Top Ten Among Us Polus Tasks

These are only tasks that are found in the map Polus. Feel free too add more.
The Top Ten
1 Insert Keys - Dropship

Simply drag the key into the appropriate keyhole and rotate it left or right. A common task which you can call someone out for not doing.

The common task everyone must have, it's quite easy.

2 Align Telescope - Laboratory

Players must move the telescope until they find the correct object, as indicated in the image in the lower right. A beeping sound will get faster as you get closer to the right object. This task is quite easy.

I LOVE this task! You have to find the correct image in the sky and it's quite fun doing it!

3 Record Temperature - Laboratory and Outside Office

Adjust the temperature on the left side of the screen to match the number on the right screen. If the task is on the Exterior, the temperature must be increased. If the task is in the Laboratory, it must be lowered. An easy task to complete.

I like this one, but I can't explain why that much.

4 Scan Boarding Pass - Office

To complete this task, press the yellow triangle to pull up your pass. Press the yellow arrow again to flip your boarding pass over, and then drag the boarding pass over the red scanner until it turns green. Seems complicated but isn't. It's like Polus's version of the Card Swipe.

5 Repair Drill - Laboratory

Just click on the exclamation marks until they disappear. Also a very easy task to complete.

6 Store Artefacts - Specimen Room

There are 4 different objects and a case with 4 different holes. Match the object with the shape to complete the task. Not much to say about this one.

I don't know about y'all but I really like this task! You have to look at the items and put them in the correct boxes.

7 Monitor Tree - O2

All you must do to complete this task is to slide the sliders to the dotted lines. Another one of the easy tasks.

I like the little noises the sliders make. I like this task.

8 Fix Weather Node - Laboratory and Exterior

This task is completed in two parts. In the first part, the player must move a cursor through a randomly generated maze. Once they've completed it, they have to go to the Laboratory and turn on the weather node to complete the task. The mobile player's nightmare.

This task is not that hard on mobile to be honest, but sometimes it's way too confusing. The second part is easy.

9 Fill Canisters - O2

Drag the canister up to the airway and fill it up. Another task on the easier side.

10 Open Water Ways - Boiler Room

This task consists of 3 parts. Each step requires the player to turn the valve in a counterclockwise motion. If you turn the valve clockwise, you will reverse the flow of water.

Honestly, it's pretty normal, but sometimes we have to turn the valve in a confusing way. Overall, pretty meh task.

The Contenders
11 Sort Artifacts - Specimen Room
12 Start Reactor - Reactor
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