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1 Blood Runs Deep

One of the most balanced quests. A perfect mixture of combat, puzzles, and story. Also, the best example of character depth in Ruenscape.

This is more than a quest, it's an experience. A masterpiece.

2 While Guthix Sleeps

The cinematics and the music the quest was absolutely perfect. The quest had a lot of emotional moments, and plenty of puzzles. Combine that with some of the best rewards you could get from a quest at the time and nothing comes close to the journey many players had on this quest. Truly Runescape at it's finest. It may be long but ever moment will leave you on the edge of your seat, even when the quest is over.

Builds up and up to that scene in the Wilderness where all your friends that you have built up over a load of quests get killed. Then you still lose - the villain Lucien gets the most powerful object ever.

And it's brilliant.

3 Nomad's Requiem

An amazing combat-oriented quest with one of the hardest bosses in the game.

4 Underground Pass

Yes I liked underground pass a lot, I think it's great they based a whole quest on just an underground well... Pass! Though I hated having to go back theough it again and again in regicide.

A very dark and suspenseful quest. Extremely epic and haunting, filled with great puzzles.

The most memorable quest. Very interesting.

5 The Chosen Commander

A truly amazing quest, the combat was great and the story was excellent. My personal favorite quest.

Her name is Zanik, she is your company during the quest and at the end you'll regret it's over.

6 One Piercing Note

Very well written and programmed. A suspenseful journey that draws you in with its excellent music and voice acting, and leaves you feeling ultimately satisfied at its conclusion.

Definitely the most emotionally moving quest I've ever completed. The twists and turns constantly keep you on your toes, and the soundtrack is impeccable.

Amazing sound quality. The choir was great, the voice acting was great, etc. Also, the suspense was intense. The twists were very unexpected.

7 The Ritual of the Mahjarrat

Sequel to While Guthix Sleeps, where the events of multiple Quest Series' combine. It brings together the Mysteries of the Mahjarrat series, the Arrav Quest series, and some others. Epic battles, great rewards. All in all, plenty to enjoy.

Such a good quest. I just can't wait for the next one to come out! But obviously that has to also be a grand master, thereby requiring two grand master quests to be completed in order to do.

Best quest ever, hard to get the quest points required to do it but it's definitely worth it in the end, the rewards are amazing and the story line is brilliant, 10/10 best quest, if you haven't already done it, then go do it, it's AMAZING

8 Monkey Madness

It's really intense and you get the ability to transform and talk to monkeys which is fun because there is rarely a quest that is close to being the same. Also after the quest, you gain access to some really good training locations with an altar

9 Dragon Slayer

As a F2P player, killing Elvarg was the greatest achievement a n00b like me ever experienced. Gives the dragon slaying knight in shining armor kind of look in my character.

10 Recipe For Disaster

A very special quest. The 100th Runescape quest is something unique and great fun.

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11 Desert Treasure

A wonderful quest, it was this quest that had granted me use to the 'Ancient Magicks' spell book, and I found this quest extremely fun.
It is by no means on the same level as 'While Guthix Sleeps, ' but ultimately for moderately leveled players (Level 100-150) will find this quest very fun, and even easy.
Level 151+ players should be able to complete this quest with any effort whatsoever.

Great quest. Dark and gruelling with some tough bosses, all of which are of different elements which gave this quest variety and made it exciting and suspenseful. Being able to use Ancient Magicks is also great and one of the best staves in the game.

12 The World Wakes

Battle oriented quest, a lot of fun. Would do it over and over again if I could.

13 The Temple at Senntisten
14 The Death of Chivalry
15 One Small Favour
16 Darkness of Hallowvale

I think this is a good quest because it continues the cool "vampire hunters" series and takes you into the dark "meyre ditch" ghetto where all the slaves of the vampires live!

17 The Branches of Darkmeyer

The characters, the background story and the music... I totally forgot I was sitting in a chair behind a computer while playing it.

Really good quest! And you've been working towards it for so long

18 Summer's End
19 Shilo Village
20 Rune Memories
21 Ernest the Chicken

Cause a guy gets turned into a chicken gets the feel of a joke quest that's still quite satisfying

Because the guy gives you a whole load of feathers and eggs when you turn him back to normal

22 The Fremennik Trials

The quest really introduces the player to amazing characters. I think the thing that made this quest so good is that is was similar to the best quest, one small favour.

23 Kenneth's Concerns

A really unique quest a little weird but I think it was written quite well, you'd never suspect the little boy to be well... Evil, you got to protect a girl from an evil enraged little boy, you discovered more secrits of the sea slugs, overall a fun and uniquely well written quest

24 Song from the Depths

This quest is amazing. I had shivers down my spine the whole time because of the atmospheric music and voice acting, not to mention what I felt could have been a deeper meaning. Does this quest feel allegorical to anyone else? If you interpret it to be about the "fallen woman" in the Victorian age, it's almost a spot-on narrative. The siren is the "sexually transgressive" woman whose only repentance is death, in a typically Victorian Christian way. The Raptor represents the archetypal patriarchal Victorian voice that restricted sexual expression (of women) and gender expression (again, of women) and made the era seem so austere to everyone who lived after it. It was a nice touch for the quest to quietly portray the siren in a sympathetic light by telling her story and giving the player the option to "avenge her death" as a quest reward.

I know it's unlikely that most RuneScape players will care about the Victorian era and much less so gender roles and feminism, but I couldn't find anyone else who shared my sentiments and wanted to put it out there.

25 Sliske's End Game

It was really satyisfying and served its purpose as closure; concluding diferent parts that were brought up to the story and developed through the quests. Hands down the most epic boss battle in RPG gaming!

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