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Mario Tennis Aces is the most recent Mario sports game, from the Mario Tennis series. It's soundtrack in my opinion was kinda divisive, as most themes had this generic sportsy feel to them. That's not to say none of the tracks managed to incorporate the hecticness of sports with other epic feels, because some songs surely did. So here are the best songs in Mario Tennis Aces.
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1 Boss Battle

Most songs in this game are relatively generic and "sporty" songs, but there are a few songs that really stand out in not only having sporty elements, but also feeling epic and original at the same time, and the boss theme is the greatest example of this, and it's one of my favourite mario songs of the entire 2010s decade. It's got that jazzy and hectic sports theme, like most songs, but deep down, there's also a sense of climax and epicness, this isn't just your typical tennis match, this is a fight against a foe who's out to destroy you. This combination is just so amazing that it's hard to describe! Especially that end part at 1:10 really screams that this is a battle!

2 Snowfall Mountain

This song perfectly captures the feeling of battling in a match of tennis on a snowy cold day near the end of the day, on a sunset. It's got a somewhat epic feel to it, but not too epic, and a mix between a christmassy and sportsy feel to it. They really pulled off this combination perfectly, as I feel nostalgic just listening to the song.

3 Mirage Mansion

This is the least "Mario Tennis"-esque song in the game, in that it has none of the elements that make it seem like a sports theme. That's kind of understandable, as it's set in a ghost house, the game's third court, Mirage Mansion. You could put this song in a Mario Kart track and it wouldn't feel out of place at all. It feels somewhat like a time-attack theme, almost as if you need to complete something before the time runs out, which isn't too far-fetched, as one of the missions in the Story Mode has you doing just that. For this theme, this song is #3 on this list.

4 Temple of Bask (Tutorial)

This is the most underrated song in the game. I believe it played during the tutorial of the story mode inside of Bask Ruins. Instead of the usual hectic tennis theme, this is a super chill and mysterious song, which wouldn't be unfitting in a ruins-themed Mario Kart track. It's almost even kinda epic. But it's not particularly memorable.

5 World Map

From one great combination of sportsy and danger, we now go to another combination, this one of sportsy (as well) and adventure. It plays on the hub world of the game's story mode, and while it's mostly up here because of nostalgia, I do think it's a great song from an objective stand point as well. It gives you the feeling that you're on an exciting adventure, and while there should've been a more dangerous theme near the end, this one is good for what it is!

6 Final Boss

While not as epic as it could've been (the normal boss theme had way higher stakes and more epicness to it), this theme is good for what it is! It's a hectic and jazzy remix of Bowser's theme in Super Mario 64, and everyone loves that tune! My complaint is just that it's a tad too short.

7 Piranha Plant Forest

What might be my favourite court in the game, unfortunately doesn't contain my favourite music, but that's not to say it's a bad theme. It's not as iconic or interesting as many other great themes in the game, but it's pretty good nevertheless! I can't say it fits in a forest though..., moreso on a park, then again this course looks like that at least. It's cool.

8 Bask Ruins

This tune starts off amazing in the first five seconds..., then it just kinda spirals down into a generic sports theme, which isn't too exciting of a court that looks like it's set near egyptian ruins!

9 Title Theme

Not much to say about this one, but it's an energetic and welcoming theme for starting up the game, especially compared to the lifeless and generic theme that played on the previous game, Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash. Overall, I like it!

10 Game Point

The tune that plays when one of the players in a tennis match is about to win a game (not match, which is the entire set of games). It's kind of epic and hectic, but nothing much to say.

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