Top Ten Biggest WTF Moments in Cyberpunk 2077

The funniest, weirdest, most ridiculous and wild twists & turns found in the game that Keanu Reeves would enjoy.
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1 Full Nudity in Character Creation

Well, I guess it's your lucky day to go full bare-naked in this game, you'll see your privates popping on the screen when customizing character and changing clothes.

That's pretty horrible

2 Flaming Crotch Guy

You'll see a guy in distress and ask you to take him to a ripperdoc. The diagnostics, he has his own cyberware pecker ready to explode and burst in flames.

3 Ozob Bozo's Grenade Nose

V will freak out when seeing a grenade for a nose of a clown. Just try not to punch the nose too hard while friendly fistfight him in Pacifica because it will blow up.

4 Weird Music Videos from Us Cracks

Bizarre things you'll find in one of Us Cracks' music vids, even you can find these on Youtube.

5 Anthony Harris's Farm Cartoon

Something mess up about the cartoon that involves a farmer doing harm to cows.

6 Calling Rogue and She Spawns Behind You

Just a glitch call when you talk to Rogue about Adam Smasher and she'll spawn right behind you.

I made her spawn in V's toilet. Very oblivious spot her to sit.

7 Claire Russell's Floating Bottle Trick

During the Sun finale, you'll ask Claire for your own drink and the bottle will float on Claire's hand while pouring.

8 Misty's Invisible Cards

Even when you do photomode or pause a game at certain ways, Misty's cards will go invisible. They even usually ends up with red Xs in front of a card.

9 Joss Kutcher's Children Going Haunted

After Romancing River or spent a night at his trailer, you'll see his nephew and niece just standing there staring at a wall and with both legs phasing through their beds.

10 TV Ads

Ads like Mr. Whitey, Watson Whore, Orgiatic and few others will give you headaches or nightmares. Any more moments, add items below.

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11 Joshua Stephenson Side Quest
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