Top 10 Dumbest Things to Do as the Impostor in Among Us

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1 Kill in front of someone

Can work sometimes in a stack kill but it’s very risky to pull off. Try to avoid this at all costs. Don’t kill in high traffic areas like cafeteria or storage on Skeld.

My first time as imposter I killed in front of 5 people but I've gotten much better

If only one person sees you kill, then it's easier to take care of

That would immediately get you yeeted out of HQ.

2 Vent in front of someone

Is it weird that I never use the vents, like at all? I feel like using something that only the impostors can do just doesn’t feel right and makes things obvious.

Sometimes you haven't even had the chance to kill, and then you're already oUt.

I've done this before and I felt dumb for it.

I vent in front of people to troll

3 Walk away from a task without the bar going up

I always sabotage comms every time I fake a task.

How dumb are you

If you walk away and the bar doesn’t go up, it looks pretty sus.

“Why did the bar graph not go up?” Because you walked away from a task

4 Not say anything during meetings

Don’t go silent for too many meetings, otherwise someone will find you sus. At least say something even if it’s just here or skip or something like that.

I always talk during the meetings.

I see this all the time

Just say you have cocial anxiety

5 Lock the door to a room and kill someone in the room

Say cyan and white are trapped in electrical, if cyan kills white and vents when the door opens, chances are high they will be caught.

someone attempted to do that to me once. good thing I'm fast and I escaped alive.

6 Try to fake a visual task

I think I should fake a visual task I will just turn off visual tasks animations so yea.

This includes medbay scan, asteroids, and trash. They have visual animations to prove you’re safe. Don’t fake these tasks.

7 Not vote for the other impostor when everyone else is against them

If you’re black and yellow is the other impostor and everyone agrees it’s yellow, sometimes you have to backstab, otherwise if the vote shows you voted for like say pink, then you look sus, especially if they are known to be innocent.

I always play along, and when I do it, I always say to myself, "I'm sorry. (If you're wondering I don't type this. what am I, an idiot?)

If my imposter buddy gets caught I noramlly vote for someone random

I have to play along. even though I feel sorry, I have to.

8 Self report

I never do that

It’s useful in some ways but it goes both ways. Be careful because this is very ballsy to do.

yea once I self reported this moron still said it self report (random accustion) they still vote me out

9 Follow a crewmate for a long time

You know how if someone follows you and they won’t go away, they're instantly sus, right? Well, don’t do that because you know some crewmate will be paranoid and accuse you.

unless of course it's the last 3 people

10 Kill in medbay and then use cams or electrical as your alibi on Skeld

This is a pretty suspicious thing to do since those vents are connected so you can still be accused. Best bet is to go to cafeteria, storage, or reactor.

Yeah say something like navgation

Yeah not that sus

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11 Rat out your teammate

So annoying when people do this (mostly they do it at me) but When they do it at me its more of a "Nah I clear red watched me scan"

this happened to me once. I was so upset.

12 Ask, "why is my name written in red?"

“I was so afraid of the impostor, that I hid in the vents”

13 Kill the person that thinks you're sus

I always do this. how is it dumb?

14 Cuss at the person(s) who think(s) it's you
15 Stay still
16 Say, "guys it says I am impostor, what is that?"
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