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1 John 117 (a.k.a. Master Chief)

He is not just my favorite Halo character, not just my favorite video game character, but my favorite fictional character of all time. Because he is powerful, tactical, heroic, bada**, the list goes on my first games where Halo 3, assassin's Creed brotherhood, and new super Mario Bros. His last words in Halo 3 "wake me when you need me" show his loyal, ready-for-anything, and trustworthy attitude. I make sure I can play as him in most games (or I make my character look like him). He is without a doubt, my favorite fictional character EVER.

2 Arbiter

To take control of a Sangheili elite was the most badass things that I have ever done in the history of this game. When I played with my brother, we used to argue over who got to play the Arbiter. His story of turning to the side of the humans is absolutely amazing.

He's 10 feet tall, has a boss sword as long as I am tall, and can survive fifteen flood jumping on his back.

Not to mention that he can kill covenant soldiers with his bare hands and can take down elites with active camouflage. Need I say more?

Arbiter is a legend. He is an honourable warrior. Moreover, he is the covenant counterpart of Spartan-117. His grave personality and voice are just too good. And, the golden 'Prophet's bane' he wields,clearly reflects his superiority.

3 Noble Six

Like others have said, you never really form a big connection with Master Chief or other big characters from the Halo universe. When playing the Reach campaign, I felt a solid connection between me and Noble Six. He was customizable, and you could picture yourself in the front lines rather than getting someone else's view. He was the most relatable character of the Halo universe, and in my opinion one of the greatest.

I agree Noble Six was "Noble" He fought to the very end, even when he was mortally wounded. Halo Reach was made to show us what it was like with Hell on Reach. In Lone wolf I was sad seeing all the dead marine and Spartan bodies seeing the comrades you've fought alongside with.. Burned, shredded, dismembered, or just missing.. Noble Six has been through hell and almost survived it

4 Grunt

Funny, cute, stupid, scared, and small, cutest and fun to fight characters made out of love.

One of the most iconic symbols of x-box. " I'll rip out your intestines and wear them as s belt, demon! "

Why it's because they are very funny and cute.

5 Avery Junior Johnson

He originally died in the ending on the first Halo game, but Bungie got overwhelmed with pleads to bring him back and had no choice. They brought him back awesomely and send him out with a bang.

With his signature cigar and smooth personality, Staff Seargent Avery Junior Johnson is awesome in every possible way. As a plus, he is also technically a SPARTAN-I, and is completely immune to the Flood Super Cell.

Again with us from the beginning and was one of the first characters we could ever connect to in the halo franchise. I think he deserves at least spot 3.

6 Sergeant Forge

Hell yeah, the most awesome, archetypal definition of a badass. Sure, chief got the main storyline, but just play Halo wars and you'll begin to understand why Forge is such an awesome character.

The true hero of the old days of the war. RIP dr jimothy badass forge

7 Cortana

The Galaxy is vast; its wonders and beauty are almost unfathomable. But the galaxy also hides dark secrets, some of which have lain dormant since the beginning of time itself. There is a danger in secrets, both in seeking and in knowing. Some things are meant to be hidden from view. Some mysteries defy understanding, and sometimes even the things we think we know are untrue. Some secrets should remain untouched.

My favorite in the books, second to Johnson in games.

Chief's best and closest friend that helps bike out whenever he is in trouble

8 Jorge-052

I do like MC more, but I like to vote for the underdog. He manually detonates a slipspace bomb to destroy a Covenant Supercarrier, so Noble 6 doesn't have to. Badass.

In Reach he when the ship is about to explode he pick you up and throws you out.

The most human spartan II I have ever known, even sacrificing his own life to save his friends. Even if more Covenant carriers arrived afterwards

9 Brute Chieftain

This brute will surely be the one you DON'T want to meet... Unless you want to die by being smacked in the face with his colossal gravity hammer!

10 Edward Buck

This man deserves to be in the top five, possibly the best. He is a witty soldier, and a great leader to his ODST team. Whereas John goes into high charity to save Cortana AGAINST ORDERS and putting the Arbiter in danger (another great character), Buck only cares about his team, demonstrated in his worry for the Rookie in Halo: ODST.

He deserves to be much higher on the list. Funny but grizzled, smart but dumb. Decades of experience all rolled into Nathan Fillion and boom. Buck should be top 3. He isn't Green but very, very mean

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11 ODSTs

Their jobs aren't to dive feet first into hell. Their job is to make sure it's crowded when they get there

Why? Because they drop feet first into hell., that's why. ODST's for the win!

ODST is awesome they come into battle and ready to fight. I feel sad when they died in legerady.

12 Rtas 'Vadum

If it takes death, so be it. You will not defeat the Covenant.

13 Carter-A259

He commited suicide crashing into the scarab to save 6 and Emile so they could finish their mission to get Cortana to Master Chief.

This is hands down the best captain that we have ever had no joke

14 Emile-A239

Nothing beats Emile, he may not be the most patient Spartan, but he's certainly the most daring. Master Chief may be the luckier and longer lived Spartan, but Emile out lasts all of Noble Team (Except Jun) and he gives Noble 6 air cover while he clears out the Landing Zone. Also, you never see Emile's face, all you ever see of him is that awesome helmet carving, makes him more impersonal, matches his description.

Emile went down fighting. I literally cried when the zealot impaled him. Emile was the most mysterious and badass member of noble squad. And those awesome knives he has makes him even more badass (if that's possible)

15 Spartan

The Reach Nobel Team is awesome esepcially, people like Emile and Noble Six.

Emile, Jorge, and six are probably the best character right behind the chief and arbiter

16 Prophet of Truth

The council decided to have you hung by your entrails and your corpse paraded through the street but ultimately the terms of your execution are up to him.

He is awesome and he uses manipulation and deceptive to in his powers

17 Super Scarab

It's a huge Scarab that's really strong. Imagine if it actually on the field. Seriously. It's just epic. Oh yeah it's in Halo Wars, my favorite Halo game.

Not really a character, more like either a piece of equipment or a bunch of characters since, IU, scarabs are made mostly out of mgalekgolo.

18 Thomas Lasky

I love him. Such a great character. Everything a good soldier should be. His character growth in his first three appearances is top notch.

19 Jerome-092

Jerome is my favorite chracter because, he cares about his team, gets job done, he's badass, he uses the spartan laser which is one the coolest weapons.

20 Chips Dubbo

The Australian we all know and love. Can't believe he wasn't even on this list yet.

Just don't give him a rocket launcher.

21 Prophet of Regret

Every member of the Covenant shall walk the path. None will be left behind when our Great Journey begins. That is the Prophets' age-old promise, and it shall be fulfilled!

22 Gravemind

"If you will not hear the truth, then I'll show it to you." He has a way to poetry and words. "This one is but Flesh and Faith, and is the more deluded." He can see into people more than others. He can make an ally easily, but very manipulative. He is very interesting because of his appearance of over 100ft tall. Plus, his personality. One of the smartest characters in the Halo Franchise.

This is not your grave, but you are welcome in it.

I am the monument to all your sins.

23 Miranda Keyes

Jacob's daughter, Miranda, lives up to her father in every way. She is an amazing pilot, and proves to be extremely courageous; driving a pelican into a building in an attempt to thwart the Prophet of Truth's plans of activating the Halo. She didn't deserve to die.

24 Captain Jacob Keyes

Poor Keyes. This guy deserves a lot more respect for what he did, being tortured by the flood digging though his memories for hours on end but not giving them the info they want, repeatedly giving them his name and rank instead. His death was such a badass yet horrifying moment. RIP the GOAT

Though he is a high-ranked official, the captain shows that he can keep a level head even in the face of danger. He proves to be an extraordinary pilot, able to pilot a UNSC ship by hand and a Covenant dropship with little training.

25 343 Guilty Spark

A chortling, humming, slightly-maniacal guardian who threatens to transport the player back to "The Library" if they shoot him enough, Guilty Spark is not only a loveable/hate able critter, he's also not quite dead.

A eccentric AI that is like the best of the portal 2 SPACE! Core combined with a slightly crazy AI

I dont care what others say, this is the coolest robot in the games.

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