Top Ten Best Ice Cream Toppings

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1 Caramel

It melts in your mouth, with a sweet taste that will go perfectly with any ice cream! My kids LOVE caramel and pile it high on their cups! We love caramel because it is so inexpensive and delicious!

I love caramel because my skin is that color laugh out loud! Caramel is really popular, and lots of people love it, they put it on apples, ice cream, and a bunch of differnt things, they also have a candy called "Caramels" Its really, really the number one

I'm licking caramel while I'm writing this! Caramel is sweet and thick, the perfect combination with ice cream and an everyday pleasure inside of chocolates. It goes on mocha's, coffee, and especially frappes! Caramel is and always will be the number one topping in the world! CARAMEL TO THE MAX!

2 Hot Fudge

Hot Fudge for me is the most perfect companion for ice cream in the whole universe! Its rich and luscious flavor compliments the creamy, dainty texture of any ice cream flavor, and is a necessity for any ice cream sundae! Anyone can agree that hot fudge is one of the only needed toppings for ice cream, and truly brightens your frozen treat and makes it well worth having! :^D

Hot fudge is WAY more popular than caramel! This is a kid speaking, but hot fudge tastes better and goes with more flavors of ice cream! In my opinion, hot fudge is delicioso!

Hot Fudge is the best! I'm always ordering it at Friendly's and they even try to make their own at home! If you love chocolate, hot fudge is the topping for you.

3 Oreo

Mm! I love the taste of yummy oreo's on top of ice cream like vanilla, also I like them in bubble tea also, although, Even though this is a ice cream topping, some people like to have em alone like tons and tons of oreo's. I love to eat oreo's and time, any where, and they are selling pretty good inside stores. I LOVE OREO'S!

Are the BOMB! There not just good on Ice cream. they're great alone, ESPECIALLY double stuffed. they are also great because they're chocolate cookies and icing. I mean, who couldent like something that combines cookies, icing AND Chocolate!?!?!

I love oreos especially double stuffed! So delicious. Every one I know loves oreos and every time they go to the store, they can't pass them up..

4 Chocolate Syrup

I love it! It's so delicious! Honestly, you should buy it! I prefer chocolate syrup over most toppings, because it tastes yummy with the ice-cream.

Waayy different from hot fudge... I don't think hot fudge tastes good, but chocolate syrup tastes great!

When I was little I COVERED my ice cream in the stuff and mixed it.

5 Whipped Cream

It would be good with Whipped cream but sometimes I don't like it that much. Only on my ice cream because It tastes like Vanilla ice cream on top.

This is the best! Creamy and sweet with great texture, this is a topping I wish to always put right on top of my ice-cream, no matter what flavour.

I love whipped cream. It is sweet, but not too rich. It is a nice way to cleanse the palette.
Plus, it is yummy to most people with a sweet tooth.

6 Cookie Dough

I strangely don't like it on its own but amazing with ice cream. One of my favourite ice cream flavours- give me more cookie dough chunks in my ice cream please!

I love cookie dough! Huge chunks piled up on a great chilled bowl of ice cream is the best!

I love it because I love cookie dough ice cream who does not like cookie dough right.

7 Sprinkles

Yuck. Sprinkles, always get stuck to my spoon and ruin the creamy flavor of the ice cream. In my opinion, sprinkles are bland and tasteless.

Sprinkles taste great with ice cream! They just taste so good! I can't help but want then every second of the day!

In my opinion, sprinkles don't really add that much flavor to ice cream. If anything, it just looks pretty on it.

8 M&M's

I love m&m's... They taste so good over almost all types of ice cream or even frozen yogurt! Love them! It's a great topping for all chocolate lover!

M&M's are the best toppings in my opinion. It gives a nice chocolatey taste mixed with sweet vanilla. It kind of changes the taste of the vanilla

In my opinion, m+m's are not exactly ideal for ice cream or plain. I'd much rather have sour skittles.

9 Marshmallows

Kay, why is marshmallows down here and not at number one... they're so squishy and delicious! These guys need some more votes.

They're soft, and they have an amazing chewy feeling in your mouth.

10 Strawberries

Okay, who's idea was it to put strawberries on the bottom? You people obviously don't know what strawberries are. If you did, I think that strawberries would be #1 so... yeah, vote for strawberries

Strawberries taste the best with ice cream! Especially chocolate ice cream! The sweetness of strawberries and chocolate mixed together... YUMMY!

Strawberries on ice cream is so awesome! This should be at the top of the list so please vote!

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11 Gummy Bears

Gummy Bears are the best. I'd have them with anything at any time. They should be the #1 ice cream topping. They are the best ever.

My favorite candy of all time. I could eat it all day, literally. It's even better on ice cream. Especially vanilla ice cream.

They help let your ice cream last longer because they take time to chew.. Yummy!

12 Strawberry Sauce

In my opinion, this is really good by it self. But it still tastes good with other toppings. Have you EVER tried vanilla ice cream with strawberry sauce, gummy bears, whipped cream, nuts, and Oreo?! !

Strawberries are ok, but strawberry sauce is probably the only strawberry-flavored food that I like.

It's so good it adds colour and goes well with any flavor of ice cream.

13 Peanut Butter Cups

Mm... Thanks! I needed some ideas for a birthday party and this is perfect for a fiesta sugar-high! The peanut butter is so good blended with the chocolate

Peanut butter cups are a classic! They are so delicious and I think they go best with chocolate ice cream!

I love Peanut butter cups in my ice cream because it makes my ice cream take richer and creamier every time. SSOOO DELICIOUS.

14 Brownie Pieces

Sweet and Chewy. Just perfect for ice cream and by itself...

I love a brownie in my ice cream.

Brownie is the best

15 Chocolate Chips

I love chocolate chips and espeicly on ice cream. I love vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips. It is so relaxing to kick back on a sunny day in the shade with vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips in it

Chocolate chips add a nice crunch and texture to ice cream! Chocolate chips in vanilla ice cream are especially good for people who want some chocolate and vanilla(like me! ).

It was good, but make sure you don't add too much chocolate chips, else it will not taste as good.

16 Butterscotch

This deserves to beat many toppings, including gummy bears and sprinkles. For those who do not know, butterscotch tastes similar to caramel but has a slightly salty taste, making for an astounding salty-sweet combination.

Butterscotch is tots my top favorite!

No one likes it except me!

17 Maple Syrup

Maple syrup and brown sugar and adding cinnamon makes it real good!

Hmm, more of a pancake or waffle flavour, but still nice and sweet.

Maple syrup is for pancakes, not ice cream! EWW! How is this even ahead of Butterscotch?!?!

18 Banana

I have heard that banana tastes great with ice cream! I can't wait to try it!

The best, especially with chocolate sauce. Yum!

19 Cherries

Maraschino cherries are the bomb with anything sweet! They are so incredible delicious. I could eat them all day long! Just kidding, I probably couldn't. But they are truly super duper tasty and wonderful.

It totally completes the look of the perfect ice cream sundae! It starts to make your taste buds water up especially if it's a bright red one!

I love cherries on ice cream! It is the best! It fells like heaven in your mouth!

20 Mint Oreos

Better than plain old Oreos. It adds that extra pop of flavour that everyone is looking for!

21 Coca Cola

The only way to have your ice cream!

It taste so good to me

Coca cola is so good!

22 White Chocolate

So good should be #1!

23 Skittles

Skittles are hard to chew without ice cream. Why would you mix them together anyway? Have you ever had too many skittles and then felt like you were gonna be sick... And then you did get sick?!?!?!

I don't love skittles but I am covinced that they taste good on ice cream.

24 Cherry Sauce
25 Golden Syrup
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