Best Team Fortress 2 Spy Weapons

Best Spy weapons in Team Fortress 2. Sappers are not included.
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1 Dead Ringer

This is my go to choice when I'm a SPY. Using the Dead Ringer helps to get out of dangerous situations, especially after a backstab. It fools a lot of people, as it is not usually expected. With the new speed boost upon use, it is only more powerful then ever. Overall, It's the best spy cloak to date.

No doubt, this weapon is great. The Dead Ringer itself looks great, and you have no worries and you can become invincible and survive 1 round without getting killed. Highly recommended.

The only problem with this weapon is that you turn into a crumpled crab who was chewed up by a grinder.
Other than that, great weapon for getting away from the battle.

This invis watch almost makes you unkillable if used. You can capture a control point while having it out, without any worries of getting killed. You can even survive a back stab from another Spy!

2 Your Eternal Reward

This weapon is great in a game where there are many players since a back stab kill will not show on a kill feed, nor will the victim scream. You will also disguise as that victim, witch will make you more unsuspecting to your enemies more than ever.

Has a very steep learning curve, since you can't disguise, but if you backstab someone with the knife you will turn into that person. I guess you could call it, Your Eternal Reward!

You backstab a hoovy being healed by a medic.
You backstabbed the hoovy while the medic was looking away.
You look at your team.
Medic heals you.
Later you cloak and become medic.
Kill the whole team from behind.

Its good, but you will need a lot of training, wich is a big downside and you can't use your disguise kid, a even bigger downside. Id rather have stock knife.

3 Spy-cicle

This is probably the best spy knife that you can have. It basically has all the benefits of the stock knife, while being able to survive pyro spy checks. Using it along with the dead ringer helps to fool pyros into thinking that you have died more easily, as you won't end up on fire. The cracking ice noise can be revealing, but if you are stealthy it won't be a problem. All and all, one of the best spy knives out there.

This knife is good for surviving against attacks from the Spy's most feared enemy: Pyros. It makes you completely fire proof for 2 second when attacked by anything fire-based, and it is also a silent killer.

If a pyro runs me over with a flamethrower, the thing is basically useless. Also it leaves an ice statue of the victim so the enemy will know there's a spy on the other team

Love to backstab people and just stare at the glorious ice statue I created!

4 L'Etranger

Equip this with any kind of invis watch and you can be a very terrifying spy. The bonus cloak duration with on hit= + more cloak just lets the spy do his job easier.

X10 = Really long cloak time
Normal gameplay = Still really long cloak time.
Good weapon.
Good life.

Amazing really long cloak time. and can still get kills with this weapon

5 Ambassador

This is really helpful when it's not possible to use a knife, like your eternal reward, you have to use the ambassador, same with the spy-cicle. I love how it does 102 damage on headshot, but I wish it could do a regular headshot like a sniper rifle.

What kind of spy can deal massive damage not only with back stabs? A Spy with an Ambassador! This weapon can make you a deadly spy even if you aren't too fancy on back stabs!

There are 2 kinds of people in the world: those with holes through their heads, and those wielding the Ambassador

It's like a pistol for snipers.

6 Diamondback

It's pretty useful in some circumstances, while saving crits after back stabbing opponents (which is likely) you can use these crits to shoot your enemy with ease. The problem with this weapon is actually missing and without crits this weapon is useless. Before it was useless but after that update it quickly became my favorite.

This thing can deal a hell lot of damage. Each back stab and buildings you destroy with your sapper makes you even stronger. Minus 15% damage? Who cares? Each back stab gives you a crit shot and you ARE a spy.

If you do your job correctly (or at least use your special skills), you can easily get crits. It can be useful for sniping if you leave an interval of 1.25 seconds between each of your shots and survive enemy attacks. The crit damage on this baby is around 102 damage. Three crits and a non-overhealed heavy will die. (Assuming you don't die easily and can get backstabs quite easily, you can go combat spy with this baby, you know?)

Boy oh boy, the Diamondback.
My favorite Spy revolver of all time.

7 Cloak and Dagger

Great for standing still when someone almost killed you. With the regeneration, you could spawn camp the intel with nobody knowing. Great for getting away from a huge group of enemies when your low on health.

Using this invis watch will make you practically totally invisible. You could be standing right outside the enemy spawn room without anybody noticing you at all! Faster cloak drain rate though.

You can stay invisible forever with this.
Great weapon.

I just got it and I love it!

8 Knife

The knife. Nothing to special but it's still a deadly weapon that lets you back stab people.

I honestly do not like the stock knife.
It is only usful in x10.

But if you do not have any other options ( Like me ) Then use it.
Go backstab some peeps

Should be above spy-cicle.

All around good knife.

9 Conniver’s Kunai

Also, a little note: I'm the guy who posted about the Bushwacka on the other one. Currently, I forgot my password, so I don't know when I will get back on. But never mind that, let's get to it. Okay, this knife is awesome.

It's Japanese. Ninjas use it. What else do you want to hear?

First of all, the Spy never, ever goes into any firefights unless he has less than 5 brain cells. But moving on, if you're sneaky, you can pull off a stab and gain as much HP as a Soldier. Yeah, I know, it doesn't sound bad, does it? Basically, if you backstab someone in the middle of other people, you'll have enough HP to make it out alive. Plus, if you're in the middle of a lot of people and can't get a health pack, then you can just trickstab someone and gain their health. It works great with the Dead Ringer, and it also helps with the Cloak and Dagger. I have used it with both.

It looks cool. And the health you gain from a back stab is enough to let you survive retaliation and hide again. The 60 health is not very good though.

This weapon is like donating 90 gallons of blood, dieing and being revived 3 years later.
Then you try eating someones PAINIS, but you end up losing your brain instead.

It is my most used knife! I love it! Plus, Tobias Funke has 65000, yes, sixty five THOUSAND kills on his Kunai. That pretty much explains everything

10 Big Earner

Unbelievable useful! Mostly people taught it's useless. It wasted your health, you can just collected gibs from an enemy to refill your cloak. But, if there wasn't enough, You are in trouble. Big Earner works REALLY VERY WELL with the Dead ringer since it must be fully charged before use.

The +30% cloak you gain when you kill lets you easily cloak after each kill and hide so you can go for another assault when you are ready. But the -15 health is a pain, though.

So, this takes away your health and it's bad, but the Kunai does the same thing and is the best knife? Dude, the Big Earner makes you the fastest man alive.

The only worst weapon is the kunai. I mean a gun does exactly the same thing but from a safe distance and with no health reduction

The Contenders
11 The Sharp Dresser

The Sharp Dresser is a very unique knife in its own way. It can only be crafted, while the chances or crafting it is only a 1 out of 6. I crafted 7 times for a try at the sharp dresser until on my 8th try, finally succeeded. I also know some people who have crafted at least 11 times and still have failed. The knife default is already really good, but its appearance isn't too good. The Sharp Dresser knows better. This is my first choice knife.

Sharp Dresser. This is the coolest knife ever. Its for experienced players and has its very own back-stab emote. This and The Eternal Reward are the best knives for spy.

I love this knife I want it so much! I play 3 years and I can't found it trade it or craft it!

12 Phlogistinator

Even though not a spy weapon, if you are a pyro, this weapon is very useful.

This is not even... A spy...Weapon..

Just change to Pyro.

Best spy weapon

13 Black Rose
14 Enforcer

Only does 20% more damage while disguised now.
Still a good weapon

I love you Kitchen Gun!

The weapon does 20% extra damage making you almost like a battle spy

15 The Classic

Why is this here? This isn't a spy weapon.

I have no idea

16 Ap-sap

Ap-sap eaves no gibs of buildings after it finishes with it so Engineers won't have metals to rebuild afterwards. Also if you are bored you can take it out and listen to it seaking.

17 Sapper
18 Invis Watch

Great and reliable weapon to use. Some people prefer the dead ringer but the Invis watch is just as good as the dead ringer but must be used more carefully and in different situations.

The best watch. And it's not a cheap "Get-out-of-jail-free card." *glares at Dead Ringer*

19 Red Tape Recorder

I thought that sappers weren't included in this list? Anyway, the Red Tape Recorder is the most obnoxious thing, and when I use it I fell guilty. It is very difficult to combat, because if you got after the spy, your buildings will keep deleveling, and if you try to save your buildings, than the spy will backstab you.

20 Revolver

Use this over the Diamondback. Diamondback spies are cringe.

Just a stock weapon but can be deadly used at the right times!

It is the stock gun but it is the BEST. Notice that I did that in caps

21 The Rocket Launcher

Totally a great weapon for the spy! (Sarcasm)

Totally the best weapon for a spy class.

Perfect for when you're team has three spies and you need to switch

22 Natascha
23 Night Vision Goggles

These are epic for getting close up on enemies especially on a spy mission

24 Strange Your Eternal Reward

It's better than the normal YER because it's strange. And I totally had to include it among the other non-spy weapons.

25 Holy Mackerel
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