Top 10 Strongest Beyblade Metal Fusion Tops

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1 Earth Eagle

Earth eagle is a excellent bey that I like because it never lose and it has a great stamina and defensive power I don't like any other bey except Earth Eagle. I like this bey very much. Please Vote only for Earth Eagle.

This is a great bey trust me its energy ring is balanced so it gives good stamina, the fusion wheel is balanced but also very thick so that adds stamina AND defense! The spin track is the second highest, so it adds a bit of stamina because it lets your beyblade wobble for a long time, and the performance tip, wide defense, allows the beyblade to have extra stamina, because it lets the bey, after it used all its stamina, to wobble, when most beys would be out! The performance tip also allows your beyblade to get hit very hard without loosing any stamina! Earth eagle rocks!

Earth Eagle has to be the best. It beat all the strongest beybladers in my school. I prefer earth eagle over some silly old leone or some dumb Fireblaze. Earth Eagle has to be the strongest bey on earth. That is why they call it earth eagle. If I had to choose earth eagle over all the beys in the world I would pick earth eagle. People say it is bad but they're jealous cause I beat every one with my earth eagle. My Earth eagle can defeat even other peoples earth eagle. I have a secret to make earth eagle spin longer. Lighting ldrego's rip cord is very long just use that instead of the short one. Finally put a whole lot of bleach and wood cleaner on your bey than leave it in hot water. Later

P.S. Earth Eagle rocks.

Earth eagle is so good because it has a great combination of specialties to make it near impossible to beat. It's wide 'earth' fusion wheel give it a solid defense and it's wide defense performance tip gives it a great amount of endurance. I recommend you get one.

2 Rock Leone

It launched 9 beys earth eagle l drago pegasus ares leone etc it was very tough match. All beys attack to leone first the leone can not beat any one but
When 6 where left my leone I don't know it knock out all last match was between dark wolf and leone. Leone was a attack defend and dark wolf was stamina. It was a very exciting match. It was a championship match. When dark wolf a small smack. Then leone have gale force it was a defend type move. Slowly slowly the gale force was making the dark wolf slower when gale force finished leone smashed and make him out of the stadium

He is awesome. In school all my beys can never be defeated. Especially eagle and leone. I am the undefeated champion. My friend asked me who is stronger leone or eagle? I tried making them fight and within one second leone smashed eagle out of the stadium

Rock Leon is the best bey in the world, it can take earth eagle, earth Virgo, storm Pegasus, and l drago at the same time. I've tried it and all it needed was like on hit each. It literally smashed earth eagle, and l drago to pieces. L drago lost part of his fusion wheel and earth eagle was completely done, It was smashed into about 12 or 13 pieces! I've never lost with my Leon, it's "THE Beyblade" you NEED it.

This guy is awesome. He beat all my Beyblades including the worlds best beys phantom orion (not customized and has a stamina of 7 min 12 sec and Japanese bey), twisted tempo, gravity destroyer, earth eagle, thermal pisces, thermal lacerta, grand cetus, galaxy pegasus and diablo nemisis (heavest bey and Japanese bey). I really reccomend you buy this Beyblade. It has 5 out of 5 defensive power. It has 4 out 5 attack power. It has 4 out of 5 stamina. It has 4 out of 5 balance. Please vote for this Beyblade. Bey means Beyblade

3 Galaxy Pegasus

Galaxy Pegasus is the ultimate bey. It has a fantastic attack which means there is no need for it to have a great defense or stamina as it can just counter-attack and knock out almost every single opponent. My Galaxy Pegasus has defeated all my friends beys like Earth Eagle, Rock leone, Counter Leone and Meteo L-Drago. The only bey stronger is, Big Bang Pegasus in Beyblade metal fight

This bey has only been beaten by a stamina Beyblade. But other than that, I was randomly challenged to a battle by some little kid. I said yes to him then he pulled out of his book bag a portable stadium. He had Hell Kerbecs in hyper mode. I almost got beat but then I came back by hitting the "sweet spot" on Kerbecs... The little kid got mad...

Galaxy Pegasus is awesome I battled the best blader in my school and I whooped his butt with galaxy Pegasus he literally blew his bey into pieces! I challenged every other blader and I beat them all I recommend this bey for strong and experienced bladers everywhere!

Actually PEGASUS is stronger than any other bey. But there are storm pegasus and galaxy pegasus. If we compare than galaxy pegasus is stronger. The reasons are: 1. Ryo tells galaxy pegasus is stronger than storm pegasus 2. Anyone can control storm pegasus but only gingka can control galaxy pegasus

4 Hell Kerbecs

Hades Kerbecs is an excruciatingly rare bey. Its wide radius and special performance, enable ultimate stability and stamina. The Boost Disk spin track absorbs all low hits, making it very hard to to damage. If it manages to get itself on a lean, the performance tip suddenly becomes a powerful attack type, when combined with weight and radius makes this ability lethal. It isn't all performance either. The good colouring make it look beautiful in battle. Hell Kerbecs ownS!

Hell Kerbecs is the best bey ever! It deserves 1st place. It can defeat any bey in the world, even Twisted Tempo and Flame Byxis. It's only downside is its Attack mode on its Boost Disk 145 spin track. My Hell Kerbecs has defeated 14 beys in a row! At least it's in the top ten but still, it deserves number 1 spot, or at the very least number 2.

Well, this top-tens list is more anime-like...
Something like a Twisted Tempo/Basalt Horogium and Hell Kerbecs is considered to be worse than an Earth Eagle?! Eugh!
Moreover, I wonder how a special edition bey might differ from the original version. It's a repaint after all!

OK, now about Hell Kerbecs. Probably the best uncustomized bey for the moment, this thing can beat various things! It may only really fall to Twisted Tempo for now...

Guys come on pegasus and l drago is very bad you don't know anything about Real beys. An attAck bey never can beat fireblaze or kerbecs. And kerbecs beats any other beys except eagle. In some stadiums eagle wins and in some stadiums kerbecs wins. So the cartoon and Real toys are very different.

5 Burn Fireblaze

I got Burn Fire-blaze recently. It has great stamina and can out spin most of my beys. Its pointed metal performance tip gives it the ultimate stamina! I have six beys, Storm Pegasus, Earth Eagle, Dark Libra, Rock Gasher and Storm Capricorn, and I had my Eagle battle my friend's Fire-blaze and Eagle lost. I could not believe it and I said I had a bad launch. Fire-blaze may not be number one but I think it should be at least ahead of Dark wolf. Fire blaze is a really good bey and it may be one of the few that can defeat Eagle. GO FIRE-BLAZE!

Burn fireblaze is the best bey of all times. According to me the best combination of burn fireblaze is energy ring-fireblaze, fusion wheel-burn, spintrack-hell kerbeces's spintrack in boost mode and any performance tip that gives you stamina more than 5 stars. I specially choose the spin track because it covers all the holes present in burn which makes it not weak against any powerful attack. Also burn fireblaze can also defeat earth eagle and rock leone actually it can defeat all stamina and defense tops. I used burn fireblaze's performance tip in a metal stadium to make it a bit flat so that it doesn't fall off balance if any attack types strike. You may ask that any attack type can defeat burn fireblaze because burn fireblaze has many holes in its fusion wheel but the spin track covers all the holes and making it to be able to resist all attacks. So in this combination no beyblade can defeat burn fireblaze. Please vote for this comment. Thank you for reading this fully.

I customized my Burn Fireblaze into Poison Fireblaze, and in so doing, I've created an absolutely amazing bey. Burn Fireblaze alone is fantastic, and I've won quite a few battles with him. Add the poison fusion wheel, and he just keeps getting better. I have one other little secret that goes along with it, but in the end, Burn Fireblaze reigns supreme!

It has the highest stamina of all beyblades, it can adapt to any location. I have fought it with, eight beyblades and is still won. This should have earned the right to be called Worlds greatest beyblade. I have learned this by fighting with it over two hundred times, and I am not lying.

6 Meteo L Drago

It tops all of the Beyblades on the list because it spin steals from right spinning beyblades with its rubber. Even though Lighting L-Drago in 5th place is Left-spin, Meteo L-Drago can still win a sleep out against it with its amazing LF tip. For an attack type, its stamina is purely amazing. Just that there is a Left-spinning bey, its rubber will make Meteo L-Drago slow down. Left-spin bey? No Problem. Put it on Assault mode so the metal will be exposed more than the rubber, making it not spin steal, but hit with its metal so it wont slow down because of rubber against Left-spin Beys. This should be ranked at 1st. Shame you don't know anything about this Beyblade...

It can defeat every type of beyblade. For attack its tip and left spin is enough and for defence and stamina it can out last both of them. Do not even make me talk about balance type beyblades. It should be No.1

I have Meteo l drago too and it have won 1026 battles in year 2012, february 2nd till today 2012, july 30th. The thing is that I like the l drago the most because of its reverse rotation and ability to absorb rotation and attack so fiercely that I would be able to knock-out some beys like gravity destroyer, segetterio, libra, galaxy pegasus, cosmic pegasus, storm pegasus, cyber pegasus, dark bull, dark wulf, ray stricker, ray gill, cyclone herculeo, capricorn, evil befall, evil gemios, flame byxis, burn fireblaze, rock aries, rock orso, rock leone, fang leone, thermal pices, earth eagle, hades kerbecs and diablo nemisis too.
This is srinivas from India vote me any time.

I think Meteo L-Drago is the Best like the Blade is a forbidden Blade people11.

I have Meteo L-Drago and it thrashed all of my brothers BeyBlades and this one time I nearly broke it.

In the cartoon world L-Drago is the Best and real life it's the same so buy it people!.

7 Earth Virgo

Earth virgo is the best! I used to think it sucked, but, now it never loses. Any bey could technically lose, but Earth Virgo has a bottom spike that lets it withstand any terrain. Also, it has to metal balls that really increase stamina. The earth fusion wheel raise the defense to an insane level. Earth Virgo will always lose to a tornado battler.

I have Earth Virgo and so far no disappointment. I believe it should be above Earth Eagle or at least 'really' near it since its beaten mine and my friend's Eagle! Also beaten my own storm Pegasus, flame Libra, burn fire blaze etc. Most thanks to the spin track. So please vote for virgo I think it should at least get into the top 5, "at least"!

I just bought a Earth Virgo. When I bought it, I went to my friends house (He has Burn Fireblaze and Lightening L'Drago, and when I fought him I beat both of them and he said "I will trade you all of mine for yours" but I told him "No way. " I really think that Earth Virgo is a good beyblade and maybe become the best

Earth virgo is the strongest bey according to me. It can easily defeat earth eagle, rock leone, storm pegasus, dark wolf and rock aries. It gains its stamina when it is being attacked by its opponent. Its spin track is awesome. So you better buy an earth virgo...

8 Dark Wolf

I have dark wolf and it's cool I beat every bey battle including poison serpent, cyber bull, dark bull, storm capricorn, l-drago, storm pegasus, rock aries, rock leon and every my bey I am telling you dark wolf is better from every bey and he have to be at the 1st place! PS. Vote for him, please!

My dark wolf has beat Beyblades like storm saggitario, storm pegasus, flame libra, rock leon, rock orso, pisces and gravity destroyer. Whenever I get a difficult challenge, my dark wolf is always winning it. My dark wolf is the best bey. My request, Please vote for dark wolf.

My Dark wolf beat gravity destroyer, earth wolf, and ray striker. They were all separate battles but still good ones and Dark Wolf was my FIRST Beyblade so I barely even launched it right and it still one so Dark wolf is number 1!

This bey is awesome he stays in the middle of the stadium and could beat meteo l drago. One time I battled and my Beyblade was lightning l drago my friend did it so soft and won me and my other friends Beyblade which is another type of l drago

9 Limited Edition Gold Lightning L'drago

This is really sweet bey because it has so random moves so it surely catches the enemy at some point and it can be modified by turning it 180 degrees.. It also hits really hard and has more stamina than limited edition storm pegasus, I have them both and its kinda weird but sometimes drago wins pegasus 3-0 and sometimes pegasus wins drago 3-0... Just.. Amazing bey!

I have the golden Lightning L'Drago and it beat all of my beys and it is really good. I also think the pieces are really good too. My friends also think it is the best Beyblade in the world. It also beat a lot of Beyblades at school. It also beat some of my friend's Beyblades. So it beat a LOT of Beyblades.

L-Drago Gold is epic, should get it I dare you. L-Drago has the best aggressiveness. L-Drago can beat Meteo L-Drago. It is so epic because it has gold on his energy ring. He can beat any other beyblades. It's the beyblade that is unbeatable unless you use Earth Eagle or Tornado Eagle.

This by far one of the best beys. It was my first along with rock leone. I can easily smash all of my friends beys. It's so strong one of my fiends calls its absorb mode killer mode. If you want to make it even stronger cange it spin track with gravity destroyers AD145 spin track. Plus it looks awesome when it spins because it gold.

10 Original Storm Pegasus

Storm Pegasus, my first bey. I have had my Pegasus for a while now and I have learned its strengths and weaknesses. Storm Pegasus has the ULTIMATE attack power, greater than Galaxy Pegasus, or L Drago. Pegasus' low profile spin track allows it to uppercut high profile beys like Flame Sagitario, and Rock Leone. Pegasus' weaknesses are that it has low stamina due to its rubber flat performance tip. Although the rubber flat gives Pegasus an agressive spin it also stops spinning quickly. Pegasus has a fast repeated attack pattern that usually defeats every bey. Pegasus is the most POWERFUL bey and can defeat even the best stamina and defensive beys. Pegasus has defeated L Drago, Earth Virgo, Burn Fire-blaze, Counter Leone, an Galaxy Pegasus. Pegasus rules! GO PEGASUS!

Storm Pegasus is extremely powerful. My friend has original Lightning L Drago and Pegasus obliterated it in the first 2 seconds. It was awesome! I beat L Drago several times and Pegasus was clearly better than it. My friend and I had a six-blader battle. Pegasus faced: Lightning L Drago, Flame Sagitario, Counter Leone, Earth Virgo, and Cyber Pegasus. I the end Storm Pegasus was the last bey spinning. Pegasus even beat L Drago in his own stadium. GO PEGASUS!

Pegasus is an awesome bey, he defeated every bey I have battled at least once. Pegasus has the strongest attack power of ALL the beys! You have to act fast because Pegasus has low stamina. Pegasus can beat any bey if it hits the other bey a lot early in the battle. My Pegasus has defeated Lightning Drago and even beys like Burn Fire-blaze and Galaxy Pegasus! The only bey Pegasus has not defeated was Earth Eagle. I have one and when they battled Eagle won in the end but Pegasus fought hard with many hits and upper cuts. PEGASUS IS THE BEST BEY! GO PEGASUS!

Storm pegasus can beat the forbidden bey l drago also. Pegasus can defeat earth eagle also. Pegasus can win with its two special move called star blast attack and star brings air. If its uses it full power it can defeat all beys. Pegasus is the most powerful bey in the world.

The Contenders
11 Flame Libra

Yo, Flame Libra rocks if you buy him you won't be let down. He has maximum stamina, he has the eternal sharp performance tip and he totally destroys everything in his path. He beat Earth Virgo, that's right! He beat Sagittario! He beat nearly everybody I know. I became one of the best bladers using him, I was 4th place in my school with a non customized bey. > buy him if you dare.

Libra is an excellent Beyblade. Everyone should have it because it has defeated all of my beys again and again.

Flame Libra has a long period stamina and a superb balance. When it rotates it's performance tip "ES"(Etarnal Sharp) rotates freely and distributes the attack. You should buy a libra as a starting bey.

I don't know why libra is eleventh on the list. He should be second or first you should have seen how it beat dark wolf from the edge of the stadium. It was unbelievable. Please vote for libra. I think I have not mastered the TRUE POWER OF LIBRA yet

12 Big Bang Pegasus

Big Bang Pegasis is the best bey ever in the world! I know what I'm talking about because I have Big Bang Pegasis. He has 4 modes for attacking: upper mode, smash mode, assault mode, and barrage mode. He also has an F tip (F stands for Final Drive). It's both the spin track and the performance tip combined! It goes from SF (Semi-Flat) to RF (Rubber Flat). So move Big Bang Pegasis to the number 1 spot because clearly he does not deserve number 21 spot. (By the way the way this bey's name is spelled is Pegasis not Pegasus).

Big Bang is unique and has one of the strongest parts. I beat almost everyone in my school with it it is absolutely the best in the world. One time me and my friends was doing a four way battle and all of sudden the all of the beys were attacking mines and than I beat them all. If you want a bey with heart get big bang Pegasus

If you know how to launch him, he will destroy the competition. He starts off slow, but in the right mode he can take them out with just a couple of hits at anytime. If he can't beat them before the final drive kicks in, then the opponent should watch out because their bey is going flying!

Bigbang pegasus is the best Beyblade in the world. I like it so much. But I don"t know from wher I can buy this bigbang pegasus. And it can't beat libra but libra can beat it. Because libra is the best Beyblade in stamina. But I like bigbang pegasus. Because I think that bigbang pegasus can beat libra. But it can"t do that!

13 Cyber Pegasus

Cyber pegasus is so bad he did not win forever and he just beat dust. I say don't buy it. I have it and if it hits a bey it goes flying out of the stadium.

Best bey ever! It has good attack with good stamina, a metal face bolt, and a super cool fusion wheel! Buy yours right now!

I have cyber pegasus he beat the original l drago and counter leone. He's good

Cyber is better than storm pegasus. plus in the cartoon, Sora should've been the star character instead of Gingka

14 Dark Bull

He is awesome. I have done many battles and have won every single one with my Dark Bull because he always manages to pull out and kill my opponents beys with everything he's got.

Dark bull rocks! And can defeat many beys like libra, wolf and phoenix in seconds. It has a lot of defense and balance...

Dark bull is the best by far! Burn! WE can beat anyone and any bey. Laugh out loud hah
Dark bull is awesome! We can even beat burn fireblaze with him we want to try to beat libra but we don't have him!

I have dark bull I think it is brilliant it beat my friends rock leone I would advise you to get it. This is why I voted for it.

15 Twisted Tempo

This is the strongest bey in the world, not even the strongest attackers can break through it's defense for it's fusion wheel is the heaviest and strongest in the world!

He is my best Beyblade. My only problem is that his face bolt got busted. He still is a great defensive bey because he can deflect the attacks form other beys.

I don't know any Beyblade that can defeat twisted tempo. Because it's the best defensive Beyblade in the whole universe.

Twisted tempo should be in number 1 position in the rankings. It defeated my eagle, libra, wolf, pegasus.

16 Poison Serpent

I think it's a very cool beyblade because yesterday I played with rock leone it just threw him out of the stadium. It also defeated earth eagle yesterday. Before 5 days I had made a special move for poison serpent (venom strike). When it hit rock leone, it instantly stopped spinning.

Poison serpent rocks because it broke my grand Cetus. I mean I had to get a new one so there goes another $8 out of my wallet back to the bey they bey never loses maybe to a few beys but with its big wheel it is hard to knock down so it is offensive and defensive at the same time.

It is very boring. Once I was battling poison serpent and lightning l drago. My lightning l drago hit it so hard that it toppled over causing it to stop and amazing thing was that it was l drago's first hit

When I used my friends serpent I thrashed his earth eagle by 3 minutes! He says his serpent is his best bey. It is awesome. The best bey in the world. You should buy serpent.

17 Gravity Destroyer

Gravity destroyer is the ultimate bey, and I think it's stronger than the heaviest Cetus. My destroyer is my strongest bey. Destroyer sure looks beautiful, more than Evil Befall, and he looks strong, I'd admit it. There may be beys better than him, but Destroyer's a champion in my book. He should be in At least 2nd place, and I feel like a winner with it. I feel like Julian Konzern!

I think gravity destroyer is the best Beyblade in the world. It defeated ever one accept for earth eagle. It tied once it won once and then tied agin. My opinion gravity destroyer is the best Beyblade in the world. I think gravity destroyer is better than every bey in the world including earth eagle.

Gravity Destroyer is just a boss bey. From its amazing defense, to its unbeatable stamina, to its superb attack power, it's an great Beyblade. For the reasons above and many, many, many more, you should make the right choice and vote for Gravity Destroyer. Go Gravity!

Gravity Destroyer is the most strongest bey. When I was battling with Earth Eagle instead of attacking the bey it dodged it and came from behind, damaged the opponents spin track and defeated it in a fraction of second!

18 Basalt Horogium

The best so far. The three things that matter the most are the tip, the ring and track. You need weight to your Beyblade so it doesn't get pushed around in battle and loose its balance. You also need your tracks info. Its important you know how tall it is, so the offending bey doesn't get under you. And the ring is important to. You need an attack with ridges, a defense with a tall, round ring, a stamina with a blalanced, light ring.
Basalt horogoium is great in all catagories. Oh yeah, its tip is the best defense tip out there.

This is a great bey. The ridges on the side of the fusion wheel slow down the spin of other beys. Plus the weight of the fusion wheel provides incredible balance which will keep the bey spinning for a long while. It's also great if you want to make your own defense bey. Definitely should get it, it even defeated Earth Eagle.

Basalt Horogium is the best Beyblade. Because its fusion wheel is very resistance for many attacks! Its performance tip is the best, and also got a very resistance end defense! Its energy ring has like a ancient clock, so it is very handsome! Its track is very tall, but got very resistance!

Also known as twisted tempo is by far the best bey around! I have battled many times with it and never lost. It is by far my favorite. The only beys that are close - earth eagle and earth virgo. But they still fall short every time I battle them. Basalt Horogium is the best!

19 Diablo Nemesis

This bey is the strongest ever. It can win again any bey. IT can make other bey begging for their own lost. This is that bey that every child wants. I can say it can break other Beyblades like anything. It is the heaviest bey and its fusion wheel weighs about 52grams it can beat all the top ten bey in the above list.

This Beyblade is absolutely the best! Why people would choose all the Beyblades that rank higher than this, I don't know. This bey is even more ultimate when in Ultimate Balance Mode! Thumbs up for Diablo Nemesis!

Diablo Nemesis is a really powerful bey. Even though I still want to kick him and Rago for killing ryuga I can't deny that he and Rago are the strongest team. The only reason gingka won was because everyone lent him his strength.

Diablo nemesis I by far the best bey of all time! It beat all my other beys including earth eagle phantom Orion hell kerbecs meteo l drago and Big Bang Pegasus. By this Beyblade! It may be pricey but it will be worth it!

20 Original Lightning L'drago

Dudes his extremely powerful in the show and as the toy as of he beat my brothers rock scorpion. He's just awesome I love his look his tip face and especially his string launcher which is super slim with a black string and the dragon logo. I am getting him. P. S he can beat any bey. GO L DRAGO!

I don't know why they call this bey 'ldrago'. I would like to hug anybody who
Calls it lightning fire dragon "the best Beyblade". Its worth to call it that.
Its such good! I also don't know why earth eagle is the best. According to me it cannot even win burn fireblaze and l drago sent earth eagle flying in just
2 or 3 shots. Ldrago is the best bey ever

I bought Lightning L-Drago. At that time, I had a Meteo L-Drago, Night Virgo, Dark Bull. It beat all of them. If you don't believe me, go to youtube and find Lightning L-Drago vs Meteo L-Drago. Lightning won easily!

I think that L-Drago is the best because he took apart my scorpio with one hit and it has a lot of attack power. Since it spins to the left, it hits the right rotating beys with barrage attacks.

21 Scythe Kronos

I love him! He is the best he beat a lot, he beat storm pegasus too he beat Vari Ares you should make him #1. Earth eagle is so bad he beat fang leone too. That is my reason he should be first not 27th so... Make him good now! He makes a sonic like noise too you know that's a sign of a good Beyblade.

Yeah he is the best he should be first right now he is the best ever he beat a lot like him on the bottom he is so great he beat fang, counter leone that's my opinion of him suppose to be first in the top tens now he beat vari ares like him on the bottom.

I have him an he has so much stamina, and beat my lightning Ldrago and my blitz unicorno and my galaxy pegasis by a lot, if you don't have him get him! He is my best beyblade!

Scythe Kronos beats Earth Eagle every single time as well as anybody else he faces. I'm serious, try anybody.

22 Limited Edition Storm Pegasus

Love sound and maybe super strong but limited only to bad!

It shredded earth eagle to pieces, dark wolf, dark bull, and lightning ldrago in one round.

23 Fang Leone

Fang Leone rocks! Come on, 25 place? Fang Leone isn't THAT bad. He rocks! He at least deserves to be 5th! Ok so maybe his tip isn't the best defense tip but he deserves better than this. Kyoya would be mad at you people!

Someone please tell me just HOW this is in such a place? Fang Leone rocks and should be higher on the score.

This bey is so awesome a bey. Every bey I ever competed against I won. So please vote for Dark gasher (It sucks)

I'm holding ths Beyblade metal fury in my hand, it's the best Beyblade I have! You should consder getting it! Leone should be 3rd place,2nd:l-drago destroy,1st:bigbang pegasus. Its one of the biggest Beyblade tops in the world! I recommend it!

24 Rock Aries

In my opinion, Rock Aries is the best Beyblade. It's no wonder why he's on this list. He has really good defense, decent attack, and great stamina. He hasn't lost to ANY ONE of my other beys. That means that he beat my Meteo L-Drago, Basalt Horogium, and Gravity Perseus/Destroyer. In my opinion, he is the best defense type Beyblade. If you have the chance to get Rock Aries, try to get him. You will definitely not regret.

I think rock aries is the best this bay is a defense type bay that counter attacks when something else hits it. It could take on dark wolf and burn fire blaze and win when it comes to defense attack bayblades Aries is the best for the job. When I got Aries I got way better!

This bey rules it can todally thrash earth eagle. And I know that because I battled my friend (I used rock aries and crushed his earth eagle) so this bey should be number one on this list not number 8. So don't get earth eagle get rock aries! Go aries!

I have this bey and it beat all my friends. They were using Flame Libra Burn Fireblaze Dark Wolf Earth Wolf Rock Leone Flame Byxis Lightning L Drago Galaxy Pegasus Storm Pegasus and Hell Kerbecs! Rock Aries should be NUMBER 1!

25 Storm Aquario

I have this bey and I love how the performance tip can be change from flat to round. I usually keep it on attack. The only bey that I struggle to beat is Earth Eagle. -. - That things too over powered.

I really didn't think that aquario was good but when my cousin battled with me he beat both my earth eagle and my rock leon that I thought they were invincible... its great because it recovers balance and has a great attack

Absolutely my best bey. It beat storm pegasis and lightning l-Drago at the same time.

Aquario crushed big bang Pegasus last night and it broke! Aqario is truly the best bey blade!

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