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1 Fire Emblem: Awakening

It was a great game, my only problem with it is that (spoilers ahead) basically no one in the main cast of characters die. Your avatar doesn't die when you sacrifice yourself which makes it less meaningful. Nonetheless its still a great game and a great entry point for any newcomers.

I am saddened by all the visible comments on this calling it "trash", but at the same time snickering because in order to make the comments people had to vote for this.

Sure, Awakening wasn't as profound as Genealogy or Gaiden and the gameplay was too unbalanced but it was the best Fire Emblem to pick up and play in this generation. All these raging fanboys giving it flack just because they're too busy wanking off older games and don't know how to progress towards a newer generation of games despite the older games having stupid ideas *cough warp. Like it or not, Awakening is the FF7 of the Fire Emblem franchise and if it hadn't come out, Fire Emblem wouldn't be as popular and renowned as it is today. Deserves number 1.

Your list is already trash if this is your number one pick for a fire emblem game. Awakening is probably the worst one after fates. Every character was copy and paste aside from their cringe aspect the had like a thief addicted to candy, what kind of garbage character is that. The pairing system made the game a joke and could beat any chapter with your eyes closed. The only rememing quality of this game was its story which even than gets steam roled by the story in path of radiance and radiance dawn.

2 Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance

This was my introduction to the fire emblem series, but remains the best one I have played. 10/10. I wish they would make it downloadable for the Nintendo switch. I have played it over a dozen times...

One day this will pass Awakening and take its' rightful place.

The ultimate fire emblem game. They don't make em like this anymore and it's a shame.

Bangin story, fantastic cast, solid difficulty curve, this game has it all, baby

3 Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

I like how they handled the sequel to FE: Path of Radiance, but I do not think it was the best. The strategy is more difficult, but the support conversations are lacking compared to any of the other FE games. Luckily, this is almost made up with the bonus conversations you can have at the home base downtime. The maps are more largescale than Path of Radiance and it is nice to see how all the characters matured and continue their roles in the world

Only one I reply over and over every single year. Combat, story and strategy were perfect

Best story hands down, and the difficulty is perfect. Just enough nail biting tension to make you replay it over and over. The graphics are stellar and the tie in as a sequel in the franchise is astoundingly well done. This will always be my favorite.

Radiant Dawn is my personal favourite because of the sheer difficulty and characters. When I think of the fire emblem games the first thing that comes to mind is difficulty. However the supports seem to be lacking and consist of one or two sentences. This game is incredibly long and will keep you entertained the entire game. This is truly the game for players looking for a challenge

4 Fire Emblem (GBA)

Picked this up waaay back in the day because I loved Advance Wars and this was Medieval Advance Wars. Never would have expected I picked up one of my all time favorite games at that time. What a perfect game and so many memories!

I agree with comments I have read on this game. I started playing this game on my original Nintendo DS (2nd version) and when first played was really connected with the storyline. Once I found out that I was able to get the game back I got it in a heart beat. Now ready to play other versions :) 10/10.

Great characters and storyline! The graphics and fighting animations are perfect - the new games try too hard and the result is often bad 3D animations or too cartoon-y 2D art.

First Fire Emblem game, and to this day is still my favorite. Down to Earth characters that all hold their own charm. Graphics fit the game perfectly, truly feel the loss of you characters (almost enough to save scum...almost). Give you a large enough roster to add replay value. 10/10 game.

5 Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones

Best game in the series, by far. The other GBA games may be longer, but on both a technical and story-telling level, SS is one of the best games Nintendo has ever published.

I may be a bit biased since it was my introduction to the series, but Sacred Stones has always resonated with me, with its characters that feel both superhuman and flawed at the same time, and one of (if not) the best villains in the series.

While FE7 was my first Fire emblem game, Sacred stones is just above it in my opinion. It does have some drawbacks, but it's soundtrack, map design, and enhanced game design in the form of split promotions and triple effectiveness puts it just above FE7. Plus, Ephraim.

My Favourite fire emblem game its incredible

6 Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War

The greatest story in a fire emblem and a willingness to try new things, Genealogy could use some changes to the gameplay but overall makes a very complete and unique experience. It truly feels like the game is on a massive scale compared to other games, because it is.

Most unique and interesting game mechanics so far. It has a huge overworld map with multiple objectives, realistic restrictions on trade and gold between characters, and a support system with real implications on the later half of the game.

Think of all the features that make you love Fire Emblem. The weapon triangle (swords beat axes, axes beat lances, lances beat swords), marriage, children, support. That all came from this game. And not only that, but we also got an amazing soundtrack, graphics that pushed the SNES to its limits, a complex story that twists and turns so many times, a very interesting and dynamic villain, huge maps, super fun gameplay, replay value that's through the roof! The list goes on and on. Play this game! Now!

The darker tone and deconstruction present in the first half of the game is very well done. Plus a lot of memorable characters and some great villains!

7 Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest

The only Problem with this game is there is no Postgame. Ypu cannot even save after killing Takumi. The rest of this game however is good - Mattblue66

I loved how in-depth some of the characters were, including the active part of your Avatar and challenges constantly thrown your way. Several maps, if played on a higher difficulty, are seen as almost impossible for me to beat in Classic mode. I remember watching a popular Youtuber fight the final boss on Lunatic Classic mode, and had to restart because all of his characters had died. The story also seemed more realistic and true to how (in my mind) the Avatar would react. I personally see it a little silly that (if playing Birthright), the Avatar would choose the family they know little of, and *Chapter 5 spoilers* would even want to return to the family where they just killed their birth mother. Add that to the hate they received afterwards, the town destruction...yeah, Revelations and Conquest seems the most logical of choices.

The definitive Fire Emblem experience in my eyes. A strict and rewarding challenging coupled with likable, discernible characters that I like building up into an army badasses. If future FE games stick closely to the linear resource management and with deeper combat/unit-building, the series can continue to be my most favorite.

No grinding. No turn-rewinds. Just good old strategy full of suspense and tough choices in battle!

Though I was hesitant to pick up this game at first - since I didn’t enjoy Awakening and Birthright as much I would of expected - this alternate version of the Hoshidan story made me happy that I chose to play.

From the get-go, you'll notice that this game brings the difficulty the other games on the 3Ds lacks, ranging from no free money or grinding. Every move you take could either destroy the game or cast victory. The characters have a huge variety, some having great writing while some are simple minded and some have no personality whatsoever (Camilla). But I did enjoy a handful of the characters, such as Xander.

The plot however, was straight up awful. As in, numerous plot holes and a predictable plot. But hey, it was better than Birthright and Revelation. The main antagonist, King Garon, was just some random dude that gave you missions and you did them, knowing he was evil. Wow. Luckily the gameplay makes up for this. Speaking of the gameplay...

Oh gosh, is ...more

8 Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

Great game play. The voice acting really brought the story to life more than previous games. Not sure if its actually my favourite, but should be higher than Fates, in any case.

This in my opinion, is the best game in the Fire Emblem Series. The music was outstanding, and I loved the characters in their own unique way. I can't stop playing this game. I've beaten it at least 5 times! Great story, and shut up, Tobin!

This one was surprisingly good, up there with awakening in my opinion, conquest should not be hire than this one.

This game is the greatest thing ever created in the history of mankind and should be celebrated for it's greatness. God blessed us with this gem we didn't deserve. God I love you Intelligent Systems and Nintendo, and I don't care if that makes me gay.

9 Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade

Lol... Sacred stones above Binding blade. The sacred stones fans are disgusting.

This is the game that actually caused Fire Emblem to come to the US. Without Roy's appearance in Smash Bros, we never would have seen the series in English at all. Fan-made translations allow people to play the game in English, letting us experience the epic story and characters that led to the prequel that is FE7. The plot is seriously advanced compared to the others. Several different branches in the story and prerequisites for different endings allow for a lot of replay value. Hard mode is seriously hard. Larger maps than the other gba games.

An incredible game he is the reason why I started to play Fire Emblem and he is the reason to the game comes to the occident, incredible history, characters, weapons. Only permadeath baby and of course it can be best if you played Fire Emblem 7 before but I love it and think that is a fundamental game to any FE fan

Brings the old spirit an design philosophies of old school fire emblem, along with streamlined mechanics, supports, increased difficulty, and some of the best villains in the series. It's challenging and memorable, even if the story is inferior to it's prequel, at least it is better than Awakening's.

10 Fire Emblem: Three Houses

This game was absolutely amazing as we get four possible story routes (not three) to chooses from. 9/10 in terms of story telling and characters. The only draw back is replaying the pre-time-skip as it seems almost identical for each path, but its needed to level up your characters and get to know the new respective house. Wish there was a way to skip the first few chapters on replays.

Amazing story with world class voice acting, and excellent character development. High replayability due to the 2nd half of the game being completely different depending on which house you pick. Combat is fun and allows for creative strategies. AI can be intelligent at times but it can also be reckless and predictable which is my only criticism of the game. Overall, I give it a 10 out of 10!

This game has consistent and amazing voice acting throughout the whole game. You have tons of replayability because you have the decision to choose between 3 houses. The game has very likable characters that you just don't want to lose in battle. The combat is fun and rewarding yet is still challenging

An absolutely amazing game. It hooked me so much I haven't been able to put it down.
Amazing replayability and huge a huge amount of content.
A ton of amazing characters.
The lore of the world is on a whole different level.
Amazing OST.
Overall just a fantastic game.

The Contenders

11 Fire Emblem: Thracia 776

Ok so basically this game is the greatest thing ever made, my elitist brothers will agree

The pinnacle of human achievement. I sleep next to my picture of kaga

Kaga I love you. Kaga I just want to give you a kiss for this. Kaga please let me kiss you. I sleep next to a picture of you every night I just want your love. Please Kaga just love me. Also Thracia is pretty good

Best game design in the whole series. One of the most experimental strategy games ever.

12 Fire Emblem Fates: Revelation

I love the map design and all the support conversations available. And It also has so many characters that are incredible specifically Takumi, Leo, Sakura and Hinoka, (My personal favorites) and all in all is a great game and is better than conquest and birthright.

It's a reward to play Revelations, especially after playing Birthright and Conquest

Ties everything together, great story, good difficulty level, closes plot holes like who Azura really is only complaint is the last chapter was so terrible I could not force myself to complete it SO BAD.

Brings the whole game together

13 Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon

The first one I played and although I don't think it quite stacks up to games like path of radiance I felt like it was accessible and enjoyable, basic perhaps, but fun. I played through multiple times when I was younger and absolutely loved it

Love the reanimation of this classic. The story is the best of all fire emblems and leave a lot to the imagination. Slaughtering own units for gaiden chapters is brutal, but was actually OK (for once)

This is just my personal favorite

My favorite version, Navarre's the best.

14 Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem

Contains TWO games in one! What more do you want?

Honestly my favorite in the series.

3rd game in the series, released for the SNES in Japan only.

15 Fire Emblem: Gaiden

While lacking some of the core features we love today (like the weapon triangle) this title has by far the best overworld and gives the player to ability to explore the world.

The most different, but underrated game in the franchise!

Hail Kaga Hail Gaiden (but yeah Gaiden is very slow)

16 Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem

The true underdog of the series. It's nice to see some maps and most of the characters return from Shadow Dragon. Unlike its previous installment however, this is a remake done right in every aspect. Support conversations, the addition of your own avatar for whom you even get to decide his own class! Not even Awakening got that right! The only flaw is that it was only released in Japan. Yet that didn't prevent it from being the most enjoyable Fire Emblem game (subjectively speaking).

Nobody will vote for this because they have never played it and it looks like Shadow Dragon. People, this is by far the most criminally underrated game in the franchise. So many vast improvements upon its predecessor, and as far as hardcore FE gameplay goes it is the most refined of all. The catch is, of course, the fact it was only released in Japan.

It has the perfect difficulty, Not too easy, A bit challenging but not too much and the game introduced casual mode if you find classic too hard. Sadly only released in japan, but there are lots of fan translations out there that you can play.

A good example of 'Don't judge a book by its cover'. People ignore this because it looks like Shadow Dragon and don't give this fantastic game a chance. Really, you're missing a solid and enjoyable entry in the series. As soon as you finish your first playthrough you're going to start all over, whether you have the time for it or not.

17 Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright

I have yet to try out the other 2 games, but I love this game. While the story was very simple compared to Awakening, I applaud the mini hub world attempt. It helps keep the pace flowing better than Awakening's level select (... that's actually an accomplishment. I'm impressed.). I know that the nerf of Awakenings pair up nerf may be a con to many, but to me, it's a pro. The pair up system in Awakening was way too game breaking, and it made the game easy. The pair up in this game forces the player to strategize more. This is easily more difficult than Awakening because of that (that is if you are playing on casual or classic.). If you want to get a start on the series, then pick either Awakening's casual mode or this game's Phoenix mode since Phoenix mode revives characters after dying.

I played through this game and I LOVED it. I wound up resorting to it after (1 CONQUEST WAS JUST THAT HARD and (2 I didn't want to pick Nohr! HOSHIDO 4 LIFE!
this game also has a set of strong characters, such as Takumi, Corrin and Kaden ( even though I found out Kaden is in both games. I love Kaden and Takumi for my personal favorites. I like Azura, but she is weak and after finding out what happened to her in the end I lost interest. But anyways, the plot is amazing and I really didn't want to beat the game due to how much I liked it.

I love this game's story and quirky characters. It also holds a fond place in my heart being the game that introduced me to the series. For that, it is my favorite.

"This game is meant to remind you of the point of this series.

18 Fire Emblem (NES)

So old and clunky, but strangely still manages to be fun!

19 Fire Emblem Warriors

This game is underrated really. It has a good story line, and you can easily change the difficulty from easy too hard. It does provide its challenges. But it's fun for all ages really.

Ehh. The main characters (Liana and Rowan) were pretty annoying. Let me rephrase that: VERY annoying. And the story wasn't very good either. However, you can't expect perfection from this type of game. - Transformers234

This game hasn't even come out yet.

Spinoff. No point in buying it unless you're gonna like a Fire Emblem version of Hyrule Warriors.
Otherwise, don't waste you're money! - Spoodermin

20 Fire Emblem Heroes

If your a fan of the series and wanna play fire emblem warriors without the 40 dollar price tag, and also play on your phone get this. Its free anyway

What the hell

Man I love collecting jpegs of various anime girls

Definitely the best game. Trust me, I'm an expert.

21 Fire Emblem (Switch)

Not one house, not two, but three

This has to be the best fire emblem game in existence! (Except the fact that it doesn't exist yet.)

Isn't this Three Houses? - Spoodermin

This one isn't out yet. I hope I like the game! - Transformers234

22 Fire Emblem: Battle Royale

Its fortnite and fire emblems non existent child


It's a real thing. Dab on them hatera

23 Fire Emblem: The Last Promise

Takes you on a deep and emotional journey unseen in Fire Emblem before.

9/10 better than fates


24 Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE
25 Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light
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