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61 Make a College

Again, this is kinda like the hotel members get your biggest den and nm work outside as well. So get some little desks from kimbara outback in the strore or if u have the actual desks get those doesn't matter and nm use the corner things at the store and mats as seats. Jam on!

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62 Make a Preschool

What I used was my volcano den and put grass floor rainbow walls rugs most of the stuff from the march adventure because it was very colorful and bookshelfs. So what you need to do is be the teacher and get tiny bunnies to be in your preschool each day read a book to them, give them snack time, nap time, and fun time just let them play basically.oh or you can use a rainbow castle that's good too just anything colorful mine was perfect! Don't mean to brag :D

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63 Find friends

Go to the pillow room, lots of weird stuff happens there!

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65 Report random people V 2 Comments
66 Fake People Out!

That is just mean they probably worked hard to get some of these items but I must admit it is pretty fun. I always send it back though unless it really is my b-day

Yea I say sometimes GIFT ME ITS MAI BDAY and once I said, please gift me NICE items for my bday! And people actually believed me! I am Jammer78z46

Want free stuff? Doesn't everyone!
Act like your doing a mailtime! Make it seem real though.
Also you can say "send me gifts if your fabulous/awesome"
It seems terrible but you know... GIFTS!

67 Go to People's Den

Go to random people's den, and if they lock you out, try with other people. If everyone does that, try going to your friend's den, and when she/he comes, leave! It's so fun!

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68 Doing Warrior Cats Roleplay

This is amazing I love to do this and I'm even making my own clan right now

Amazing to be a warrior and I even got my apprentice yesterday! Awesome! - Sumwantin

I do this all the time in my free time

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69 Send Julian2 Necklaces

My favorite thing to do when I'm bored :3 - NoOreoForU

I'm julian2 and stop sending me necklaces

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70 Stop Scamming V 1 Comment
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