Top 10 the Walking Dead Telltale Mysteries We Need to Have a DLC To

The Top Ten
1 The Delta

The final season gave us a lot of mysteries, but the biggest one is the Delta. With the Delta, we could all learn about who is the main leader, who they are fighting against, where the Delta is located, how Lilly got there, and whether they will win this war. This mystery has the most questions, and I want an answer to each of them. A DLC can perfectly conclude this arc of the story and provide answers to many of the unanswered questions.

2 How Did Kenny Get Out of the City?

In the Season 1 finale, Kenny either rescues Christa or puts Ben out of his misery. I've been asking how Kenny got out of either situation and how he met up with Sarita, Walter, and Matthew. These questions can provide more depth to Kenny's character, and I would love to play as him and explore how he arrived at the ski lodge before Clementine.

3 Christa's Fate

In Season 2, Episode 1, Omid is killed, leaving Clementine and Christa alone. They are later attacked by bandits, who hold Christa at gunpoint. The player can choose to distract the bandits or not, and a gunshot is heard. This leaves the possibility that Christa is dead or possibly shot in the leg, captured, and taken to their community. It is speculated that this community could be the Delta, as there were discussions about bringing Christa back as the main antagonist in the final season. However, Lilly was ultimately chosen instead, and I'm glad they made that decision, as I didn't want Christa to become a villain. Nevertheless, we still need to know what happened to her and learn her fate.

4 The Caravan

At the end of the final season, if Louis/Violet was saved instead of Tenn, they discuss a mysterious caravan that may include old characters. This idea has intrigued me since it was mentioned, and I would like to see a DLC where we play as AJ, meet these new characters, and reunite with Clementine and the others. Perhaps they could even take us to a new community, like a town similar to Alexandria, or provide answers to the fates of other characters we haven't learned about yet.

5 The Fate of Mike and Arvo

The Season 2 finale featured Mike and Bonnie (depending on player choices) betraying the group and leaving with Arvo after he shoots Clementine and escapes. We are left uncertain about their fate, as they could be dead, alive, or potentially have found a new community. Mike expressed his desire to go to Texas and find a new way of life away from Kenny. While I personally dislike Mike and Arvo, I still want to know what ultimately happened to them for closure on these two antagonistic characters (hopefully, they met an unfortunate end).

6 How Did Marlon Gain His Leadership

The final season introduced a whole new set of characters, with Marlon emerging as the leader after the adults (excluding Ms. Martin) left the school, keeping the group isolated for years. He becomes the main antagonist once his secret is revealed, and AJ ultimately kills him at the end of the episode. This made me curious about Marlon's origins and how he assumed leadership in the first place. A DLC based on his story could be structured into three episodes, similar to Michonne, but with longer and better-written episodes. The first episode could focus on the adults leaving, the second could depict his rise to power, and the third could show him betraying Sophie and Minerva while solidifying his leadership, followed by a one-year time skip before Clementine's arrival.

7 The Fate of Molly

In Season 1, Episode 4, a character named Molly encountered the group after escaping from Crawford. At the end of the episode, she either got accidentally shot or decided to leave the group and venture off on her own. There are speculations that she may have been bitten or simply believed it was best to separate, but the actual answer remains unknown. Personally, I consider Molly to be an underrated character, and I believe it is necessary to provide an explanation for her ultimate fate and how her story concluded.

8 The Fate of the Garcia's Family

Kent Mudle has already addressed this by stating that the Garcia family is doing well. However, in Season 4, Abel mentions that the Delta is engaged in a war "from Richmond to the coast." Additionally, Clementine states that she cannot return to Richmond as the area has become a warzone. This implies that Richmond might be involved in or at the center of this conflict. Therefore, it is important to have a continuation of Javier's story to explore why and how Richmond is entangled in this war. This would allow us to witness the resolution of the war and give Javier an opportunity to defend Richmond once again.

9 Christa's Baby

Christa and Omid were expecting a baby, but we are unaware of what happened to the child. It is missing when Clementine and Christa reunite after Omid's death and the 16-month time skip. Various assumptions suggest that the child is either missing, deceased, or taken away by another group similar to AJ's situation in Season 3. Hopefully, we will receive a definitive answer to this question one day.

10 The Fate of the 400 Days Characters

In Season 2, the 400 Days characters have the option to accompany Tavia to Carver's camp. However, after Clementine and the rest of the group kill Carver and escape, we are left unaware of what happens to any of them, except for Bonnie (if she survives Episode 5) and Eddie. It is necessary to obtain an answer regarding their fates. Since these characters are not present in Season 3 if you go with Jane, it is possible that they might have died, escaped, or found a new community. However, without further information, we require an answer to this question.