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1 Looking Weird and Run Around the Place

Once I took my backup's monkey and put glasses on it and then I ran around Jamaa Township, pretending to be surprised and offended that no one said '' GRAHAM'' and then pretending to be this one eagle's roommate. It was great fun.

I remember being one of the identical people that just run around and dance. It was so much fun, especially since I had the same name as the original by coincidence!

Yup I tried it but I stopped doing it after someone told everyone to block me cause I'm annoying then people were saying blocked! with red mad face

I love doing this XD! I used my bunny, whih I never use, and put on big clown lips and started yelling am I hot XD someone reported though but it was worth it. by the way this was on AJPW I don't do AJ PC.

2 Go to Fashion Shows at People's Den

I LOVE fashion shows I hosted one before and the winner got a ice helmet! (That I didn't like, cause I'm a girl, tomboy I hate pink I LOVE blue! ) One of the nonmembers in the fashion show didn't want to leave, so I told everyone to buddy me, (everybody in the fashion show) the non member buddyed me, then I deleted her as a buddy! It works when you're hosting a fashion show and the person got voted off and he/she doesn't want to leave.

My user is zestygarlic123 I'm a member

I love doing this though I never win somme people givebthe winner a prize! I once got a prize just because I added the person of the den and she had to go so that was good but don't tell anyone or they will all be doing it and they don't want to give everyonebthe prize.. from Littlemixaregreat

Mimii8 please friend me I am Luma5431 oh and doing fashion show at your den is way better than best dressed because you do not get a little bit of gems you get a prize that you earned!

I am Luma5431 and people on animal are all ways mean to me if I say something people will not listen I am Luma5431 mimii8 are you a member I am gonna friend you you seem really nice!

3 Pranks

Go on animal jam. Search 0icediamond0 and friend her trade her (stalk her) and say things like "you betta trade me beta HAHAA" Annoy her enter her den all the time go to her every party! She currently is a purple and white wolf with a darker purple scarf and no ocean animals. If you annoy her she wont block you or anything. She might even be your ACTUAL FRIEND!

I said big beta giveaway all free please come I'm quitting and people need rares and my den got so super full... I said "okay everybody here's how to get a beta first thing you need to do is..." Then I made the evil face and locked them out. they were like "ugh I just wasted so much time" "boo! "

I would do giveaways but everyone thinks it's a scammer so you can just sell them in your shop if you want to get rid of it (free diamonds or gems for something you don't want)! Or you could accept anything.

It's trolling actually. I made a troll where you say spike giveaway, then say when everyone's there, the way to win is... Lol you can't bai. Then lock them out. Cruel but fun troll. Then switch animals and nametags, go to township, and see their reactions.

4 Sleepover

I'm RainbowAwesomeSwaggyCatz speaking! I love sleepovers. When I feel bored, I invite kath66 and all my buddies that are logged on to my den. First I decorate my den. I also invite random hammers from Jamaa to my sleepover. The best thing is that me and kath66 make lots of new buddies and we have the funnest day ever. Me and kath66 never lock our dens unless we need privacy or if someone is being rude or mean and we tell everyone except them to buddy us and lock the mean people out. We are lucky because everyone who comes there is friendly and nobody leaves unless they gtg.
-Your warrior cat nerd and animal jammer Rainbow
P.S. my username is sheppadepp16273.

5 Have Parties at Your Den

Okay, Lets get this straight. A lot of people send out jam-a-grams to others about parties in their dens and also speak in person. I, personally think that parties are not considered "funny", really. But if you have any rejections please contact me.

My user is Madamlovley, or Heartsandhopes

I make proms at my den and everyone gets into a fight and I make people vote me for prom queen. It's one of the most fun things ever!

My sis has a epic den, and I want it to be on the epic dens list, so I keep telling her to have LOTS of parties. She just won't listen to me...

My user is zestygarlic123 I'm a member

I love having an epic hotel at my den. It usually gets full!

6 Folow Your Friend Everywhere

I do this all the time. We went to a roleplay and she was friends with the owner, so she had so much fun. All I did was follow her around and say: what do I do now?

! So my friend and I were having this playful argument, and she tried to get away and I kept following her! Later on we laughed about it

I love doing this! It's absolutely Hilarious. My friend gets so annoyed but it makes me laugh so hard.

I do this to my school friend it drives her crazy because I keep going where ever she goes!

7 Create Drama

One time this guy came up to me and said, "Oh, my heart, my lovely, I've found you! " (Keep in mind that this is AJPW, I don't play AJPC) I was a bit unnerved and decided he had the wrong person and probably wasn't even talking to me so I moved away. But that idiot followed me and was like, "No, my heart oh come back! " Gradually I began to get angry, but I didn't want to leave since I had joined my buddy and the den was full. (It had taken me eight tries to get here) So I got into a yelling fight and realized that everyone was gathered around me and that porno freak who was now saying, "Dance for me my heart! " My epic, awesome best friend tried to stop him from getting near me, but it didn't work so I sighed, gave up, and left to go to her den where we talked about it for an hour.

The best place to do this is the Pillow Room. Go there and say stuff like 'I don't have a life anyway', or wear certain stuff and once you have like 5 identical people go to random people's dens and dance. It's super funny.
This week I've seen 8 people yell, "I KNOW WHO YOUR CRUSH IS! " Then of course people ask "oh really then who? " and the person goes, "WAY OUT OF YOUR LEAGUE! HA! " But this one time that another imposter did it, everyone reported him and he left :P

My buddy did this and told me that they were scamming her and trying to "hack" her, then she yelled at roleplayers saying that they were being bullies and she was reporting. I think that's too far

I really like to create drama. No reason at all... well I lied. I like to pester people! I even bought myself a llama! Now I'm the DRAMA LLAMA!

8 By Rare Item Monday for Rares

I hate rare Mondays because every rare is boring to me for some reason.
P. S I all ready vote for spying on your friends

I really like the monday rares but one problem is its usually ALWAYS for members. Ugh

Well does it cost real dollars or do you just have to pay gems?

Maybe one day rare headdresses and head feathers will cone back! I am Jammer78z46

9 Give Aways to Random People

A few weeks before I quit animal jam, I was giving away a lot of items to random people who really wanted them. All my items, exept a black scarf, which had personal connections to me, as it was given to me by a good friend.
Anyway, one day I saw a non-member walking around, begging people to trade her a clover blanket. I told her to put a cheap item on trade, and choose one out of my clover blankets, which I traded to her for the cheap item. I then added her to my buddy list, as she seemed like a nice person. The next day, as I was roleplaying, they came up to me with a crying face, saying "I was scammed off my black scarf, and it was my favourite item,"
She was obviously lying, as she never owned one, as it was on none of her animals nor her trade list.
It saddens me to think so many people are affected with 'rare rage'
Please, don't take advantage of your friends.
You wouldn't do it in real life- so why online?

I do these shot. I just say "giveaway art my den" and when I get about 5-10 people there, I go in and give each person a random rare or good item. If they are yelling I will do them last though. It's a great way to know different types of people, also it makes me feel really happy when someone says " thank you I've always wanted that! ". You people should try it, just rack up some good stuffs and hold a random giveaway, but I'm not saying people don't already.

Yeah, I was starting a spike collection and I only had three, one solid, one diamond, and one rare, and someone said, "a spike is my dream bro", and I gifted it and they said oh no I don't need it and gifted me back a necklace and I was like, if you don't need the spike give me it back, and then he left Jamaa Township and I was like BOI. But yeah I do love it when people thank me, it feels good to know that I gave people their dream items

Whenever I have an unwanted rare I just do a giveaway. Once I gave a feathered mask away to one and someone else a beta computer

10 Block Someone for No Reason

Like you said, dress up like a banana, defers are best for it. I mean do yellow then add brown spots. Perfect. Then they get all annoyed but it's pretty funny

The best animal for being a banana in my opinion is a seal. I am Jammer78z46 to make an army of blocking bananas!

Or report someone for no reason. I used to do that.

That's not cool not I'm going to repot this going tell animal jam

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11 Trade with People

I love to go to jamaa and trade with jammers, sometimes you get very good things in trading so that's kinda why, just go to jamaa and puts stuff on trade and say " trade me please be fair ' and sometimes you get good offers!

Mostly everyone accepts my trade one time I traded a necklace for a founder and they accepted!

Thanks for the information! I won't be trading MY pot o gems anytime soon maybe!

Trading is amazing! It's so fun and a great opportunity to get new items.

12 Have Fun Playing Animal Jam

Well I find it super fun to hire employees and open a salon or a resturaunt or even a hotel! You get to be really good buddies with the employees and people give you really good stuff, just because you run the salon. I got a rare heart locket, and lots of stuff that's no longer in stores.

Seriously, have fun? The whole reason we are on this website is to have fun on animal jam. If you are bored do you think "I will have fun because I am very good at thinking when I'm bored! " Like, how do you have fun if you are wondering how to have fun?

I think that everyone should have fun on animal jam not just do stuff that isn't fun right? Animal jam is full of many fun things to do but people just miss out on those things if they are doing something un-fun!

I know seriously the whole reason we are on this website is to have fun on AJ like ugh dummies in this second last one I always say won for one on Animal jam because I can't say the number or the word only ones right everyone. Buddy me my user is Evilnewfman122again I am not the real fman just pranking people!

13 Do Glitches

It's pretty fun to find glitches before they're patched! Easiest in the morning on update days.

It's easy to be a land animal on forgotten desert. I do it ALL the time.

It really sucks when they don't work..

14 Go to Kimba and Be a Docter Are the Place There

This gets annoying cus no matter where you are there is always this one little kid who dies every time you try to heal them.

I do this all the time sometimes people don't come buts its still fun!

I once did thank and everybody was shouting get out!

This is fun! When Kimbara came out, there were doctors! I do this sometimes.

15 Make Random Jokes
16 Pretend to Make Videos

I like to pretend to make video because I don't have a whole lot of betas and I need gems to get a new den. Sorry to all those people that I pretended to!

I like doing this and I ever did this once and I like it because some people want to be in someones video for no reason.

This is so fun. I did this when I was still member and guess what?. People literally asked for my autograph and for me to Jam A Gram them.. And if you ever want a lot of people at your den, just say I am filming so if you wanna be famous go to my den for a party. And when they get all excited, just say jk. I am a regular member jammer then they might get all mad LOL. your den is like literally full, then make sure none of the people in your den are your buddies, the lock it and they go flying out of it like WHAT. LOL it's so fun it works best on a member account

I do that all the time and I made a fake julian2 back up and said I got hacked on julian2! Someone traded me a wrist for a necklace but I declined :(

17 Play Truth or Dare

This is a good dare to say someone to do: Go to jamaa township and pretend that you are pewdiepie playing Animal jam for the first time. Buddy me if you like th wed dare my user is arielasuper imma non member. If you are a member and only buddy members buddy my friend her user is Lalapingu

This is very fun and I love doing it! It's always so funny when someone dares you to recycle your best item and then you pretend to recycle it, and they totally believe you. Hahaa, this is the best!

I used to love doing that but someone (superfunone on aj) hacked me because she dared me to give her my rare fox hat and I didn't but I'm kinda rare again at least.

I dared my friend to go to peoples den and advertise her bad trade list.

18 Mating

I am a girl, and my arctic wolf was dressed like a swag guy in a fedora. I was in Appondale with nothing to do, and the only other user there was a pig who was a girl. She thought I was a boy and asked, " Can we that? " ( Because AJ won't let you type the word "date". ) Pig started making the blush emoji's and all that stuff and she seemed pretty embarrased when I told her I was a girl. I am not a lesbian and I never will be, no offense. But Animal Jam is a children's game, and they took away all the bed den items so the Jammers could not pretend to mate.

ok this is a very weird story. I was at a party at someones den when another person says I'm cute. then they started sending me buddy requests. I got out of there before anything else happened. (my username is unicornlover12124 by the way and I play the mobile version)

Umm, can you not add this to the list? That is just disgusting and inappropriate, especially on a children's game. Someone once did a mating roleplay with me on 2 of my accounts on AJ, and then I got really uncomfortable. I felt like telling them to stop, but I didn't, because I didn't want to hurt their feelings, so to be honest, this is not funny.

Personally it kinda annoys me when people use animal jam as a dating website. Like seriously and then you have those inappropriate people who crash your parties and say disgusting things. I don't understand how animal jam went from a game, to being all about rarity, to being a dating website. My best friend yesterday said she got married to someone on aj... I don't know if animal jam will ever be the same :(

19 Dress Really Weird and Say This Is the Latest Fashion
20 Flash Trade People With Good Rares

Don't flash trade! It's bad and you could loose everything! I always tell people Flash Trade My den! To figure out who's doing it. Then, I report the people who come and then lock my den

That is really bad to do

21 Fman122 trolling

I remember going on one of my accounts and making a fake Fman122 by making the wolf have the exact same name and colors, but no one fell for it.

I done that before and lots of people joined the fman122 army and everyone was like
What that is so funny.

22 Doing Warrior Cats Roleplay

Amazing to be a warrior and I even got my apprentice yesterday! Awesome!

23 Troll boys
24 Scamming Scammers
25 Troll mate beggars

It's fun, and I looked totally sick, so when I said prom my den, a bunch of non member girls began to fight over me, and before I did my prank I made sure my name was king the ruler, so that they would not find out I'm the opposite. When a girl claimed she was mine, I said sorry, I am a girl. LOLZ. And a penguin girl was so mad. Then a member came for the prom and. She fell in love with me but when I revealed myself she was so angry she almost reported me

My favorite thing to do is pretend to be the opposite gender, then when people fight over me, I yell, "Oops, sorry, I'm a girl! " Their reactions? Priceless! And it stops online dating!

I can have a party on animal jam and people will ask me if I'm a boy or girl, even though it's actually quite obvious...
I will also get jags saying PROM

I bought a whole bunch of pillows and mats and couches and I made it spell Trollolo in an empty den. Whenever a mate beggar goes into my den, I quickly switch to that den, unbuddy, and lock.

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