Top Ten Fishiest Queens From RuPaul's Drag Race

The Top Ten

1 Carmen Carrera
2 Tatiana

Her and Carmen are the most fishiest ever, they both look like biological women. - EJLEE0602

Everyone knows Tatianna is the original fishy queen - SexySiren666

3 Jade Jolie

Everything from her voice to her runway looks was absolute fish. Flawless

4 Kenya
5 Vivenne
6 Courtney Act

Smells like trout

I mean she if your in a room with Courtney it’s like being in a ditch mongers

The fishiest queen ever!

7 Bebe
8 Sonquie
9 Laganja Estranja
10 Yara

The Contenders

11 Pandora Boxx

Pandora boxx wants what she wants, and if she doesn't get it, well that's never happened before. She will snitch on someone else or lie to get what she wants in the end.

12 Farrah Moan
13 Jujubee

She is fish. Looks like a legitimately attractive woman in drag

14 Gia Gunn
15 Willam

Willam is the fishiest queen ever to walk through the doors of Drag Race. No one can reach the visual perfection she has

16 Alyssa Edwards
17 Raven

Without a doubt, raven is the fishiest. On one episode, she stole some earrings off of jujubee's table, hid them, and lied about it after Pandora Boxx found them! Then jujubee said "Raven is one shady b****! "

18 Blair St Clair
19 Serena Chacha
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