Best Mario Party Superstars Minigames

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1 Booksquirm

I'm not surprised to see this as number 1. It is fun and it gets more difficult the longer you survive. I like doing endless mode and trying to beat my own high score

There's a reason Booksquirm is considered the greatest minigame in the entire Mario Party series! The concept is good enough, you need to fall through the holes of pages of a book falling down. Overtime it gets faster and there are fewer holes, so how do you manage this? Well there's actually a lot of hidden strategy! You can move as fast as the page has passed you, and you always need to have your eyes on the top to see where the holes on the next page are. It can get difficult, but it's so fun! That's why Booksquirm is the greatest minigame of all time!

Of course it's number 1. It's the one and only legend. Long live the king Booksquirm

2 Crazy Cutters
3 What Goes Up

I'm a fan of minigames where you need to reach the top in as short of a time-span as possible, and What Goes Up is one of the best. The thing this one has over other minigames like Peak Precision or Leaf Leap, is that one mistake doesn't ruin a chance at beating your record. There's a little more input involved in this one, and dare I say, skill, which puts this one on the list.

4 Pushy Penguins

This is one of the most exhilerating minigames, I love it made a comeback. Always fun to try to outsmart your opponents.

5 Dungeon Duos

The second most popular minigame of all time, which was strangely snubbed in The Top 100, but luckily brought back for Superstars, is Dungeon Duos. It perfectly encapsulates teamwork and a frame minigame. A frame minigame is a minigame with many minigames within it, and there are two examples of this I can think of off the top of my head, the other being Breakneck Building in Mario Party 8. I prefer this one more as there's a little more strategy involved. It's a 2 vs. 2 minigame where you really need to work with your teammate to get to the end! It's easily one of the best minigames!

The second greatest minigame of all time, only behind Booksquirm. It actually involves skill for the love of god.

6 Rapid River Race
7 Manor of Escape

As sad as it is that Mario Party 9, a game with an amazing minigame collection, got snubbed in Superstars, at the very least, one of the minigames they picked is one of the BEST ones from the Wii era as a whole. It's a bit RNG, but really thrilling and exhilerating thanks to the creepy music. You must get to the bottom of a huge house by going through the correct doors, and while it's random, it's not irritating because you won't lose if you just pick the wrong door: you just end up by another door on the same floor. It's really interesting.

This is one of the best minigames from Mario Party 9. Already loved the pipe section of Dungeon Duos, this is based around it

8 Bumper Balls
9 Messy Memory

One of Mario Party 3's best minigames and probably the best one that's centered around memory. You will be given a shelf with many items on it and you'll have to remember where each item is, as a few Toads will then scramble it all up. It's really exhilerating and tests your memory quite well.

It's a mediocre. All you do is memorize. Doesn't deserve to be in the top ten in the slightest.

10 Mush Pit
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11 The Final Countdown

Underrated if you ask me. It is a very violent Minigame.Not only do you have to try to not get attacked but also watch the numbers on the panel. Nice Minigame idea

By far Mario Party 7's best minigame. This one has all of you standing on some platforms in the sky, and the platform consists of several smaller squares with numbers which decrease for every second or so. After one has gotten to 0, it will disappear. It's really exhilerating and fun which is why I put this one in the top five.

12 Ticktock Hop

This is by far, one of the most exhilerating duel minigames of all time! Take Hot Rope Jump from Mario Party 1 and 2, but add some flavour to it! Instead of jumping over a jump rope, pretty generic, you're jumping over clock hands. However, after a few turns, they will switch directions and even alter speed! This really is the Ultimate Hot Rope Jump!

13 Bombs Away

It's a classic. What's not to love? Even if they should've used the Mario Party 2 version which had a missile at the end to even out draws.

14 Paths of Peril

Paths of Peril was the first of many "walk across a thin line" mingames, and pherhaps the best one. It's a lot more difficult than other minigames of this kind, and a lot more atmospheric. The music is one of the best from entirity of Mario Party 4, and it really feels tense! It's even better in Superstars where they added those operas in the background. Made it even eerier!

15 Face Lift
16 Leaf Leap

I like beanstalk

17 Coney Island
18 Rockin' Raceway

I like rocking on horses

19 Hot Rope Jump

It is the most simple Minigame that is really good. You are only jumping a rope but in online mode, this Minigame can get really tense

20 Snowball Summit

Mario Party 3 in my opinion, had one of the most unique minigame collections. A lot of them are just downright great, and there are only a few subpar ones. The concepts are definitely some of the more out of the blue ones, like Snowball Summit for example. It's a typical last man standing minigame on the surface, but there's more to it as you need to roll a snowball to then roll it over the other players, and the more you roll it, the bigger it gets. Yeah this minigame deserves a mention!

21 Vine with Me
22 Trace Race
23 Motor Rooter

Motor Rooter is definitely one of the best duel minigames in the entire series, only behind Rotation Station and possibly Breakneck Building from MP8. You're basically speeding through a zero gravity tunnel where you can drive on the walls, in order to avoid electrical shocks, and try to get to the end before your teammate! It's really good and requires skill, as you can't just simply turn left to go left, that might not be your character's left! It's great!

24 Mushroom Mix-Up

Another classic! It's not as tense as its Mario Party 2 counterpart Hexagon Heat, but it's nevertheless one of the strongest minigames.

25 Mass Meteor
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