Foods That Make You Fart

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141 Fish V 1 Comment
142 Candy Corn Candy Corn Candy corn is a candy most often found in the United States and Canada, popular primarily around Halloween.
143 Egg Salad

Had eggsalad in the teachers lounge and I farted so many bad bubbly farts while teaching a class all the kids were grossed out and I was too ashamed to admit I was the one dropping bubbly bombs all over the room all was going well until I was helping a student and I couldn't hold it in. I ripped a loud nasty one in an innocent young ladies face she screamed "OH MY GOD DON'T EAT NO MORE EGGS"and stormed to the other side of the room and all the other kids looked at me in horror and shortly after another stinky loud one rippled out of my khaki pants and into the face of another child. Most embarrassing day of my life

I was with my friend and she knew I was gassy because every time my stomach rumble she looked over, she was disgusted when I walked passed her and my gassy fart bubbles slipped out it was so loud her mom came in and asked what the slapping noises were but when she walked in and smelled those eggs, I know she knew

I ate an eggsalad sandwhich while baby sitting and I went to the kitchen to make the baby some food and I put him in the high chair behind me and I felt a nasty one coming on. The warmest, gassiest longest eggsalad fart bubbled out of me! I started to fan the stench away but the fart smelled so bad it made the baby cry! I was so embarrassed which made me fart more mayo infused eggy bubblers. I went through an hour of the world's worst flatulence and the horrible smell lingered! When I left the poor sofa reeked of rotten eggs

Oohhh - Egg Salad! Lobe the stuff, but start lightin 'em up moments after I consume them, hhavve made a solemn. Promise to never. Eat them in public again.

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144 Beans
145 Crisps
146 Wendy's Spicy Chicken Nuggets

Even my farts smelled like them. - Freddy_Fazbear

147 Dried Figs
148 Noodles

Oh my goodness I'm suffering now had a few fork full of the stuff n my bedroom window is open now...need more breeze coming in!

Had noodles and chicken... Bad combo.

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149 Chicken Nuggets

Every time I eat chicken nuggets I fart up a storm. - Freddy_Fazbear

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150 Potatoes

Oh yes stay away! Warm bubbling stomach rippling farts. It's awful. Any soup with potatoes in n I'm done for. Potatoes everywhere...just sad...i didn't ask for this...why me :(

151 Root Beer

After root beer, broccoli, onions, lactose and black beans, my colon cramps and the potent garlic-smell farts roll out like thunder all day and sometimes an entire week!

I farted so much when sleeping, I had to get new sheets

152 Clams

I had a great lunch down by the ocean, clam cakes and chowder and now I can't contain the farts! Oh my God...I smell so bad I have to keep move to avoid it!

153 Tofu

They make me fart whenever I eat them...

154 Seaweed
155 Lupin Beans

This list is stupid, lupin beans should be #1 for smell and volume. Eat a cup of lupins and ride elevators all day.

156 Pozole

It makes me fart over and over again

157 Jerusalem Artichokes

If your entering a farting competition these are seriously bad, once it started it was funny for the first 20 minutes, then it became annoying, then after a few hours it was painful.

158 Garbanzo Beans

Oh my god...i love hummus but the garbanzo beans are crucial! I love it but my body doesn't! I can't do it anymore. I feel like I have to sit and marinate in my room from the horrible farts after eating that! Never again!... Even though I've said that a hundred times...figures lol

159 Egg Roll

" I ate an egg roll for lunch and later it smelt like someone rolled a bunch of my brothers socks and sewage.then proceeded to crap on it and leave it in my house "

160 Watermelon

It makes you fart after eating a full watermelon

Quite often it appears that watermelons are not only found in fields they can also be found in public transport

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