Best Mario Party 1 Boards

The Top Ten
1 DK's Jungle Adventure

DK's Jungle Adventure, is not the kind of board I'd expect to be the first one in the entire series. No seriously. I would've thought something like Mario's Rainbow Castle would fill that honour. Jungles, and forest-themed levels in general tend to be found in the middle of Mario's adventures, but the fact that it isn't this time, does actually make the beginner board of Mario Party 1 surprisingly stand out, in a good way. The layout of the board is just what you'd expect from any quality starting board. The layout is simple and rectangular, but easy to navigate around with every pathway offering something of value. There are some parts of the boards I wish were changed, I think two Whomps right after each other is a little excessive, and putting Boo in a place where everyone will pass by no matter what is once again, really stupid, but they're not big enough problems that it personally makes the board much worse. In general though, I think DK's Jungle Adventure is a perfect example ...more

2 Mario's Rainbow Castle

This is easily the best board in the sea of relatively mediocre MP1 boards. What made this one so great, apart from the relaxing as all can be music, is the gameplay. It's a linear static-star board, but the many split paths offer you a lot of strategy, which one you should pick, depending on if Bowser or Toad is at the end of the board, which will change every time someone reaches the end. For this reason, Rainbow Castle is in first place.

3 Peach's Birthday Cake

Peach's Birthday Cake was another ambitious static star board like Rainbow Castle. The layout is really interesting, and the highlight is obviously the Flower Seed lottery which will result in a theoretical infinite. The reason this board is worse than Rainbow Castle boils down to the somewhat grating colour palette and frustrating music. But either way, this board is good!

4 Luigi's Engine Room

A bit annoying and random, but overall, Luigi's Engine Room is a pretty cool board! The gates, the board's main gimmick will block off certain routes each time a turn has passed. However, I liked it far better in Woody Woods where you actually had the chance to plan ahead instead of just mindlessly going with the flow.

5 Eternal Star

The secret unlockable board is by far the most original one. You'll be traversing pieces of a giant star, gambling with Koopa Kids for stars by rolling dice. It's not too bad though because your dice is rigged to be at least between 8-10. Overall, a good board!

6 Bowser's Magma Mountain
7 Yoshi's Tropical Island

This board was greatly remade in Superstars, however, I'm not the biggest fan of the original one in MP1. The visuals are kind of bland, and the fact that this board has no items means you'll yet again, just be going with the flow, as it's RNG whether or not you land on an event space that will switch the places of Toad and Bowser.

8 Wario's Battle Canyon

This board is so freakin' bad! If you remember Mystery Land in Mario Party 2, well this is that board's awful predecessor. Island hopping almost never works, and this board doesn't succeed at it. It's just so random and annoying to get through...