Top 10 Best Hearthstone Classes

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1 Mage

Mage decks are diverse enough to warrant a lot of different play styles. All of them suit me and as such, I choose Jaina/Medivh.

2 Warlock

Zoo, fairly easy to craft to get it up and running on Ladder (Cost Low-High). Handlock, you punish yourself in the beginning to utterly overwhelm and crush your opposition later on (Cost High). Malylock, survive with board control and use Malygos's Spell Damage +5 to swiftly defeat you opponent (Cost Medium-High). Each of the archetypes are very strong and take practice to master. But once you do, prepare to dominate your opponent.

Warlocks suck please stfu. Reminds me of wow, they sucked on wow also. Palas and rongues are OP in every loser wow game.

Very good hero cards and power and quite effective if you are able to manipulate it well

Risky but good

3 Druid

Mana ramp is op

4 Priest

The greatest joy is to watch that one priestly minion of yours reach over 20 attack and over 20 defense.

Basically heals everything. Always helps.

Have yet to lose with my pries deck.

My favorite hearthstone class.

5 Hunter

Hunter has some really good secret spell cards, a good example is snake trap.

Can be played like a tank due to all it's cards that have taunt.

Hunter has Sox many high damage epic and legendary cards... Giant sand worm is op

6 Paladin

Such a great ability

7 Warrior

Some of the combos you can get off are absolutely insane. For example whirlwind-berserker or gromash-taskmaster. If you play a control warrior then build to that gromash play you can easily win the match. Yes some of the spells are utter crap the other amazing control spells make up for it.

Although the warrior seemingly has the worst spells, he makes up for it with fantastic class based minions, as well as tons of weapons. I also like the fact the warrior is the only class that can go beyond 30 health points!

Warrior has great finisher cards and decent openers to control the game, also the control warriors and agro are very efficient.

Lots of defense

8 Rogue

It's my absolute favorite hero to play. The possibilities are crazy. Wrecks in arena. The skill required to play certain decks is rewarding especially. Nothing is better than choosing to rush, outtempo, outsmart your opponent, overwhelm. The combos! Been playing rogue since beta and it's never disappointed. Miracle got a little boring after a while though. But now it's back with many different playstyles.

Must be honest, never got into the play style and have the worst W/L Ration with it.

Backrow strategies are my favorite. Rogue is by far my favorite class.

9 Shaman

To slow, and the overload screws your tempo if your overload card gets hard removed

10 Demon Hunter
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