Top 10 Best Namco Tales Games

What is your top favorite mothership title? This does not include the escort titles or Tales of the World.
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1 Tales of Symphonia

This is by far the best "Tales of" I have ever had the pleasure to encounter. This game has all qualities that make this not only a classic, but a monumental achievement in RPG history. Although I may be bias, for I have played this game since I was young, I have never failed to discover more reasons to love it as the years go by. Character development that forces you to love them, story line that is awe-inspiring and in depth, and loads of side quests and little Easter eggs to keep you entertained. The story line and relationships in the game changes with the choices you make. There are so many other characteristics of this game I could ramble on about, but the short version of it is simply this: This game is a must have for those who love timeless stories and not fancy graphics that look good just because its in new wrapping paper.

2 Tales of the Abyss

I enjoyed this game so much! It was my third Tales game, after Symphonia and Vesperia. I was a hardcore Vesperia fan, who was very reluctant to play another Tales game because I'm never sure if they'll live up to the games I've already played. Well... I'm REALLY glad I played Abyss. The story was absolutely amazing and intriguing. I fell in love with all of the characters and their little quirks. The ending scenes made me cry, but that's probably because I finished the game at 4 in the morning, and I was tired and loopy. The character development was really great. I became so attached to the characters. Abyss is by far my favorite Tales game!

3 Tales of Vesperia

This Tales game simply made me say wow. This is my favorite for many reasons. For one, it has one of my favorite cast of characters in any video game. Also the music is phenomenal. There battle system is fast and it rocks. Each dungeon is creative in their own special way. The story was fantastic. It explained everything, there were epic moments, and moments that almost made me cry. I never expected one major thing in this game. Also you can experience the magic with your friends just like every Tales game, but when you played this one, it felt different. That epic moment when you beat a super tough Giganto Monster or when you beat a major boss was so satisfying. Also every time you think the game's going to end, it keeps on getting better. This is and always will be my favorite Tales game of all time.

4 Tales of Xillia

An amazing cast from top to bottom, and excellent overall voice acting make the story quite enjoyable, and smooth, well-paced combat really make this special.

I like the fact that you can choose two different perspective from the very beginning of the game.

It has great drama scenes, twists, and reactions to death scenes.

5 Tales of Graces

Honestly it was kind of boring. The premise of the story is you find an alien girl who doesn't know who she is. Your best friend turns evil (for absolutely no reason) and you try to stop him. The story is okay but the character development is non-existent. The game looks nice, though, and the battle system was kind of fun.

I love the this games reference to older tales games, for example the card game, and the Easter egg Anise, and Persea. It has the character chemistry that makes these games great, and the combat system that I never seem to get bored of. Maximum difficulty, GO!

6 Tales of Destiny

I love this game because of a number of reasons. First off, the characters, the whole team and "the swords" have a lot of personality and diversity resulting in a fantastic group dynamic with seriously funny and charming dialogue. Secondly, the intro, and the pace of the story. Starting with Stan, as a stowaway trying to escape the ship, waking up paperless in an foreign land. From there there is always something that makes you keep going. I stopped playing "Tales" series after Tales of Symphonia. It was so mundane in comparison

7 Tales of Phantasia

Tales of Phantasia had a classic story. The music was amazing and the game was just great overall. The replay value was excellent and the bosses were quite a challenge. It is an amazing classic with endless fun and tons of side quests.

Yes, this game was amazing. Even the bad port (gba) was quite nice.

First Tales game, easily best Tales game.

8 Tales of Legendia

Extremely underrated game. I'd place this above Symphonia. It covers everything from love (pretty much every character is in love with the main character), friendship, family, human-pet relationships, parenting.. It's also extremely funny and my favorite cast of any Tales game. You get to delve deep into each character, as they all have sections of the game heavily focused on them. All are amazing, especially Chloe and Norma.

Honestly, Symphonia was my LEAST favorite. Legendia was highly addictive. A perfect length and an addicting battle system.

9 Tales of Eternia

My favorite video game of all time. This game made me fall in love with JRPGs and sparked a gaming addiction which is nearly 20 years strong and still going. I hear so many people complain about the graphics, game play, etc... But you have to think, it's nearly 20 years old and it's not fair to judge it by today's visual standards. It has a solid and deep story line, rich characters, and authentic character development and relationships.

Tales of Eternia is my favourite game of all time. I love its story, its characters (except Reid), its world and its gameplay to bits. It upsets me to see this so low, and to see it as one of the lesser popular Tales games when it truly is outstanding.

10 Tales of Berseria

By far my favorite in the series now. The characters are extremely entertaining, and many of them are also very deep, with very involving character development. I also really enjoy how it took a lot of fantasy conventions and turned them on their head. The legendary hero is actually the villain, and a party of rogues, pirates and demons have to stop him before he can remove all of humanity's free will in his quest to save it from itself. There were many times when I laughed out loud at the banter between the characters, and there are some very heart-wrenching and emotional scenes that I just haven't seen in other Tales games. Velvet is officially my all-time favorite Tales character.

The Contenders
11 Tales of Xillia 2

Fantastic story that left me in tears because how it ends (actually it has 3 endings) and great battle system, which is not as good as Graces f's but is really fast paced and offers a lot of different combinations thanks to the linking mechanic. Ludger is one of my favourite characters ever, and the rest of the team brings back some memories of Tales of Xillia.

An interesting, darker story, and some amazing character interactions and personal choices, along with more refined combat make this a must buy for a Tales fan in my opinion.

12 Tales of Zestiria

A magnificent game and a step forward for the series, with a well written story and engaging characters, the best combat in the series, amazing presentation values, it's everything I could hope for from the series. My favorite Tales game, and my favorite game.

I heard all the crap about it and honestly, I took it for it's own game and I'm really enjoying it! The characters are fun and I'm happy to see female characters not designated to the role of 'romantic interest' for the main!

It was the first of the Tales of series I played, and I loved it! I liked the story and graphics.

13 Tales of Destiny 2

Great sequel for Tales of Destiny. This game make me fall in love with tales games.

14 Tales of Rebirth
15 Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

I don't know I just really love this game! I love Emil's personality (s). I love how the other symphonia cast, came into the game! Its just amazing! The story didn't bore me at all!

Although all say bad things about it, is one of my favorites!

This game is boss. The fights are epic

16 Tales of Innocence

I like the characters, the skits and the battle system. I also like the guild quest system. The dungeons was bleh though, since it just an endless walk through a massive confusing place. It was a bit painful for someone like me who couldn't remember road, and there aren't even a single switch, hidden room or mechanism to make it interesting. The story is simple and straightforward, not so great, but I guess it suit my taste. I only played the DS version.

17 Tales of Hearts
18 Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon 2

I play both tales of the world nariki dungeon 2 and 3 and so far I mostly enjoy 2. Tales of the world let you control the past tales characters and even make them as your primary character by tailoring their dress for you to able to control them. The story is not as good as other tales games but if you like to control other characters in other tales games you should play this one. I am currently playing tales of the world radiant mythology 3. This game has the same aspect as nariki dungeon and very nice to play.

19 Tales of Crestoria
20 Tales of Pancake Mix

This should be #1 in the list, it's my favorite Tales game and I play it every morning. Opening the box for the first time, before I even played the game I could tell it had all the ingredients to be amazing.

This game will give you everything you need to get you through your day. It may take some work, but when you are through you will feel full and satisfied.

I can't feel my face when I'm with this game, but I like it.

21 Tales of Arise
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