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Skullkid755 Da da da!!!
It's a ninja you don't see!!!
Da da da!!!
He is awesome for free!!!
Da da da!!!
He'll kill you, for a huge fee!!!

Well, that song doesn't describe the protagonist of the indie stealth game, Mark of the Ninja. The truth is, that ninja, who I'll call Mark since he doesn't have an official name, is just so dam close to a real ninja, that he's underrated. That is right! Scorpion, Ryu, and all of those other popular video game ninjas are not anything like real ninjas. In fact, real ninjas try to stay hidden, rarely killed unless they had to, and weren't famous, since again, they tried to stay hidden. That explains why Mark isn't famous, he's hidden!!! He's a successful ninja!!! Well, Mark is a game character, and I finished his game, so time for me to review, his game, which is Mark of the Ninja, which I bought and played on Steam for PC.

Mark of the Ninja was an independent stealth game released in 2012 for Xbox 360 and PC. It is 15 dollars on both consoles and has received critical acclaim. It's my favorite indie game and that's why I'm fine with it's overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam. It was made by Klei Entertainment, an indie developer which you should have guessed before I made that very clear.
Now that I'm done with the basic description, I'm climbing on to the controls.

The controls for Xbox 360 controller are easy to understand, you always know how to change items, use them, run, crouch, grapple, and do other functions. They are comfortable to use. Same goes for KB + Mouse. Those controls are also comfortable and almost as good as the Xbox 360 controllers, especially for a PC port originally for consoles. Let's grapple to the graphics.

The graphics are the best indie game graphics and 2D graphics out there. The animations are fluid with high frame rates, the imagery reminds me of Samurai Jack, and the high amount of black allows for lots and lots of stealth. Plus, the fact that you can tell most stuff apart even when they are dark is surprising. Good graphics for an indie game, and better than some AAA titles like Modern Warfare 3 and Skyward Sword. Let's sneak through the story.

The story is great. The plot twist is surprising and it's told through some pretty rad cut-scenes. The suspense of the story is something I wouldn't expect from an indie game, and the great cut-scenes also share that quality. I can't say much without giving out spoilers, so I'll just do some character reviewing in this paragraph as well. The characters are fleshed out with good voice acting, personality, dialogue, and designs. My favorite is Mark, though the villains are great as well. I'm getting to the game-play!!!

The game-play, is like I said, stealth based, and when I say stealth based, I say if you get seen by an enemy you might as well start over from a checkpoint. The action is great, with plenty of options for stealth killing, and a good variety of useful abilities and items for you to use freely. Right now, run to replay-ability!!!

The game is very re-playable, and I have many reasons for that. It gives you multiple options for completing levels, like the first time you can kill everyone and when doing it again kill nothing. Or using a box to hide in on your second play-through while on your first using smoke bombs. The new game plus is a more challenging mode to unlock after you complete the main game, and you keep everything you collecting on the first play-through.

So, that's it. Mark of the Ninja is my favorite indie game and it's in my favorites in my Steam library. If you aren't a fan of 2D games or stealth games, or hate both of them, don't buy it, but if you're new to video games or one of those types of games, then try it out, but if you're hesitant, wait for a sale. They happen a lot on steam, and before you know it, it'll be on the winter sale. My rating for it is 93/100, because while it was great, it didn't blow me away and it's kind of short. Well, done with the review. I hope you liked it, and I accept feedback for my content. Bye until I post another post!!!


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