Top Ten Frijj Milkshakes


The Top Ten

1 Cookie Dough Cookie Dough
2 Chocolate Chocolate
3 Strawberry Strawberry
4 Banana Banana
5 Fudge Brownie Fudge Brownie
6 Zero Sugar Strawberry Zero Sugar Strawberry
7 Zero Sugar Chocolate Zero Sugar Chocolate
8 Zero Sugar Mango & Passion Fruit Zero Sugar Mango & Passion Fruit
9 Choco-Coconut Choco-Coconut
10 Choc Orange Choc Orange

I personally think choc orange is the best - MagmaFox

The Contenders

11 Choco-Hazelnut Choco-Hazelnut
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1. Cookie Dough
2. Chocolate
3. Strawberry



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