Top Ten Batman: Arkham City Easter Eggs

A list of the best easter eggs from Batman Arkham City. Since Batman Arkham Knight is coming out soon, I decided to make this list :) Enjoy
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1 The Duality of Man

At the very beginning of the game, a cutscene shows a painting of Cain carrying his dead brother, Abel. At the end of the game, when Joker dies, Batman walks out of the theater carrying Joker's dead body in the same way Cain carried Abel's dead body.

2 Scarecrow's Mask lying in the hay

During the game, when you land on top of a tall dock floating in the water, there is a big pile of hay on it. On the hay, you can see Scarecrow's mask lying there.

Excellent list! I couldn't agree more! This is my favorite game! Keep up the good work!

3 Killer Croc's Room

In the sewer, there is a room that has two pictures of Killer Croc, along with the chain that was around his neck, lying on a bed.

4 Ra's Al Ghul Never Dies

In one of the game's final scenes, Ra's Al Ghul and Batman are falling in the air. In an attempt to kill Batman, Ra's Al Ghul stabs his sword through his own heart, hoping it will go through Batman as well. At the end of the scene, Ra's Al Ghul is lying dead on a gate.

If you return to the gate after beating the game, you will see that Ra's Al Ghul is no longer there, and a sword is stuck in the ground below where he landed. This could mean that Ra's Al Ghul is alive.

5 Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber

Inside the circuit box that Deadshot was using to hide his stuff, there is something that looks very similar to a lightsaber. This could be a reference to Mark Hamill, the voice of Joker, as he was the actor who played Luke Skywalker in the original Star Wars trilogy. Alternatively, it could just be some kind of laser pointer or scope for one of Deadshot's guns.

6 Bruce Wayne's Dead Parents

If you go into the back alley behind the theater, there is a tape outline of two people lying dead on the ground. This is a reference to the movie Batman Begins, where Bruce's parents died.

7 Harley Quinn's Pregnancy Test

Inside the Steel Mill, on the floor near Harley Quinn's Arkham Asylum outfit, there is a pregnancy test that reads positive. Later on in the game, you can see a box of them. The box says "May result in a false positive". This means that Harley may be pregnant or it was a false positive and she is not pregnant.

8 Joker's Secret Message

At the end of episode three in the Catwoman bundle pack, you are given the choice to go left and save Batman, or go right and leave Arkham City. If you go right, then Catwoman will leave Arkham City and the end game credits will start. At the end of the credits, it takes you back to where you were before to give you a second chance to make the right decision. On the way back, you will hear something that sounds like a message being played backward. If you play this message backwards, then you can hear Joker say, "Thank you for the entertainment, Bats."

9 Scarecrow Thugs

During Protocol Ten, if you look at the faces of a few specific thugs, you will see that they are wearing masks that look similar to Scarecrow's mask. This could mean that some of Scarecrow's thugs were put in Arkham City, or it could just be a glitch.

10 Harley Quinn Singing "Hush Little Baby"

At the end of the new game plus mode, in the credits, Harley Quinn sings "Hush Little Baby." This means that either her baby has been born, or that she is totally out of her mind.

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11 Scarecrow's Ship
12 Scarecrow's canisters in Hush hideout

This made people believe that Hush and Scarecrow were working together this whole time.

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