to destroy the enemy's allies!
And was pretty useful I would have to give it a 7/10! How to unlock: Get a score of 250 or over on the Maths mini game

5 Dark Fencer

-reason- The design was Cool but not as Cool as Elementalist, Bandit and Black Mage and It was one of the Most useful after White Mage I would have to give it a 6/10! How to unlock: Defeat Satan

6 Bandit

Bandit: The design was really Cool and was very useful for stealing things! 5/10! How to unlock: Let Ogre Bear win!
Bard: The design was Great and very roman like and was useful for changing stats! 5/10 How to unlock: Same way as Bandit!

7 Party Host

-reason- The design was Too original and to my surprise was yet useful! 4/10! How to unlock: Defeat Rolan!

8 Hero

-reason- The design was 2nd to Elementalist but Was not as useful as I expected it to be! 3/10! How to Unlock: Defeat Rolan!

9 Alchemist

-reason- The design was VERY cool and it wasn't as useful as I thought it would! 2/10! How to Unlock: Defeat Beelzebub!

10 Freelancer

-reason- There is nothing really to say about this crown but how to unlock it! 1/10
How to unlock: You get it at the start of the game!

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