Top 10 Worst Combinations of Good Foods

These foods are fine as long as they are not put together. When they are, it's just icky.
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1 Cherries & Vinegar

Super gross. Sweet cherries (which are lovely) paired with SOUR vinegar? (Which is disgusting) I can't stand vinegar it smells so bad shrek uses it for cologne

I am going to try all of these is it to see what they taste up. I'll probably only throw up, say five times in between.

I've never actually had cherries OR vinegar, I'm just voting for it because... uh, I don't even know. Probally because it's number one.

2 Fish & Milk

It's just like Among Us and Gacha Life, but fish and milk is better, but still extremely gross!

This combo can give you vitiligo.

3 Prawns & Horseradish

I just don't know why people do this.

4 Lettuce & Mayonnaise

Sometimes I bite into what I think will be a delicious beefburger, and find gross lumps of mayo hanging in the lettuce. They would be fine if separate, but not together.

5 Bacon & Yogurt
6 Ketchup & Pepsi
7 Pork & Pastry

I love pork. But I cannot stand pork pies or pork pasties.

8 Sweet Potato & Mustard

The two diminish each other. And normally, mustard will go well with anything!

I like neither of these.

9 Chicken & Waffles

They are a good combination at school.

Both are good on their own. Not together. Pick one or the other, goddamnit...

10 Anchovies & Chicken

Like salted slugs on lean and tender meat. Gross.

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11 Marmite & Cucumber

I'm never going to introduce cucumber to Marmite. That relationship just wouldn't work.

12 Hot Dogs & Chocolate

... I don't think meat goes with chocolate, but as a vegetarian, I don't really think I can say whether or not this would taste good? I don't know.

13 Salmon & Mayonnaise
14 Peanut Butter & Ketchup

This one is so wrong who mixes peanut butter and ketchup so gross

That sounds awful

15 Tuna & Cucumber

Tuna is horrible. And with cucumber? Worse. It makes me wants to pule

I love tuna, but I'm not a big fan of cucumbers.

16 Meat & Milk
17 Strawberry Milkshake & BBQ Sauce Pork
18 Spaghetti & Chocolate Syrup

This sounds disgusting like in the movie Elf when Buddy was eating it

19 Eggs & Ketchup

This is actually a very tasty combo.

20 Jalapenos & Chocolate

That sounds really weird

21 Strawberries & Mayonnaise

I LOVE strawberries, but not very pleased with mayo.

My friend tried this, she almost threw up.

Who would eat this

22 Doritos & Mountain Dew

I imagine this tastes pretty good as well, unless the Mountain Dew is put ON the Doritos...

Imagine eating Doritos with Mountain Dew on them.

23 Lamb & Mushroom
24 Ice Cream & Butter

Who puts butter in ice cream?

25 Doritos & Milk

This just sounds like a bad idea.

Sad excuse for a snack

Once when my cousin was little he had Doritos and party mix with milk and he puked

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