Best Bosses from Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

NI NO Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch is one of my favourite JRPGs of recent times, it has an awesome artstyle, a fairly large, cinematic world, a lot of well designed monsters and some extremely climactic, fun boss fights.
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1 Shadar (The Dark Djinn)

Definitely the high point of the game, making effective use of the free movement to let you dodge some attacks in unique ways, as well as being a tough fight. The buildup toward this battle is also immense, and he feels like the final boss at first. Each of the three phases acts differently, with each one significantly ramping up the sheer scale of the fight, ultimately making it the best boss in the game.

Hmm, Shadar has great cutscenes, but the battle is way too long.

2 Guardian of Worlds

The big secret boss of the game is no slouch. His attacks are powerful, yet fair and simple to dodge, but his health is absolutely insane. After you beat him, you can do so again, but this time, he's by far the most difficult thing in the entire game. My favorite thing about him is his amazing visual design.

3 The Zodiarchy

Despite it being maybe a bit too difficult, I love this fight. The fact that Cassiopeia helps you makes it much less terrible when one of your party members dies, due to her ability to resurrect people as well as stun the boss. This is an endurance test and another extremely difficult boss, but a great one nonetheless.

4 Gladiataur

For an early game boss, a fair amount is done with it, such as changing up its moveset halfway through the battle and then getting smacked over the head with it by Drippy. Definitely the first boss that was unique and interesting to me.

5 The White Witch

The first two phases of the final boss are great - powerful attacks, interesting design, awesome music, etc. I find it to be a great precursor to the true final boss, The Zodiarchy.

6 Khulan's Nightmare

The nightmare fights are all really cool, but I think that this one is the best. It's tough without being obnoxious and uses poison attacks, which is something that barely anything else does.

7 Gallus

The constant aura changes made him a predictable, yet tough fight, as well as letting him have a much more varied moveset thanks to these tells.

8 Al-Khemi

I just really like how this guy's special attack will sometimes backfire, and he'll be stuck with an umbrella as a weapon. It's extremely funny.

9 Bashura

The fact that a shield blocks his back means that you'll have to attack from the front where his swords are. This was a clever way to make sure you always had to put yourself in danger to harm him. Devastation was also an attack that really taught you to block.

10 Porco Grosso

I like this boss due to the massive jump in difficulty that came with it, as I found most of the earlier parts to be a bit too easy. So this was a nice breath of fresh air.

The Contenders
11 Moltaan

I like Moltaan. It's good to see a lava monster. The design for Moltaan is great, and I love its move, Volcanic Roar.

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