Top 10 Video Game Campaigns of All Time

List of the best campaigns in video games out there. I mainly created it to see which campaign the people would favor most. And do remember we are only talking about the story mode here, so do not vote on a game because of multiplayer or other game modes.
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1 Halo

Halo 1's campaign is arguably the best out of the entire series. Every stage is motivated and offers many unique, amazing, and memorable epic moods, atmospheres, and moments.

It introduces a new threat that completely changes the gameplay a little over halfway in. It's one of those rare games where a plot twist actually completely changes the actual game and gameplay, reinvigorating the game and offering the player a whole new set of interesting threats.

Halo 2 has its moments but falls short with the Arbiter's clunky missions.

2 Assassin's Creed

This game actually has a storyline, Zelda.

3 The Last of Us

When it comes to campaigns, you either vote for The Last of Us or you haven't played it.

This game is the best that you could possibly play.

Tragic ending, excellent story. Felt like crying.

4 Legend of Zelda

You explore a huge world. Twilight Princess' world was very big and fun to explore. Way better than bland old 2D Mario games. I like 3D Mario, though.

All of the games, except the Philips console ones like the Wand of Gamelon, rock!

5 Modern Warfare Trilogy

This is the best campaign I have ever played. You get attached to the characters, and it's sad to see them go. At the end of three, you can feel the rage pumping through your veins as you seek revenge.

Most epic yet passionate storyline of all games!

Clearly, Modern Warfare 2 is the superior of the three, but they are all still really good.

6 Mass Effect Trilogy

For me, there was life before ME, and now there is life after. Life after is better, but also tinged with the knowledge that I cannot ever come to it anew.

The single most gripping game series ever made, with second-to-none voice acting, narrative, and depth of characterization.

Sci-fi action RPG at its best. You feel attached to the story and characters.

7 Half-Life 2

I loved the Half-Life series until it stopped back in 2009. Valve should keep their promises.

8 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
9 Gears of War

This game series isn't appreciated enough. I'd say the campaign was amazing and heartfelt with all the events in the storyline.

The first game did it so incredibly with its missions!

10 Sunset Overdrive
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11 Devil May Cry
12 Metal Gear Solid
13 Army of Two
14 God of War

God of War is the single greatest and longest campaign I've ever seen.

15 Grand Theft Auto V
16 Tomb Raider Series

I mean, really, just by playing them, you can see how much they have grown over time. The storylines are just impeccable with their connections.

Breathtaking scenery with impossible-to-imagine survival scenarios makes this an easy choice for the best game campaigns ever.

How good the puzzles make sense is crazy!

17 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
18 Doom

While some may consider the repetitiveness boring, the way that you learn to perfect all the different game mechanics to absolutely obliterate aliens is one of the most satisfying gaming experiences that I have had.

DOOM: Eternal. Unlimited action and heart-racing gameplay, a masterpiece of an FPS for us hardcore gamers. If you criticize this game, you are simply not good enough to see the full experience.

Outplays Halo by 1000%.

19 Far Cry 3

Best Far Cry game. From here, it went downhill.

20 Bioshock
21 Borderlands 2

Very good and funny campaign, fun to play with two or more people. It also has a good side story. Good customization, one of the best games I have played.

An absolute must-play. If you're into looter-shooters, then you'll love this game. Fun campaign, and so much side story you can't get bored.

22 Kingdom Hearts Series
23 The Walking Dead
24 Shadow of the Colossus

The greatest campaign to me.

Building on atmosphere, every chapter has a perfect balance of exploration and peaceful tracking. The suspense and tension grow as you get closer to each encounter, which is wildly different, and almost none are similar to any of the others. Each has completely unique solutions and behaviors to figure out.

The massive, imposing threat of each colossus is amazing. The atmosphere, the tone, and the excellent unique moments each offer are remarkable. Gameplay-wise and story atmosphere-wise, it is one of the best of all time.

25 The Elder Scrolls
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