Top 10 Worst Ways to Lose in Mario Kart

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1 Getting hit by a Blue Shell before the finish line

The most infamous way to lose and definitely the most frustrating. Anyone who has played the series for a long time can tell you how frustrating it is. It’s pretty safe to say that blue shells have ruined friendships since Mario Kart 64.

I got hit by a blue shell right before the finish line on mario kart 8 deluxe I got 4th place

Well, this is honestly really painful. It sucks, especially while doing Grand Prix.

Yep it sucks after racing your way to the end, and then suddenly 4th place do it again.

2 Getting hit by anything while holding a coin

This is why I hate coins. They do nothing for you but leave you vulnerable.and the fact that they appear frequently in Mario Kart 8 is really frustrating. It makes zero sense because of the amount of coins on the tracks

Worse still if you've already collected 10 coins and don't even need more.

Coins ruined this game... and pink gold peach

I love Mario Kart, but seriously, the coins need to go. The only time it was necessary was when there were “coin runners” in like Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart 7. Other than that, they shouldn’t be in the courses since they really serve no purpose

3 Being in 1st and falling off on the last lap

This happened to me on mario kart ds on 150cc I was on rainbow road on 1st place and then I hit a banana on that boosting loop part and I fell off and I got from 1st to 8th place in a few seconds I couldn't catch up for the rest of the lap and I got 8th place, I got so frustrated I finished the cup with 30 points and still got the gold trophy

In the Wii version, Lakitu is really slow to pick people up, so this could send you spiraling into 12th place. It's better in Mario Kart 8 though.

This happened to me on mario kart ds rainbow road I got 8th place after I fell off in the looping area I got so angry I had to redo special cup because I got silver trophy in the end with a 2nd place on bowser's castle

If it’s a close race this could be the decision. Especially on harder tracks like rainbow road. One fall plus Lakitu being slow could be the difference between a win or loss

4 Getting hit by every item in the game

Incoming! Red Shell on your tail. Incoming! Blue Shell slowing you down. Warning! You lose the race try again.

You basically get spammed by a bunch of items in a short amount of time. You go from 2nd-8th in a matter of seconds.

It would be a funny way to go out on that game.

I can imagine how annoying this would be

5 Being in a tight race and you slip on a banana

That makes me 12th.

While it’s easy to avoid bananas if you’re in a tight race and aren’t paying attention one misplaced banana could be a victory killer

6 Getting hit by lightning and losing your last chance item

I once had this happen on mario kart 8 deluxe online multiplayer I was in 10th place with a bullet bill and a star and I got hit by lightning when I was about to use the bullet bill, then I would of used the star after

You gotta be strategic when using this with great sense of timing.

If you are waiting for the perfect opportunity to use a last chance item and lightning strikes you can kiss that item and your chance of winning goodbye

If you blow a lead you get a penalty.

si vous faites sauter une avance, vous obtenez une pénalité

7 Getting hit by a track obstacle

It's always on the last lap, and for me, it's usually a blue or green shell. In the worst cases, it's a banana an inch before the finish line.

Similar to slipping on a banana this could be what kills your chance of winning

A lucky green shell shot, or you slip from the common banana Peel.

8 Getting passed by another racer from basically nowhere

This happened to me on big blue time trails when I was trying to win the gold tries just before I was about to cross the finish line the ghost passed me, it made me so angry, I had to redo the race to beat the ghost, I don't know why nintendo had to make that ghost so hard

This drove me crazy I had to redo a time trial on big blue on mario kart 8 deluxe because the mario ghost passed me just before the finish line

This is awful, if its lag or a power item, no matter what the cause, this is a bad way to lose

This has to be one of the most annoying things ever

9 Missing the speed boost/ramp

Imagine missing it in a tighter photo finish, than all of a sudden play 200cc then speed boosts might be the enemy that can make you crash more than anything.

This could be crucial in a tight race. If you miss it could be the reason you lose. Or it could be the reason you win if you managed to hit it

10 Getting bumped by a heavyweight character into an off-road section or off the stage completely

I hate when I'm a little koopa and I look in my rear view mirror while on the bridge last lap in DK Mountain, and I see a big ass donkey kong riding my tail and gaining on me, that's the moment when I know its all over...

I play as the Mii (Mario Kart Wii), Mario, or Metal Mario so I have to be careful with this. I always end up first for most of the time, but then there’s always these guys catching up and hitting you off

Yep weight can help at times push you off, but it works against the kart when you try to attempt it.

This is why I personally prefer to play as the heavyweights like Wario or Bowser or DK.

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11 Missing the item box and the person behind you has triple reds
12 Hitting yourself with a blue shell.

Its arguably the most embarrassing way to screw yourself up.

You can dodge a Blue Shell at 1st place, but you gotta be really close to the 2nd place driver and have good reflexes at the same time. Should you notice a Blue Shell, slow yourself down until the 2nd place driver takes over the lead and then pick up speed again (I say this because if you stop, the Blue Shell will still hit you regardless if your at 3rd, 5th or whatever place you're at). That way, the Blue Shell will instead hit the original 2nd place driver, thus saving yourself the trouble. Oh, and this is only possible in handheld games, considering you can't see a Blue Shell until its too late.

I've done this before. While comical, it sets you back into the middle of the pack, which is by far the worst place to be.

Here's a tip maybe a bit off-topic to the item but here's a tip; if you're playing DS or 7, you can see which items the opponents have, if someone has a blue shell and you're 1st place, here's what you should do, brake so you go to second place and the enemy passing you will get hit by the blue shell

what? lol

13 Getting hit by multiple items on the final lap just before the finish line
14 Falling off the bridge in DK Mountain by a banana
15 Getting sniped at the line

Ha, guilty of doing this all the time in online races.

16 Getting hit by 3 blue shells in 1 lap
17 Being hit by your own banana

This is embarrassing

Well, I have experienced running into my own fake item box at times (it was camoflauged by the normal item boxes)

18 Falling off the edge over and over again on hard courses
19 Accidentally going in the wrong direction

Clash into incoming non-karts than yeah absolutely difficult to come back from the race.

I had this happen when I first did mushroom city on mirror mode on mario kart double dash

This happened to me when I played GCN Mushroom City for the first time

My dad always wants to play Mario Kart with me and GreyRose and he drives backwards.

20 Getting wheelie bumped
21 Being behind for the whole race

This happens to me sometimes, so I sing “Why do you drive so fast? Why do you drive so fast? Where you gotta go, where you gotta go? Maybe you should try and drive slow” and my singing is so bad that it distracts people! Yay!

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