Best Friday Night Funkin's Doki Doki Takeover Mod Songs

Rather recently, Friday Night Funkin got a new mod called Doki Doki Takeover. It's practically an expansion of the Monika mod, and is based on the visual novel, Doki Doki Litterature Club. As someone who has DDLC has one of his favorite video games of all time, and who enjoys quite a lot about Friday Night Funkin, it is not surprising that I ended up liking this mod. That being said, it went even beyond my expectations and became my favorite FNF mod without question. One of the multiple reasons I love this mod so much is because on top of the songs from the Monika mod that were already made, we got 7 brand new songs for the main story, 4 remixes of songs from other Friday Night Funkin mods, and three secret songs. And it's not like quantity is all it has going for it, since the average songs for this mod are great. So what if we rank those songs together? And honestly, as long as the song is playable in the mod, it can be included on the list, and it doesn't require too much restrictions.
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1 My Confession

So I will say it, you can have good reasons to think I'm bias for having this song as my favorite. Sayori sings the song, and you probably already know she is my favorite character in all of fiction, and this song is a remix of the song of the same name in Doki Doki Litterature Club, which happens to be my second favorite song from that game. However, I am not sure if I am truly bias, because when I first heard the song, I obviously loved it, but it wasn't my favorite. However, I became obsessed with Doki Doki Takeover, and listened to pretty much every songs over and over again, and then this song particularly grew on me. So yeah, the fact they turned this very emotionnal and peaceful song into a super energetic and fun track, that also has some emotional parts in it, which makes it fit Sayori perfectly is just amazing. And yeah, it is super energetic and catchy, Boyfriend and Sayori have voices that mixes very well when they sing together, the countdown at the middle of the song is like the coolest thing ever, the part where Sayori does that very recognizable face from a certain DDLC moment gives me chills... I love this song man!

2 Deep Breaths

Honestly, you could interchange this song and My Confession in my personal ranking, and I wouldn't be mad in the slightest. Both songs are very close in quality if you ask to me. What about Deep Breaths then? Well, one thing you should know is that, taking in consideration that the girls from Doki Doki Litterature Club are some of my favorite characters in all of fiction, Yuri is like my least favorite of the four. And like maybe it is why the other Yuri songs aren't in my personal top 10, while the others got at least all of their songs in the main story, prologue excluded in the case of Monika. But even then, I don't think that's it, because if it was truly the case, Deep Breaths wouldn't be so high. One of the reasons I love this mod so much, is that especially when compared to other Doki Doki Literature Club fan creations, this mod, while not always taking full advantage of the DDLC cast, they at least understand the characters they use very, very well. And this song in particular, nailed the character of Yuri. It starts slow with Yuri all stressed out, and then she takes a deep breath, starts gaining confidence in herself, and she sings with more confidence too. And then the song itself is so mesmerizing! It is really beautiful, and quite catchy at the same time, and if you ask to me, Yuri is probably the best singing partner for boyfriend, not only for this mod, but probably all of FNF. I also really like the little shiny stars that appears on the screen when the song is really going. It is definitely one of the best songs in the mod for me.

3 Epiphany

One of my favorite songs. Her voice is beautiful. It took me a long time to finally be able to beat it without struggling But I have to say this song is really good And I kind of almost feel like she's just trying to confess her feelings to the player

This is one of the bonus songs from this mod. While I like those bonus songs as a whole, I think they are a step under the song from the main story. That is except for Epiphany because this song is just... WOW! And I will say it, while it is not my favorite song from this mod, it is probably the most genius, and I would go as far as saying that out of all the songs in Friday Night Funkin mods which aims to be as difficult as possible for one of its main appeals, which includes songs like Ballistic, Expurgation, God Eater and many others, Epiphany is the one that does it the best. Basically, in this song, it's like if act 3 Monika, which is before her development, had her own song with the goal of making it as difficult for you as possible in order to make you stay and sing with her for a long as possible. And like this song truly reflects on the fact, that Monika is probably the strongest being in video game history, being able to practically control the game she ends up in. And not only does she manages to use boyfriend's voice data to allow you to sing, even though boyfriend isn't even there, but you can feel the power that she has. The notes are lightning fast, there are notes that can kill you in one hit. And then you play the song for quite a long time only to see the notes stopping to come. You might think that this is the end of the song, but turns out it was just a moment to let you breath, before she starts singing the main DDLC leitmotif, and going back to serious business. This is the moment where the player realizes that Monika will not let this game end. The only way to truly beat her is to tough through the rest of the song until you manage to delete her character file. And once you finish to completely erase Monika's file, you both sing one last note, and you see the horror in Monika's face before she gets erased. Like all of this is such an amazing story to tell with just one song. And the song itself is definitely very good. It sounds really... more

4 My Sweets

I will say it, on average, Natsuki probably has my favorite songs in the whole mod. And I think that's interesting because, at one point when reflecting on Doki Doki Litterature Club and its characters, I discovered that on one aspect or another I relate a lot to each of the 4 girls in that game. That probably would explain why I love this game so much, and I should honestly talk about it in more details one day, but for now, what you need to know is that the way that I relate with Natsuki is for our taste in things like what we like to read, what kind of story we prefer to tell between simple or complicated stories, and other things. So like, the fact that the character with the songs I like the most in this mod happens to be Natsuki, is either a wonderful coincidence, or a proof that Doki Doki Takeover really understood its characters to an incredible degree. Either way, my sweets is really awesome. This song slaps hard, and I've seen many people on Youtube being surprised by how much this song slaps, and who can blame them. It has an amazing techno beat, great use of the DDLC leitmotif, and is everything I would want for a Natsuki FNF song. Also Natsuki makes a "HMPH!" at the end of the song. Great stuff!

5 Glitcher (Monika Mix)

During the festival, Boyfriend and Girlfriend let the girls choose a song they wanted to sing from their backlog of songs. The twist is, the songs in that backlog of song have songs from previous Friday Night Funkin mods! This how we ended up with remixes from those songs in this game. And my favorite of those remixes, is Monika's remix of Glitcher. So I already liked Glitcher a lot before this mod, so it certainly helps, but the new instrumentation, and the implementation of Monika's voice instead of Hex's arguably for an even more amazing song. And one amazing thing is that at the moments where normally you would go into the Matrix or something when singing with Hex in the original, instead you go in Senpai's world with the 8 bit esthetics. This is like the coolest thing ever! And the fact it is the last song before the end of the main story makes it all the more epic!

6 Baka!

And here we have another amazing Natsuki song! And this is the song that truly show Natsuki's character. Seeing those cute drawing appearing on the screen, only for the drawings to become... crazier, when that electric guitar comes. Natsuki wanted to break expectations, and she surely did! Also, you probably know that I love rock, but one kind of rock I really like in particular is just the kind of rock that puts a smile on your face. And this song is definitely that, which not only goes even more with the fact Natsuki and I have similar taste like I said earlier, but also this song just slaps because of it! And I would really like to put this higher, but the songs in that mod are just that good.

7 Reconciliation

Since this song takes place right after the main conflict of the story is resolved, and that the festival songs are pretty much an epilogue, and not brand new songs of the game, you could say Reconciliation is the finale of Doki Doki Takeover. And man is it a good finale! And what I love about that song is that it is the one that feels the most like DDLC song, which make it feels it really completes the gap between DDLC and FNF. And I don't say that only because it is the song that reuses the most leitmotif from not only the original game but also DDLC plus, and the side stories. I say that, because the instruments screams Doki Doki Litterature Club. And overall it is just very beautiful song that you really want to sing along.

8 It's Complicated (Sayori Mix)

So personally, I like watching people's reaction to stuff. Sometime it's just entertaining. And something I really wanted to see people the reaction of, is to the remix of FNF mod songs in the festival. Like I actually didn't know those songs before discovering Doki Doki Takeover, so seeing other people with more knowledge of FNF reacting to those songs is very interesting. And like I wasn't disappointed for the other three songs, but for the It's Complicated mix of Sayori, surprisingly not a lot of people recognized this song... Then I actually watch a playthrough of the Soft Mod, and when we reach It's Complicated I discovered two things. First, now I know why people didn't recognize the song: The main melody that the characters sing is way more different from the main song compared to the others. Second, and I say that as someone who again has Sayori as his favorite character in all of fiction, and therefore knows A LOT about Sayori and all the depth she has, this song fits Sayori soooo well! Like it's actually incredible! And honestly, the new melody we have for this song is even better than the original. And like while Natsuki has the more similar taste to me, I feel like the songs of Sayori also should be totally my thing. After all, me too I LOVE songs that feels happy and sad at the same time, or like she would say, "bittersweet", and it's complicated is definitely that! And the way both boyfriend and Sayori sing the song is also really beautiful! What a great remix!

9 Rain Clouds

Rain clouds is pretty much a remix of Ohayou Sayori and Peachy Pie from the original DDLC game and the side stories, and a great remix on top of that. And like of course Sayori would sing a remix of what is essentially her theme song. And just like the original song, it is sounds very fun, and is very up beat, and I would say even more so thanks to the generally more upbeat feel of Friday Night Funkin. I would wonder why out of all the Sayori songs, it is the song to be called Rain Clouds, but at the same time, I wouldn't change the other names, so let's keep it that way I guess. Overall though, it is a pretty damn great song!

10 Beathoven (Natsuki Mix)

Before talking about the song, can we all say how amazing it is that Natsuki chose this song just because it had a cat on the album, and that turns out the cat she was talking about is Kapi! That's just perfect! And this is another remix of an already great FNF song that is arguably even better than the original. And this one is just so catchy, and even somewhat epic! Not to mention Natsuki's vocal fits the song so well!

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11 Bara No Yume
12 Your Demise V2

DPZ really cooked with this. If you liked FruityDaLei's version, you'll really love this.

13 Markov

This was automatically my favorite from the first 30 seconds. Deceivingly calm at the beginning... then all hell breaks loose. Very fun to play too, especially with the new Unfair difficulty.

My absoloute FAVORITE DDTO song. This is Yuri's bad ending song, and it depicts her craziness so well. I especially love the parts where she gets all of close to the camera even if it is a little bit creepy

14 Crucify
15 Wilted

Alright so I'm helping out Eclipsmon and adding all of the new ones. Starting with this one, this one is one of my favorites. Senpai and Monika sound great as always

16 Catfight
17 Hot Air Balloon
18 Shrinking Violet
19 Our Harmony
20 Libitina
21 Titular (MC Mix)
22 Joyride
23 Love N’ Funkin
24 Epiphany (Lyrics Version)
25 Takeover Medley

It may seem like a drag, but it's the perfect finale to a mod that took 2 years in development.

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