Best Contestshipping Moments (Pokemon)

Contestshipping is the paring of Drew & May in Pokemon. While I’ve seen a lot of Pokemon ships that focused on Ash ships, I thought of doing something different. It seems contestshipping is usually only focused on as a secondary ship to dump May away from Ash, but there is a lot to like about contestshipping than that (even though advanceshipping is pretty cute too).
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1 May blushing at Drew

A lot have speculated that contestshipping is one-sided on Drew's side, but this hint makes it seem like that is not the case. May blushes at Drew. It was shown for about five seconds, and she didn't look angry, she wasn't sick, there was no need for her to be embarrassed, and she wasn't crying. This could seem like she likes Drew too.

2 Solidad telling May that Drew talks about her a lot

This is seriously my favorite part of that episode. It's pretty much a confirmation that Contestshipping is at least one-sided.

It shows that May is on Drew's mind a lot. Even Solidad thinks so, as she tells May that Drew has feelings for her.

3 May saving Drew

While May usually isn't an action girl around Ash, she jumped into a river to save Drew and pleaded for him to say something. She risks her safety for Drew, and as shown in other items, Drew goes out of his way to help her as well.

Wow, really? The picture was so sweet!

4 Drew attempting to warn May about Harley

May is Drew's rival and they were in the same contest. So, May getting tricked into doing something stupid would benefit him as well. However, Drew didn't like that Harley was tricking her. He told her what Harley was actually doing, and saved her from continuing to make that mistake and fail.

5 When May said Drew should have beaten her

It shows May respects Drew's talent like he respects hers.

6 May having good thoughts about Drew

She remembers all the times they spent together and shows that she constantly thinks about him like he thinks about her.

This is my favorite episode of Pokémon ever. I just love how Drew was able to help May instead of Ash, Brock, and Max.

7 Them working great together to defeat team rocket

It was even told by Brock, and it says they have completely different battle styles.

8 Drew saying he’s saving Ash, Brock, & Max for May

First time he admits to watching out for May.

9 Roselia teasing him about Drew

Roselia is like his first Pokémon and his main Pokémon as we always see it walk beside him. It's pretty significant to see it tease Drew about May.

Drew's Roselia is one of my favorite Pokémon in the anime in general. I just love how it ships Contestshipping and how it's one of those characters in the anime who is a Contestshipper.

10 May Chooses to Travel with Drew to Jotho Rather Than Traveling with Ash

May could have continued traveling with Ash but she chose to follow Drew to Johto, along with Solidad and Harley. She has not returned to the anime since the Wallace Cup.

The Contenders
11 Drew giving ‘her beautifly’ a red rose

Red roses are romantic, and he has given it to her many times throughout the episode. He says it's for Beautifly, but May raised Beautifly and came up with the combinations for it. Saying it's for Beautifly was most likely used to hide his true feelings for her or to tease her.

12 Drew was always staring at May

They stare at each other with great attraction.

13 Drew saving May from Harley/Team rocket during May's last Kanto contest
14 Drew’s "something like that" after the Fallarbor Town contest
15 Them on the beach after the Hoenn Grand Festival
16 May finally beating Drew
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