Foods That Make You Fart

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1 Baked Beans


Beans, beans, the magical fruit. The more you eat, the more you "toot".

Last night I was eating beans and in bed I farted so much that I had to run out of the room holding my nose and I had to spray a strong smelling deodorant it the smell ranked

Keep singing it beans beans the magical fruit the more you gulp them the more you tooot

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2 Cheese

My girlfriend just ate a burrito and is convinced the cheese is what is causing her to fart so much. Her butt is a vote for cheese as the worst fart. It is beyond description.

Cheese makes THE worst farts

Have been mostly cheese free for the past couple of months - had cream cheese last night and within half an hour was doing horrible ones. Fine again today then had more cream cheese for dinner and BOOM! Horrible farts.

My farts are c

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3 Eggs

I ate eggs for breakfest, and believe it or not I was farting so much the teacher made me leave the classroom.

Oh no I had eggs for dinner on my hamberger! I am planning on farting in my brothers room when he is in the shower it is going to stink! Epic

Me and some mates have a yearly festival on the 4th Thursday of February! Its called Bregfest: the festival devoted unashamedly to bread and eggs! The flat smells so bad afterwards! Love it!

I had eggs for breakfast and all day at school I was letting out airy Ones in class the best part was when I was talking to a friend and my but was facing a group I hate and I let out a ten second hot one I was just close enough to one boy that it blew
His hair back a little no one knew it was me though

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4 Brussel Sprouts

Just found out why my girl has to sleep at her place tonight


They make me fart a lot

EWWW! Most of the stuff on this list at least taste nice but Brussels nice bad and smell digusting I HATE SPROUTS 🤢🤢🤢👎👎👎

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5 Broccoli

Had broccoli at work, horrible mistake! It was my first day on the job and I was sooo nervous I get the WORST flatulence when I'm nervous! Farts smelled absolutely atrocious! God I was so embarrassed I knew everyone could hear AND smell the gassy farts coming from my cubical!, later I was on the elevator with another guy and I farted a BAD ONE. I got really nervous and said I was sorry as I quickly fanned my butt as a couple other loud ones bubbled out and he said it was fine it happens to everyone. Later I decided to take the stairs to relieve some gas only to fart a bubbly broccoli fart in a hot interns face

Haha! I had to laugh when I saw this list but, yes, my confession is that broccoli can keep me up all night.

Due to the fact it is the only food on the list also on my Sunday dinners... I have been trying to find out whilst the whole house facts so much after wards and upon seeing this I am blaming the broccoli laugh out loud

My broccoli Farr's are warm and stink like eggs!

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6 Pizza Pizza Pizza is a yeasted flatbread generally topped with tomato sauce and cheese and baked in an oven. It is commonly topped with a selection of meats, vegetables and condiments. The term was first recorded in the 10th century, in a Latin manuscript from Gaeta in Central Italy.

Don't need a gas station after eating pizza, just back up to the car and fart in the gas tank!

I ate 5 slices of pizza over the course of a few hours last night. Grossly enough the farts smelled a bit like garlic and cheese which had been laid thick on the slices. It's midafternoon right now and I'm still ripping out garlic/cheese scented farts. Pizza has my vote.

I ate pizza yesterday and farted all the rest of the day

Yea, pizza is bad. What's really something is that every food effects someone different.

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7 Onions

I had french onion soup for dinner tonight. Hubby was not happy when he got home.

I ate some cooked onions and now I am farting propane non stop!

Onion Rings produce flatus 6 - 8 hours after consumption. The resultant flatulence frequency is mind blowing as well as room clearing. My mates have a seasonal Friday evening gathering after eating boxes of onion rings fron Burger King for lunch. The morning poo isn't a pleasant texture but smells perfectly like onion. Great for laughs but not good for your guts or the pizza delivery guy you fart on as you close the door.

I could feel my ass burning after the fried onions I ate yesterday decided to take way out.

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8 Curry

My wife is asleep on the couch, she came to bedroom and started checking the floor for dog poo only to discover the smell was from between the sheets haha

Give me a good vindaloo and I have explosive farts for two days! Especially if it's washed down with a couple of lagers...

I've had this tonight... Oh god, I can't stop farting! Ah

I just consumed a large amont of curry beef tip dinner, and heres a tip for you, run for the hills. This stuff will make you FART!

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9 Refried Beans

On occasion my butt is borrowed by a sorority because of my farts. They smell really bad. Last night was a night they wanted me to fart in the faces of the pledges. So I loaded up on a bit of Mexican food and refried beans so I could be nice and gassy. I was wearing my deer lounge pants. When it was time to go over one of the sorority sisters was willing to be the fart smell tester I blasted a huge fart and she coughed and said yeah that smells really bad. So I'm sure all the pledges enjoyed smelling my stinky booty

I ate my leftover refried beans for dinner last night. Just that nothing else. A few minutes later I started hearing gassy rumbles in my tummy then I ripped a loud fart. It was the start of many farts that night. I was farting up a storm while cleaning the bathroom. My girlfriend was sitting in the family room yelling heard that one and then saying I smelled that. She was coughing a lot from the smell of my farts. She has said she never dated anyone whose farts have smelled worse than mine.

My girlfriend went out last night for a girls night out of eating and hitting a couple of bars near our college campus. I heard her come in pretty late because I could her hiccuping happily. As she crawled into bed she let out a huge fart and it smelled like what she ate and beer. She was like I have hiccups and gas. I was like it's alright babe. So all night she spent hiccuping and farting in her sleep. Her big ass did stink pretty bad from the gas she was passing

I was practicing for my jazz band concert in my house with my if you count my butt as a musical instrument as well as my bari sax and clarinet there was a lot of music coming from me because I was tooting as I was practicing. Except for the fact that my butt music smelled. My girl was like this room stinks so bad from your farting 💨💨💨💨💨💨

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10 Eggplant

Made eggplant for the first time and I have been farting every 10 seconds for over an hour! Even the dog wont stay in the room anymore!

WOW and the Smell... I almost made my eyes water, had to roll down the window. It has been almost 24 hrs and I'm going off like a brick of firecrackers.

Roasted some eggplant, my husband is so gross he won't stop farting and excusing himself to the bathroom! But I'm mega tooting myself, will not be a romantic evening! Might as well watch Law and order cause there is nothing less romantic than that, plus after eggplant booty!

Oh my word, I ate a eggplant veggie casserole thingy and I have the most terrible rotten farts 😵 Thankfully I'm home alone tonight (but my cats have to deal with the stank...)

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11 Cabbage

My mom just mad eggs rolls with some nasty cabbage I think cause our guts are both rumbling with firey farts

Had sauerkraut tonight. Can't stop rippin it.

Had cabbage at work, farts smelled like broccoli mixed with eggs, was on the elevator with another guy and I farted a BAD ONE. I got really nervous and said I was sorry as I quickly fanned my butt as a couple other loud ones bubbled out and he said it was fine it happens to everyone. Later I decided to take the stairs to relieve some gas only to fart a bubbly broccoli fart in a hot interns face

Working the grave yard shift can get quiet and boring. There are 5 of us in the building and somehow have started a nastiest fart Olympics.
To sweep the gold medal I mixed cabbage and baked beans washed down with Bush beer. Did a WWF wrestling pose with each explosion. All 5 of us ended up outside breathing fresh air.

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12 Fizzy Drinks

I have a coworker that farts all the time after drinking mountain dew!

I drank a pint of fizzy tonic water before bed last night and didn't burp it out. About an hour ago I went to the toiled at let out one all mighty trumpm, it lasted about ten seconds.

Mountain Dew and Pepsi, Farts A lot! - pjh4109

Can Diet Pepsi make you fart

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13 Pasta

My boyfriend eats spaghetti bog and soon after the room is gassed out with farts it smells like someone has thrown stink bombs in there followed by a trip to the toilet to let some of that bog out

Okay my little brother smell like barf after he had tomato/noodly farts(to complicated to explain. He made our entire house 10 degrees hotter than it normally is. Whenever he eats pasta it gets a lot smelliest. We fanned it over into the neighbors yard anytime this happens.I for one think that his butt punishment for me is smelly smells. He doesn't even wash. He has made me faint before. I am rating pasta the biggest gas caused ever.

Pasta and spaghetti cause a lot of farts for me cause they have wheat try eating rice

Especially wholewheat pasta!

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14 Fried Garlic

If I eat several roasted garlic bulbs - the farting is really bad with bloating. The farting is right at 60 second intervals and of large volume and sulfer smell. Causes more gas than any other food by far with me.

I have farted for almost a day strait. Thank god it's the weekend. I fart a lot and eat anything I want. I ate a lot of olives stuffed with garlic the other night and have been farting more than any other time In my life. It's crazy!

I know not why, I only know the result, and for me it only takes a sprinkle. As I submit this opinion I fear these shall be my final words, garlic causes epic farts for me without question, although entertaining, also painful and most foul. Oh no... Save yourself!

Made some fried noodles with a lot of garlic & onion. Hours later, my room has become a second kitchen cus it smells like one.. especially with that spicy hot garlic scent.

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15 Cereal

A huge bowl of Harvest Crunch does it for me every time, even my neighbors hate me on those days!

... This is the whole reason I got on ths website. Laugh out loud. I been farting so much. Its ridiculous. TOO MUCH CEREAL, NO MORE CEREAL 4 ME.

Oh God, I don't eat much foods, but when I eat cereal, my stomach doesn't want to go unheard, and I rip 'em all morning!

I thought it was just me. Cereal is the only food that makes my farts smell so bad I can clear a room.

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16 Beef Stew

Why do my farts smell so bad? Oh yeah, two bowls of beef stew last night!

Have you seen Benchwarmers? If you have you understand why Beef Stew will make you rip!

Bet it smells like a third bowl ah

I also poop stew the next day - terrible!

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17 Banana

Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring, BananaPhone!

Ring ring ring ring ring, Banannaphone!

One banana isn't so bad. But if I eat two or more, I'm farting the rest of the day.

I love bananas, but not the end result.

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18 Bean Burrito

Being a college student means you don't make the best dietary decisions. I was constipated and I thought having a couple of bean burritos would do the trick. I was wrong. It did give me gas and throughout the whole jazz band concert the bari sax wasn't the only thing making noise. While I was playing I could feel my tummy rumble and then feel the fart blast out and I could smell how bad it was. I continued playing and farting the entire time. My girlfriend was playing next to me. When I got home I was still farting like crazy and my girl was like seriously. - Grossdude

My girl made these for dinner last night, and soon as I started cleaning they kicked in. This is what she heard as I was cleaning the bathroom. Toot toot toot. She was like you have gas already?! Yeah I did and they smell! - Grossdude

Since my job now at college is to make a sororities pledges smell my farts I load up on taco bell bean burritos. last night a couple of sorority sisters asked me what qualifies as a good fart so being a guy I showed them. I was gassy so I rocked back, ripped a loud one and waved it towards my nose to see if it stinks. it did so I waved it their direction and they were pretty grossed out when the smell came their way

My girlfriend and I went out to dinner last night and it was all you can eat bean burritos at the local Mexican restaurant. I was starving so I chowed down. you probably know what happened next. I had gas and was farting up a storm. my farts stink when I don't eat beans and they were stinking big time. we were getting ready to go to sleep and I was still blasting them and my girlfriend was grossed out by how bad they stunk hours later

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19 Fried Chicken

When I eat chikn fried, baked, grilled, Oh my god. I fart so much that it makes me laugh which makes me fart even more. I love chicken, but it hates me. Oh well. I'll just sleep on the couch. My girlfriend doesn't need a Dutch oven!

Ate hot & spicy fried wings 2 days ago and the farts that are burning through my cheeks smell exactly like the fresh box I took home those 2 days ago. It is also accompanied by a serious gastrointestinal rumble and burn. There is no stopping, a mere handful of minutes between lashings. I work in a private office space but this spills out into the hallway, luckily for the other occupants of the building I'm at the end of the hall.

I recently realized that my intermittent farting spells have been caused by chicken. I knew that eggs did this but now I know that the things that lay them also cause me to have gas.

ravages me

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20 Milk

3 hours before I go to bed, I make sure I have at least 4 glasses of warm milk, this milk comb mixes perfectly in my tummy, I get the smelliest farts all night, my wife tends to send me to the couch because it smells like propane, I once farted on her sisters face when we were camping and she hasnt spoken a word to me since that. Loudest farts thus far, I love the feel of my ass getting ripped open in my work cubicle, I'm 100% sure everyone in my floor thinks that patrick the fat guy next to me rips those farts but noo they are mistaken, its all me, sweet dairy milky farts

It gets me really really gassy you know especially if you have some weird disease however you spell it and also it is a good way to get some other crap that you need to stay alive with

I can't stop farting in class so embarrassed

It is scientifically approven that milk makes u trump/fart

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