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21 Arabic

I think its very funny

The language of Muslims, says it all

It sounds ugly with speakers making best effort to spill their tonsils out as they speak

Sounds like the speaker is trying to spit and gargle at the same time. Very harsh and gutterish. Don't believe me? Just listen to any Arabic commentary in a football video. Allah hu mobarak hu goalll.. fatu hu khwadh ha..

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22 Turkish

The women on the turkish shows my mom watches sound like aliens

23 Serbian

Majority of the sentences start with a curse or an insult, also comes out nasty, bu intentions are good.

Poop language super poop

Serbian language is so manly and cultural language. You can express so many emotios with this language.

24 Filipino
25 Norwegian

As a swede, it sounds hilarious sometimes.

It's not that bad sounding, It's pretty

No, it's just plain breathtaking

26 Estonian

So weird

For example, check out the name of the native country in it's language: eesti. There are more words like Latti (Latvia) so dig in. - RandomGuy456

27 Welsh

This is the funniest and most laugh inducing language. It is super long:

28 Javanese
29 Kazakh

Sounds like a combination of Russian and Persian. But other than that very unique!

It's very funny. If you don't believe me, search Informbioro 31 on YouTube and watch the videos.

30 Persian

The best coolest most interesting

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31 Sinhalese

It can be understand by genius persons it's very proud language.

32 Bengali

Bheri phany language.

very fonny

33 Amharic
34 Malayalam
35 Portuguese

It sounds as if you're speaking through the nose!

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36 Telugu

Its funny and worst sound Which cannt hear well..head ache language

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37 Indonesian

Yes, Indonesian is the national language of the country, with hundreds of completely different regional languages (I don't mean dialects or accents). It's a great language that serves the purpose of unifying close to 250 millions of inhabitants.

By far... anybody else who thinks its not is kinda dumb

Listen to buka bukaan

38 Tamil

Especially in comedic films, haha. I like it, though.

39 Romanian

I like the Romanian language I really think it is beautiful, the only time it sounds funny (I don't mean this in a bad way) is when older Romanian people yell or get mad, but it stills sounds amazing.

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40 Urdu

Very nice language actually. Based off of Arabic, Persian, and Turkic languages, it sounds like a cloud. It was especially used for poetry during the Mughal Empire

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