Best Mario Party: Island Tour Minigames

Mario Party: Island Tour has a total of 81 minigames, and with the absence of 1 vs. 3 and 2 vs. 2 minigames, this game has the biggest amount of free for all minigames. This entire game essentially goes by the slogan "Simple, but not stupid", and it's especially evident in the minigames. By that I mean this game is simple, but it's not necessarily bad. Which minigames are the best? Let's find out.
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1 Slip Not

In my opinion this is the best way to make a simple yet interesting and exhilerating ride of a minigame. You're racing to the finish on a small water line to a crystal cavern using motion controls, and while it's difficult, that's what makes it so addicting! You always want to reach the end at least once, but it's difficult, which makes it rather fun anyways. The music is also my favourite one so there's that.

2 Go with the Floe

This is one of the much more unique minigames from this game. You need to get to one side of a glacier to get a penguin, and then back to return it, but the way there is filled with slippery ice platforms and cold water, so it can get pretty difficult. But it's also one of the most fun minigames, so it will be here.

3 Sub Trouble

Another race to the finish minigame, but on a horizontal plane this time around. You control a submarine that is constantly accelerating and you need to guide it to the end, trying to not hit the walls as it will slow the sub down. It's yet again pretty addicting, as you always want to make sure you don't hit any walls. The music is also pretty great, although not as much as #1.

4 Squish You Were Here

This is the closest minigame that feels like something that could come from one of the console installments, as it has an interesting concept and requires you to look at at least seven places at once. There are walls that will move inwards at every time, but some walls are originally further away from the center than others, so standing in a certain place won't squish you (that was hard to explain but yeah). The music is also pretty hectic yet charming, so this minigame is #3 on my list.

5 Kabob and Weave

It has a similar premise to Squish You Were Here, but it's more similar to the Mario Party 9 minigame "Thwomper Room", as it's the same thing essentially but with scewers instead of thwomps. So, the scewers will occasionally smash into the screen and you can't stand in its way. I like this one better as the music is much more hectic and it feels more serious.

6 Hide 'n' Splat

If you know what a Tox Box in Mario is..., yes this minigame is a grid-based arena with tox boxes that will crush you if you aren't careful. It's a more unique minigame in this collectio and I find myself often enjoying playing this minigame over and over again.

7 Blown Hover

Another race to the finish. The overall concept is actually a bit TOO simple and easy, however, there are few neat parts of it that saves it. For one, you avoid walls that end up on the road by jumping over them or ducking, and the atmosphere is pretty amazing, as it has this sunset vibe to it. It also has the best music, also present in Slip Not and No-Traction Action.

8 Bumper Thumper

For some reason, I didn't play this minigame until years after I got the game, and I don't understand why, seeing as this is one of the most unique and original minigames in this collection. It's a type of Bumper Balls-styled minigame, but you use these hovercars instead, but you move them using your stylus, as you slide once and the car will slide in that direction you slided in. It makes for a really unique experience and thus I had to put it on the list.

9 Mad Ladders

This is also a bit of a neat concept. There are five set of ladders, and you need to get to the top. However, sometimes, spike balls will fall down on one lane, and sometimes the ladder is also broken off, so you need to switch between ladders consistently. The music also has a very adventurous vibe to it, which I can't deny makes this minigame pretty great!

10 Puzzle Pronto

This is the most interesting minigame, as it's always different every time you play it. It's essentially a compilation of four puzzle-based minigames, and one is randomly chosen every time you play it. Sometimes you try to line up pipes correctly, others you click on numbered balloons in a specific orders, etc. It's always fresh every time you play.

The Contenders
11 Tanks a Lot

This Minigame feels like Tread Carefully but on a much wider scale. The tanks more decently fast, there is more cover to use to dodge and outflank your opponents, and if you get hit once you have two more lefts so why not make a comeback?

12 Truckin' and Cluckin'
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