Top 10 Pokémon Movie Ending Themes

Everyone likes Pokémon movies. The ending themes are great as well. There have been some bad ones but some have touched our heart. This list only counts the ending theme songs. So opening themes (ex- Pokémon World, Born to be a Winner, Unbeatable, Battle Cry) don't count. While making this list, I tried to get out of my nostalgia as much as possible.
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1 Together We'll Make a Promise

This is the best ending theme of all Pokémon movies. It has the nice, calm and gentle tone with a very emotional lyrics. Perhaps, the opening tone of this song is the greatest of all. Trully, the most emotional theme song of all. It really makes you cry and reminds you of a someone you love. An amazing song of friendship. Whenever I listen to it, I get lost in it. The song is once again, very touching and emotional.

2 If We Only Learn

One of the most inspirational song of all Pokémon movies. This song is really good. It has an amazing message of friendship. The opening tone is amazing. This song teaches a lot about friendship and making the world better.

3 To Know the Unknown

Not only is this song very emotional, it belongs to one of the most emotional movie of all time. This song perfectly matches with the movie. It reflects the feeling of Molly who has finally found her lost father (and her lost mother) after so much trouble.

4 We Will Meet Again

The lyrics are awesome, the music is amazing, the song is excellent and it fits the movie perfectly. Lucario and Sir Aaron will always be a great hero!

5 This Side of Paradise

A very nice song with an amazing music. It feels very beautiful to listen.

6 I'll Always Remember You
7 Pikachu! I Choose You

One of the best but underrated song. This song has a very nice music and and amazing lyrics as well. The part when he says, "You are my brother", I was like Oh, my!

8 We're Coming Home

Amazing Song! Great lyrics, excellent tone, fits the movie very well and the voice is fantastic. Unova is arguably the worst generation in the Pokémon anime but this song just gave it a perfect ending!

9 The Time Has Come

This song doesn't pull your heartstrings, it tears them. The most emotional song ever!

10 The Song of Lugia

Epic song! The harmony is just amazing.

The Contenders
11 I Believe in You

This song has a very nice tone and it's very emotional as well.

12 I Choose You
13 This is a Beautiful World

In a world filled with war and terrorism, Pokémon has brought an amazing song of harmony. Very inspirational!

14 Don't Say You Love Me

What does this song has to do with the first movie of Pokémon? After 20 years, I still don't understand. But who cares, this is frkin' awesome?

15 Every Side of Me

This song feels like it's the last episode. Man, how emotional!

16 Flying Without Wings
17 We're a Miracle

Oh! I can't believe I had forgotten about this one. Perhaps, I came out of my nostalgia a bit more than required. This is one of the best songs. Please vote it up to the top ten.

Oh, you sure made a huge mistake. Christina has an amazing voice and this song definitely deserves to be in top.

18 Follow Your Star
19 Power of One

Oh, come on! I had forgotten about this one as well. This may be at the bottom end but believe me, this is not bad at all. I just added this one a bit late. I really liked how they used the melody from the song of Lugia. Great song, nevertheless.

20 If Only Tears Could Bring You Back

The title says all. But hated that the fact that the song was used in a movie where tears really brought someone back to life.

21 Polkamon

Not all song need to be emotional or inspirational to be entertaining. Some can just be 'Weird'.

22 Cele-B-R-A-t-E

This one is pretty decent but it doesn't deserve to be at the bottom. Unfortunately, this is another one of those music I had forgot about. Please vote it to a higher position.

23 Make a Wish

This song is very inspirational but it is kind of slow.

24 You, Me and Pokemon
25 My Best Friends
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