Top 10 Funniest Band Names with One Word Replaced with "Pingas"

Pretty self-explanatory list. Take a band's name, replace one word with "Pingas" and see which one you think is the funniest.

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1 Nine Inch Pingas Nine Inch Pingas

Didn't the whole "Pingas" thing die down almost seven years ago? Kind of flogging a dead horse if you ask me, but no offense to the creator. - Swellow

These pictures are impressive. Did you do them yourself?

Haha - I love this list! - Ananya

I’ve got 9 inch Pingas. Ahh! - AlphaQ

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2 Red Hot Chili Pingas Red Hot Chili Pingas

Red Hot Pinga Peppers would be funnier, just saying. - SionicRelations

3 Iron Pingas Iron Pingas

Honey I need to iron my pingas. - AlphaQ

4 Jimmy Eat Pingas Jimmy Eat Pingas

Jimmy eat pingas? Now that's cannibalism... - Ananya

5 My Chemical Pingas My Chemical Pingas
6 Twenty One Pingas Twenty One Pingas

I got Twenty One Pingas and Dinkleberg is all of them. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

7 Black Pingas Black Pingas

Black Pingas in the city. Be back immediately to confiscate the money. - AlphaQ


8 A Pingas to Remember
9 Five Pingas Death Punch Five Pingas Death Punch
10 Led Pingas Led Pingas

The Contenders

11 Pingas! At The Disco

HAHHHAHAA YES! Especially with the exclamation point - galaxyfox

12 Guns n Pingas Guns n Pingas


13 Pingas on the Dance Floor

I added this one. Although Blood on the Dance Floor is an awful band, you got to admit this parody name is clever. I mean, just picture it for a few seconds... - ModernSpongeBobSucks

14 Green Pingas

I love their song called “Boulevard of Broken Pingas”!

15 Between the Pingas and Me
16 Pingas-182
17 Pingas Deep
18 Queens of the Stone Pingas

I think it would be better as Pingas of the stone age - galaxyfox

19 The Devil Wears Pingas The Devil Wears Pingas

The devil is a Pinga! - TwilightKitsune

20 Theory Of A Deadpingas
21 Pingas Fighters
22 Limp Pingas Limp Pingas

We have things to take care of that... - Gg2000

23 Iwrestledapingasonce Iwrestledapingasonce
24 Deep Pingas

Deep Purple

25 Tenacious Pingas
26 Bullet for My Pingas Bullet for My Pingas
27 Uriah Pingas
28 The Pingas Boys
29 Stone Temple Pingas Stone Temple Pingas
30 Pink Pingas
31 Kings of Pingas Kings of Pingas
32 Drowning Pingas Drowning Pingas
33 Rage Against the Pingas Rage Against the Pingas

Oh my god - Gehenna

34 Avenged Pingasfold
35 Linkin Pingas
36 Def Pingas
37 Pingas Jam Pingas Jam
38 Pingas Crue Pingas Crue
39 The Pingas Hendrix Experience The Pingas Hendrix Experience
40 Pingas Floyd Pingas Floyd
41 The Pingas Surfers The Pingas Surfers

Instead of the butthole surfers

42 Pingas Priest
43 The Pingas Brothers Band

The Allman Brothers Band

44 The Allman Brothers Pingas
45 Design the Pingas
46 Pierce the Pingas
47 Pingas Factory
48 Strapping Young Pingas
49 Sleeping with Pingas
50 The Rolling Pingas
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1. Red Hot Chili Pingas
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1. Pingas! At The Disco
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