Top 10 Funniest Band Names with One Word Replaced with "Pingas"

Pretty self-explanatory list. Take a band's name, replace one word with "Pingas" and see which one you think is the funniest.

The Top Ten

1 Nine Inch Pingas Nine Inch Pingas

Didn't the whole "Pingas" thing die down almost seven years ago? Kind of flogging a dead horse if you ask me, but no offense to the creator. - Swellow

These pictures are impressive. Did you do them yourself?

Haha - I love this list! - Ananya

Hi kids do you like violence?
Wanna see me stick Nine Inch Pingas into each one of my eyelids? - AlphaQ

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2 Iron Pingas Iron Pingas
3 Jimmy Eat Pingas Jimmy Eat Pingas

Jimmy eat pingas? Now that's cannibalism... - Ananya

4 My Chemical Pingas My Chemical Pingas
5 Red Hot Chili Pingas Red Hot Chili Pingas

Red Hot Pinga Peppers would be funnier, just saying. - SionicRelations

6 Led Pingas Led Pingas
7 Five Pingas Death Punch Five Pingas Death Punch
8 A Pingas to Remember
9 The Devil Wears Pingas The Devil Wears Pingas

The devil is a Pinga! - TwilightKitsune

10 Black Pingas Black Pingas

Black Pingas in the city. Be back immediately to confiscate the money. - AlphaQ

LOL! - KianaLexi

The Newcomers

? Pingas Leppard
? The Pingas Boys

The Contenders

11 Twenty One Pingas Twenty One Pingas

I got Twenty One Pingas and Dinkleberg is all of them. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

12 Pingas! At The Disco
13 Bullet for My Pingas Bullet for My Pingas
14 Green Pingas
15 Pingas-182
16 Pingas Deep
17 Queens of the Stone Pingas
18 Pingas Fighters
19 Pingas on the Dance Floor

I added this one. Although Blood on the Dance Floor is an awful band, you got to admit this parody name is clever. I mean, just picture it for a few seconds... - ModernSpongeBobSucks

20 Deep Pingas V 1 Comment
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