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1 Looking Weird and Run Around the Place

I remember being one of the identical people that just run around and dance. It was so much fun, especially since I had the same name as the original by coincidence!

I love doing this I remember joining the "shrimp on the barbie" people it is so much fun!

I was a part of table clan. It was embarrassing because my friend was over at the time but it was worth it

I dressed as a granny and acted like one.

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2 Go to Fashion Shows at People's Den

I love playing best dressed with my pack, but a ugly snow leopard ruined it and said we'd get bunny ears if they come to her den and we did and and said give her rares and my friend gave away her founders hat and she locked her den and reported her

I always enjoy going to fasion shows but sometimes people scam saying oh if you send me a beta or rare you can come back in to the fasion show then you send them the rare or beta and they lock their den I also dislike it when people just when they come in and they have been making you wait for ages lock their den this is also how my spike got scammed I am probably dumb that I believed them in the first place but now I feel better as I got another spike also you can buddy me my user is adrianna1235

I love going to fashion shows, but, someone said that the winner would get a rare prize, and I was the winner, and I got... STORE BOUGHT SHOES!

i love it!

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3 Pranks

It's trolling actually. I made a troll where you say spike giveaway, then say when everyone's there, the way to win is... Lol you can't bai. Then lock them out. Cruel but fun troll. Then switch animals and nametags, go to township, and see their reactions.

Me and my friend say there's a party but then go there and say why are you here, then they say you said there was a party, then I lock them out

Hard to do on the internet, but really fun!

Before I trolled all my buddies that I was quitting.

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4 Have Parties at Your Den

I love having an epic hotel at my den. It usually gets full!

My sis has a epic den, and I want it to be on the epic dens list, so I keep telling her to have LOTS of parties. She just won't listen to me...

My user is zestygarlic123 I'm a member

Come to my party come in pandas342 come in 2016

Got 28 people or34

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5 By Rare Item Monday for Rares

Well I voted this because I want the cupcake hat back and also because I like rares for cheap gems

I really like the monday rares but one problem is its usually ALWAYS for members. Ugh

Well does it cost real dollars or do you just have to pay gems?

Maybe one day rare headdresses and head feathers will cone back! I am Jammer78z46

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6 Folow Your Friend Everywhere

Ha ha! I do this ALL the time to my friend! I don't mean too its just when she is on I just love talking to her! Even when she is role playing!


I love doing this! It's absolutely Hilarious. My friend gets so annoyed but it makes me laugh so hard.

I do this to my school friend it drives her crazy because I keep going where ever she goes!

I always folow my friends everywhere Ha ha ha I love it my user is arielasuper I'm a non member

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7 Give Aways to Random People

I do these shot. I just say "giveaway art my den" and when I get about 5-10 people there, I go in and give each person a random rare or good item. If they are yelling I will do them last though. It's a great way to know different types of people, also it makes me feel really happy when someone says " thank you I've always wanted that! ". You people should try it, just rack up some good stuffs and hold a random giveaway, but I'm not saying people don't already.

Whenever I have an unwanted rare I just do a giveaway. Once I gave a feathered mask away to one and someone else a beta computer

Really fun if you have a spare of your items or if you have good stuff to give away

Yeah it makes other people feel good

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8 Sleepover

I LOVE SLEEPOVERS because I get new friends and talk about cool things

A I'm going to have a sleep over come um pandas342

I'm RainbowAwesomeSwaggyCatz speaking! I love sleepovers. When I feel bored, I invite kath66 and all my buddies that are logged on to my den. First I decorate my den. I also invite random hammers from Jamaa to my sleepover. The best thing is that me and kath66 make lots of new buddies and we have the funnest day ever. Me and kath66 never lock our dens unless we need privacy or if someone is being rude or mean and we tell everyone except them to buddy us and lock the mean people out. We are lucky because everyone who comes there is friendly and nobody leaves unless they gtg.
-Your warrior cat nerd and animal jammer Rainbow
P.S. my username is sheppadepp16273.

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9 Create Drama

Start arguing for no reason exmaple: you don't LIKE BANANAS then start arguing and if they say nothing still argue

That is so fun especially in Pillow Room

A like to have drama is cool a like to fit

I love to start a fight

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10 Trade with People

I'm obsessed with betas. I don't know about u guys but trading is a great way to get new items and make your dreams come true!

Why do you like a headdress I know its awesome to trade it but you can buy it on the 2016 the leap year party

Trading is the best! seriously I got spike collar because of a worn so try trading with people... meow

I a want to a have to have nerd glasses

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11 Block Someone for No Reason

Go up to a Jammer and say hi and if they say hi back say STRANGER DANGER trust me its pretty funny and if you run around dressed up like a banana then they will get annoyed

Like you said, dress up like a banana, defers are best for it. I mean do yellow then add brown spots. Perfect. Then they get all annoyed but it's pretty funny

I suggest running around dressed as cheese

This is stupid. Why would anyone block someone reason? That's stupid

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12 Have Fun Playing Animal Jam

Seriously, have fun? The whole reason we are on this website is to have fun on animal jam. If you are bored do you think "I will have fun because I am very good at thinking when I'm bored! " Like, how do you have fun if you are wondering how to have fun?

I think that everyone should have fun on animal jam not just do stuff that isn't fun right? Animal jam is full of many fun things to do but people just miss out on those things if they are doing something un-fun!

Well I find it super fun to hire employees and open a salon or a resturaunt or even a hotel! You get to be really good buddies with the employees and people give you really good stuff, just because you run the salon. I got a rare heart locket, and lots of stuff that's no longer in stores.

"Out of all of these I think this one is the best, because it's the nicest and safest one."

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13 Go to Kimba and Be a Docter Are the Place There

I pretend that I work at that hospital and I be there waiting for people in real life

I once did thank and everybody was shouting get out!

That is fun you get to meet people you never knew where on animal jam and please friend me I am Luma5431

This is so fun and funny I do it all the time with my friends

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14 Do Glitches

It's pretty fun to find glitches before they're patched! Easiest in the morning on update days.

I can't do glitches because I'm a non member but I would love to be a member but for some reason my dad doesn't let me

It's easy to be a land animal on forgotten desert. I do it ALL the time.

It really sucks when they don't work..

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15 Pretend to Make Videos

I do that all the time and I made a fake julian2 back up and said I got hacked on julian2! Someone traded me a wrist for a necklace but I declined :(

I like to pretend to make video because I don't have a whole lot of betas and I need gems to get a new den. Sorry to all those people that I pretended to!

I really DO make videos. Go to anna lopez animal jam. look it up. The tittle should say SHOCKING TRADING NEWS IN ANIMAL JAM!

I like doing this and I ever did this once and I like it because some people want to be in someones video for no reason.

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16 Make Random Jokes

Say someone said you sounded like a owl and then if they say who start laughing and making emojis that are laughing

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17 Mating

That is sexual and disgusting, could you remove this please? I don't want child molesters voting for it

I think that "mating" is not fun, safe, or appropriate for an online game. The point of animal jam is to " be safe," and"have fun"

Personally it kinda annoys me when people use animal jam as a dating website. Like seriously and then you have those inappropriate people who crash your parties and say disgusting things. I don't understand how animal jam went from a game, to being all about rarity, to being a dating website. My best friend yesterday said she got married to someone on aj... I don't know if animal jam will ever be the same :(

That is just plain gross. Animal Jam is for kids, not adults. Who the hell would vote for this? Probably child molesters.

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18 Play Truth or Dare


Go to 0icediamond0 and nonstop send her jam-a-grams she will immediately go to your den (if she is online) and tell you these exact words "STOP" Do not stop. Repeat this until you get bored. She WILL make a long video about that. Go to her den and yell "GET OUT OF THE BARN" Then leave when the message disappears

This is very fun and I love doing it! It's always so funny when someone dares you to recycle your best item and then you pretend to recycle it, and they totally believe you. Hahaa, this is the best!

I used to love doing that but someone (superfunone on aj) hacked me because she dared me to give her my rare fox hat and I didn't but I'm kinda rare again at least.

Wait does she actually do this

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19 Dress Really Weird and Say This Is the Latest Fashion

I agree I have covered myself in mud went in the den of someone recording and said "MUD IS THE LATEST FASHION" I even saw it on a video I did not know I was that popular

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20 Fman122 trolling

It happened at wolf only party someone Kame dressed up like fman122 and I was like oh god its him and it was scary

Laugh out loud people think I'm the real Fman122 but then I talk and they calm down

Username: Pinkcuteness79 I have no more buddy room so sorry - Pinkcuteness79

How dare you post this? I am raging right now. You know what, I'll probably just come back. If I figure out your user, you're getting hacked. This is.NOT FAKE-Fman122

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