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61 Fake People Out!

That is just mean they probably worked hard to get some of these items but I must admit it is pretty fun. I always send it back though unless it really is my b-day

Yea I say sometimes GIFT ME ITS MAI BDAY and once I said, please gift me NICE items for my bday! And people actually believed me! I am Jammer78z46

Want free stuff? Doesn't everyone!
Act like your doing a mailtime! Make it seem real though.
Also you can say "send me gifts if your fabulous/awesome"
It seems terrible but you know... GIFTS!

62 Go to People's Den

Go to random people's den, and if they lock you out, try with other people. If everyone does that, try going to your friend's den, and when she/he comes, leave! It's so fun!

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63 Send Julian2 Necklaces

My favorite thing to do when I'm bored :3 - NoOreoForU

I'm julian2 and stop sending me necklaces

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64 Stop Scamming V 1 Comment
65 Make a Restaurant

This is very popular on animal jam if you want a particular type of restruant try anything you want and be creative

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66 Make a Zoo

This would probably be my favorite its just fun to see all the animals oh and if u are making a zoo make it look more like a animals natural habitat.

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67 Make a Shrimp Club

Ok so you know all those pink people with weird black eyes? Those are called shrimp clubs. People who like shrimp! You will often see them dancing or eating each other so be careful! I should know one time I was in one and everyone started eating each other have fun.

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68 Make a Village

This is not so common that's why I put it as number 5 but it is pretty fun though. Basically have someone be the queen or king whatever get bodyguards and watch your village! Have fun and jam on.

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69 Make an Army

This is a little hard its kinda like a clan but it's a lot more harder you have to get a lot of people for this like 75 so. You also have to take your army to a territory to fight with another army so yeah have fun I guess.

An army of what? weirdos? or bunny pickles + I have done that people were all like, WHAT ARE U GUYS DOING!?!

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70 Make a College

Again, this is kinda like the hotel members get your biggest den and nm work outside as well. So get some little desks from kimbara outback in the strore or if u have the actual desks get those doesn't matter and nm use the corner things at the store and mats as seats. Jam on!

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