Best Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Weapons

The greatest guns in the new game of the best selling video game frachise, Call of Duty.
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1 ACR 6.8

Best weapon without a doubt. The gun has almost no recoil, amazing iron sights, pretty good fire rate for an assault rifle, amazing reload time and when you use Kick with it, it becomes the absolute badass. Here is a recommended class: Weapon:ACR with Kick proficiency and Extended mags or Silencer. Secondary: Five Seven with Tactical Knife. Equipment: 1 Frag grenade with 2 Flash grenades. Perk 1: Recon or Blind eye. Perk 2: Quickdraw or Assassin. Perk 3: Stalker or SitRep. Strike Package: Specialist with Sleight of Hand, Hardline and Steady aim. All these things combined together= BEAST!

I'm not very good at video games. The excellent training we went through in the Marine Corps infantry does not prepare us for playing Xbox laugh out loud. I will say that most of the time when I have a good game I am using the acr6.8. I also have luck using the l86 lsw.

This gun is just the total package there is nothing bad about the even the reload is one of the fastest if not the fastest in the game! Although it takes a while to unlock but once you get it, Call of Duty becomes a walk in a park.

I got this gun gold in like 10 level time (50-60) this gun is beast it has very low recoil but I still use kick on it
Primary: ACR 6.8
Secondary: Stinger (Launchers)
Lethal: Throwing knife
Tactical: portable Radar
Perk 1: scavenger
Perk 2: QuickDraw
Perk 3: dead silence. (all pro)
Proficiency: kick
Attachment: Supressor
Strike package: Assault
Predator Missile, Reaper and Pavelow
Death streak: Final stand

2 MP7

If you are going to be rushing, this is the gun to go to. The Mp7 is used mainly for short-medium range, but it also has the recoil to tackle enemies at long-ranges as well (which can be useful when you see an enemy in the distance)

I use this gun with silencer and either rapid fire/extended mags.
Perks= slight of hands
Sitrep= good mic, steady aim ( ry to get pro to aim down quicker after running), or stalker (allowing you to move faster while aiming down sights (ADS)

MP7 is a OP gun as long as you can jump shot or drop shot it is a gun designed for running and gunning, Spraying and praying it. Finding out where the enemy spawns is a massive bonus because MP7 dominates other guns. Camping is a bad move for a SMG especially the MP7 it's small and a very flexible gun in its abilities

This gun in my opinion is the best gun in the game! The iron sights are very good and there is barely any recoil as well. This is a very deadly gun up close and mid range and is also great long range. I use rapid fire on it but silencer is also great.

Best gun with very low recoil, range can compare to that of an assault rifle, fast mobility (helps because I am a rusher), looks good in gold, looks sick (awesome), has clear irons, good if you want to be stealthy, and has a large magazine.


Great damage, makes a decent noise too, perfect iron sights leaving you to spend your perks elsewhere, never played mw3 online but on mw2, have the scar on a few slots and use extended mags on each slot for first perk. For the second perk on the slots, have one as Nade launcher. Next one down the shotgun attachment, next one down have silencer so after a few slots, you've got the scar for any kind of map, any kind of situation. Look after it and it will look after you.

This is such a good gun and it really should be first or second. The recoil is virtually none and it has superb power. Plus the gun looks awesome in your hand with the black finish.

The attachments to use on this masterpiece is 1. Silencer 2. Red Dot 3. Extended Mags

The SCAR-L was great for me, if you can't yet unlock the ACR, the SCAR-L is the number 1 replacement and is sometimes better than the ACR as it has a better fire rate. ACR=705 Scar=750 which is quite a big difference even though it doesn't look like it.

Your kidding me aren't you the SCAR-L is flipping amazing. It is unlocked at a low level and is almost certainly one of the best guns all round. It's only downside is its limited range but other then that it is an amazing all round gun.

4 M4A1

This is the only weapon I have gold in it and been using it till level 71 which in fact is amazing! My most time favourite is m4a1 and m16a4 m4a1 have a very small amount of recoil yet it is outstanding! I got like 71 kills with it, the iron sight is clear it doesn't really needs attach to it but it need extended mags cause you could waste lots of bullets immediately but you can add red dot sight for good aiming at far range and sadly it needs a scavenger cause you run out anytime there's a list for best perk and gun attach 1. Red dot(or any) 2. Extended mag 3. Scavenger 4. Assassin 5. Steady aim also it should also have stability or the flinch less when shot... I don't really know whats its called grenade launcher if you want to kill campers but extend is really important!

It's a great gun because it has some pretty good damage but yet it's the first gun you get. Also if you level it up and put extended mags on it you can get high multi kills. The last 2 things since you unlock it so easly you can get it gold and by the time you do get it gold youve unlocked another good gun. Last thing the sight is really good you just have this circle which you can aim right at enemy heads and such, unlike ACR or MP&

Best gun in the game! Actually on all modern warfare games! Very small recoil and iron sights are perfect and doesn't cover your opponent! Good with silencer impact and red dot (or holographic) first gun I got in good and is lightweight and easy to rank yurself with the most points in your lobby! Honestly the best in all Call of Duty games!

I believe that the M4A1 is the best weapon because of the fact that it has decent accuracy, good damage, good rate of fire, and is made even better by using a weapon proficiency. It is also available when you're first able to make a custom class, which makes it better for post-prestige early leveling situations.

5 PP90M1

This gun is the best gun in the game! No doubt about it. I usually use kick and silencer, or attachments and rapid fire and extended mags, or attachments and rapid fire and silencer, any combo is good, I would say, you can't go wrong with the pp90m1. I use steady aim, sleight of hand (I absolutely hate slow reloading) however I would suggest that you use scavenger, and then use assassin as your second tier perk. the strike package should be predator missile, attack helicopter, and either care package or ah-6 overwatch. this has worked best for me, give it a try and comment what you think, it's the perfect gun for the perfect rushing class!

This gun has it all and is far more better than the ACR 6.8. Extended Mags/Silencer + Rapid Fire and Hipfire for a perk and this gun is an invincible/unstoppable monster. Just never ever aim down your sights and you can get 40 kills in a single match. I once got a 52 killstreak, 1 assist and zero deaths on a team Death Match in Hardhat. Best gun ever!

One of the best guns to use in Modern Warfare 3. It has a great fire rate combined with low recoil and even has a fast time to kill. Not to mention it works well on some of the maps because they are kind of small or have tight walkways, such as Dome, Arkaden, and maybe even Resistance. I recommend you use this gun until level 74 at least

This gun is an excellent gun, especially at smaller maps! Its fire rate is really good! It not the best until it has rapid fire, and with this, you'll get so many kills! Almost every time I use this at small maps, I always rank third through first place. It packs a serious punch!

6 Type 95

Hands Down the best assault rifle in the game. Not as accurate as the FAMAS from MW2 was down range, and it also doesn't have the stopping power the FAMAS had but if you use Impact the Type 95 will put people down with one shot on a good connection. This gun easily kills faster than the other AR's due to the fact it shoots 3 bullets at one time and it only takes 2 of them placed properly to kill. There are too many Pro's about this weapon. The only CON would be its on the fly hip fire accuracy.

This gun is just amazing! It is very similar from the legendary FAMAS from MW2 and that is why I love it. It is most effective close range ensuring a 1 round burst but mid-long range will be 2 round burst. You really need to have great accuracy to master this gun.

The Type 95 is my favorite gun in Modern Warfare 3. The burst shoots at 1,000 rpm and it can 2 shot. It is accurate, and the 1 burst range is decent. The cool thing is that this, and the M16 can have rapid fire for even more insane results.

My favorite gun in Call of Duty history. I used to hate 3-round burst guns and started using the type 95 as a joke but I quickly fell in love with it. Iron sights on it are terrible so definitely recommend something like a red dot or Acog and it's a beast with rapid fire

7 P90

This gun is amazing, why? Because, its accuracy is reasonable, and has a huge clip for an SMG. This gun does amazing in close and mid range, and average at long range. To make this gun as I see, the best or second best of the SMGs, put Range on and Rapid Fire. This will ensure that you do amazing in close, mid, and long range.

The rate is fire is pretty nice for this gun. A 50 mag clip is big so you have a lot of ammo and you don't need to change it's clip frequently. The p90 is great that it can be treated like an smg and an assault rifle.

Incredible weapon. Decent recoil, decent damage, and good fire rate along with a 50 round box magazine! This weapon also has an impressively quick reload speed.

By far the best gun in the game. Lots of ammo, making it easy to get a M.O.A.B. and is beast with suppressor with rapid fire or extended mags (Your Choice)...

8 UMP45

This can easily be the best of all the SMG if not one of the best in the game. It's Medium-high stats make it better than the majority of the weapons found in MW3 and can spell death with rapid fire on. If this gun is combined with Blind eye, Assassin and sitrep can turn almost any player into a predator.

I like the UMP45 because when you use kick in the weapon there are no recoil and I also use the silencer with it when stay on the floor the enemy dies faster that's all I have Thanks!

I just love this gun. The gun is a very versitile weapon that really works well in lots of situations. I like the iron sights on it, the recoil is nice and managable and the rate of fire is good.

This is fast! Good! Amazing! It has amazing! Things! Tings things thins! If god had a weapon, it wouldn't be this one, because this is good but not amazing

9 AK-47

The AK-47 is definitely the most devastating AR. There is plenty of ammo per magazine to continuously fire at a group of enemies, it has a fast reload time, and the damage is one of the highest in its class. Although the kick tends to scare some away, you will find that it doesn't affect the accuracy when you use it. I have no problem getting kills with the AK in 2-4 shots, close or far.

The ak 47 is the best gun because of its ability to shoot up and down, this way you can damage the opponent quickly from the head to the body. The ak 47 becomes more stronger if its equip with impact/ex. Mags.

I've tried all the weapons on this list and the ak is great for all ranges as it is accurate and plus it has excellent damage. Definitely recommend this AR if you want to own some noobs!

I've played with the AK-47 for 38 levels by now and I have had about 600 kills. It is great with "Impact" and "Extended Mags". It is one of my favorite guns whitch is: G36C, M14, P90, MP-7, MSR and KSG 12.

10 G36C

The best Assault Rifle in the game.
Has one of the highest fire-rates compared with the same damage as other guns in it's tier, 3 shots to kill up close, 4 at range.
The iron sight of this gun looks horrible though, you will most likely need a sight with this.

Love G36C. It is the best for me. It kills really quickly. Equipped with laser and recoil. My scores ate great. Really don't know why all players preferisco Scar or ACR. Doubtless great weapons, but G36C is my favorite.

The iron sights on this gun aren't the best in the world but there is not a lot of recoil and superb power that make up for that. Slap a red dot sight on and your good to go!

Silencer and kick make it one of the best strategic weapons in the whole game. Good rate of fire and nice damage output. Plus, it sounds awesome.

The Contenders
11 Barrett .50 cal

The Barrett 50 cal. Is the most deadliest weapon you can use in MW3. It allows you to fire at greater distances than the rifles above, has a 4 different OHK (One Hit Kill) ratios (including the head, neck, upper torso, and lower torso), and uses a round that is favorite by all. What makes this so interesting is that it is semi-automatic allowing you to get a shot down range quicker than others and has a high OHK ratio. Plus, I have found to glitches on my X Box when using the Barrett 50 cal. Which are listed below:
1. If you go on a hardcore game mode (works best on Hardcore S&D), pull out your Barrett 50 cal., and shoot an enemy player's foot while he/she is runninf your victim will go flying!
2. If you pull out you Barrett 50 cal. Equipped with the proficiency "Impact" you will be able to shoot through the plane entirely on Terminal!

Large amount of ammo, along with one-shot kill and minimal recoil, this sniper is an amazing weapon. And also, if you have to fight on smaller maps, an acog and extended mags make this a greater man dropper.

This is a fairly good gun as it is very easy to aim also I can shoot people while they're moving. Minimal recoil Fairly hard to waste your ammo.

Definitely the best sniper in the game. MW2's best was Intervention and then the Barrett but I feel that the Barrett dominates on this game. Great quickscoping weapon and hardly get hitmarkers. Also if there is a guy near you, just spray

12 MK14

The original M14 was put into action after WW2 to combine all of the following in one: M1 Grand, BAR, M1A1 Carbine, Thompson Sub Machine gun. The list of weapons were some of the most proficient fire arms in this nations history. And this is the rifle combined them all together. Then sadly it was replaced by the M16 because they were too heavy with the wooden stock.. however the US Navy Seals found them in a box many years later and changed out the wooden stock for a lighter composite one and it has been one of the top weapons of choice for them ever since... and it was represented very well in this game. Very effective, very lethal while using just a minimal amount of ammunition. got my vote

It's a hard choice between this and the g36c, but this won over. Loved it on black ops because it's the only gun that looked natural with the masterkey as well as quick 2 unlock. Although it takes much longer on mw3 to unlock, its still a great gun, kills take 1-2 shots or 3 depending on how accurate you are, pace your shots and recoil Almost dissapears.
I haven't mastered this gun yet (gold) but I'm planning on having an acog and a masterkey.

Mk-14 double tap= game over. High damage, high bullet penetration, 1 head shot kills, absurd range (silencer makes has undetectable affect on performance), and would shoot as fast as you can pull the trigger. Equipped w/extended mags means you have enough ammo to kill a full squad in TDM 2 times w/o reloading.

Such a deadly weapon which is basically like the m21 ebr in MW2. But it is an assault rifle and is the strongest assault rifle in the game. It kills in 1 shot to the head and 2 shots to the body. If you have a good trigger finger, you will tear up with this weapon.

13 L86 LSW

LSW with Thermal along with either Rapid Fire or Silencer is the best gun available in MWF3. There is NO recoil, and its guaranteed to be a three shot kill even with the silencer at any range. With rapid fire, this makes for very quick successive kills at long to medium range.

This gun is so good it is ridiculous! I honestly can believe it is not in the top 10! It kills enemies in 2-3 shots at any distance, has minimal recoil and a fast fire rate. An assault rifle disguised as an LMG.

Best gun in game... Way better than that acr crap.

Great from range, but slow afoot.

14 MK46

Better than l86 because if mk46 and l86 have red dot sight who wins? Mk46 course because l86 kicks so much only thermal makes m86 good so my opinion is that mk46 is better than l86

15 FAD

I love the FAD, this gun is the most useful, reliable, and the best blend of accuracy damage range fire rate and mobility. I haven't had any problems with this gun. My favorite equipment to this gun is the Attachments on the Proficiency which allows you to equip 2 Attachments to your weapon, next is the Silencer and the ACOG Scope, after that my favorite Reticle is Delta Reticle which is like an upside down like this ^, and last the Camouflage is up to you and the map your playing or look you want your weapon to have. That's it thanks for reading bye.

Almost the best! (Nothing can beat that ACR)
But by far the most brutal and awesome AR available. (That souund <3)
Who doesn't want the perfect combination between a AR and SMG?!

Only backdraw: Extended mags att. Is almost a must.

Use silencer always, the gun is always a 4 shot kill, so the silencer has no range penalty.

Huge fire rate, 4 bullet kill minimal kick my favorite gun.

16 CM901

Definitely doesn't deserve it's place on the list.
While players can adapt to this gun, it is not in the top 15.
It has decent damage like the other assault rifle, but not very good accuracy, and has the slowest firerate of assault rifles in the game. (not counting the semi mk14)
Although this does compensate for the recoil, it's still not too great.
It does look very nice though, in an almost golden colour from the start, and a nice clear iron sights.

Possibly the most underrated primary weapon in the game! It has great power and good iron sights. If you can control the recoul this gun will do you extreme justice. Needs to be a lot higher.

Aside frim the MK14 this assault rifle has the highest stats.
It's advantage over the MK14 is the fact that it is fully automatic.
Combined with kick and silencer it is almost unbeatable.

CM901 is by far the most underrated gun in the game. The CM901 is solid across all stats on the board, has a great iron sight, and not much recoil. I got it gold.

17 L118A

I used this gun, it is an amazing gun at close range, amazing gun at medium range, and amazing at long range. I just wonder why this gun is not on the list. Over all, I love it.

18 M16A4

Best burst fire gun ever!, got a killstreak right after putting it on my class, I already unlocked the Type 95 but I like this gun better; don't blame the gun for having a slower fire rate/ (RPM-Rounds Per Min), blame yourself because it's not the guns fault that you got killed, it's yours for not having skill, and if you say this gun is for noobs you are wrong because it has a slower fire rate than the T95 so if your good with this gun your not a noob at all!. PS. This gun is awesome.

Amazing damage, one burst kill. Easy to use, accurate and effective. No attachments needed.

Should be ranked above the Type 95. M4A1 I think is the second best gun/weapon.

This gun used to suck, but after the buff, it's better than the type 95.

19 SPAS-12

Great pump action shottie! Although it is not as amazing as the MW2 Spas, it is still a lot of fun to use!

20 MP5

In my opinion, it's the best sub machine gun, good mobility, very powerful on minijugs, excellent range even without a cog scope, holographic, or red dot, it does have a little recoil, but after upgrading it in multiplayer, it is excellent and the player using it is unstoppable, I also experimented on spec ops, I wanted to test if the mp5 is better than the car 6.8, and it is, the mp5 is much better than the car, more powerful, better mobility, it serves its purpose well, and the best gun in its category, silencer and kick on mp5 = undefeated,

This is a really interesting gun! It is unlocked at Level 4.It has the same Damage than the UMP 45 but the rate of fire of this gun is higher, so I can't see a reason to not use this gun.The recoil is moderate but with rapid fire and silencer this gun is an monster.

First sub machine gun you get and it's the best. Has great power and great range and minimal recoil so what more do you want? Put on silencer and you good to go

21 Striker

Very overpowered weapon even after the recent patch. Great rate of fire, high damage and great range make this the ultimate noob killing weapon!

There will always be someone using this gun in every lobby because it is just such a good weapon. Semi auto shows that it can kill enemies quickly and a huge ammo capacity, great shottie

Awesome to use for juggernauts!

Best shotgun ever unfortunately the reloading takes a while

22 MSR

Who's the idiot who said this was worse than the L118a? Probably all the noobs who don't want to work to get to level 66. One shot kill above the waist, wicked fast for a bolt action, and better accuracy. I use this all the time and go 40-5 ffa.

Amazing sniper and a godly quickscoping weapon. If you are a seasoned sniper, you will feel right at home with this deadly weapon. If you see someone with it, quickly kill them or your done

By the best sniper in the game. It is smooth and has fast reload time why is this not here.

Why do people never use this more? It's the number 1# sniper rifle in the game

23 FMG9

I know that these guns are very overpowered akimbo, but would you choose these godly guns or another machine pistol knowing that it wasnt the best? These guns akimbo are the strongest things in the whole game and they kill people basically instantly.

Although not everyone likes them and they don't like dying from them, you have to admit that these guns should be first!

Great magazine capacity and decent accuracy. Its probably my favorite machine pistol. It's not very powerful, and normally takes quite a bit of rounds to kill, but it makes up for this with a good fire rate and above normal magazine capacity.

Are you kidding me? This thing is unfair with amkimbo and steady aim and I love it to death

24 KSG 12

It is a fact that this gun is the strongest shotgun in the game and there is no wondering why. It packs a massive punch and the range and precision is outstanding. Great pump action shottie.

This shotgun has the tightest pellet spread of any shotgun in the game, and has as much ammo as the striker (I think).

25 MG36

I think it should be higher it is a monster. With thermal and grip it is amazing.

Great all around, damage, fire rate, capacity, even good iron sights.

Awesome gun, chuck kick and rapid fire and your unstoppable, with a 100 round clip its easy to mow down enimies. Awesome gun, alright iron sights, some might want to use acog or something :D

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