Top 10 Strongest Beyblade Metal Fusion Tops

The Top Ten
1 Earth Eagle 145WD

Earth Eagle is an excellent bey that I like because it never loses. It has great stamina and defensive power. I don't like any other bey except Earth Eagle. I like this bey very much. Please vote only for Earth Eagle.

This is a great Bey. Trust me, its Energy Ring is balanced, so it gives good stamina. The Fusion Wheel is balanced but also very thick, so that adds stamina AND defense! The Spin Track is the second highest, so it adds a bit of stamina because it lets your Beyblade wobble for a long time. The Performance Tip, Wide Defense, allows the Beyblade to have extra stamina because it lets the Bey, after it used all its stamina, to wobble, when most Beys would be out. The Performance Tip also allows your Beyblade to get hit very hard without losing any stamina. Earth Eagle rocks!

2 Rock Leone 145WB

It launched nine beys: Earth Eagle, L-Drago, Pegasus, Ares, Leone, etc. It was a very tough match. All beys attacked Leone first. Leone could not beat any one, but when six were left, my Leone, I don't know how, knocked out all. The last match was between Dark Wolf and Leone. Leone was an attack and defense type, and Dark Wolf was stamina. It was a very exciting match. It was a championship match. When Dark Wolf gave a small smack, then Leone unleashed Gale Force, a defense-type move. Slowly, the Gale Force made Dark Wolf slower. When Gale Force finished, Leone smashed and knocked him out of the stadium.

3 Burn Fireblaze 135MS

I recently got Burn Fireblaze. It has great stamina and can out-spin most of my beys. Its pointed metal performance tip gives it the ultimate stamina! I have six beys: Storm Pegasus, Earth Eagle, Dark Libra, Rock Gasher, and Storm Capricorn. I had my Eagle battle my friend's Fireblaze, and Eagle lost. I couldn't believe it and said I had a bad launch. Fireblaze may not be number one, but I think it should be at least ahead of Dark Wolf. Fireblaze is a really good bey, and it may be one of the few that can defeat Eagle. Go Fireblaze!

4 Lightning L-Drago 100HF

This is a really sweet Bey because it has such random moves, so it surely catches the enemy at some point, and it can be modified by turning it 180 degrees. It also hits really hard and has more stamina than the limited edition Storm Pegasus. I have them both, and it's kind of weird, but sometimes Drago wins against Pegasus 3-0, and sometimes Pegasus wins against Drago 3-0. Just an amazing Bey!

L-Drago Gold is epic. You should get it, I dare you. L-Drago has the best aggressiveness. L-Drago can beat Meteo L-Drago. It is so epic because it has gold on its energy ring. He can beat any other Beyblades. It's the Beyblade that is unbeatable unless you use Earth Eagle or Tornado Eagle.

5 Storm Pegasus 105RF

Storm Pegasus, my first bey. I have had my Pegasus for a while now and have learned its strengths and weaknesses. Storm Pegasus has the ULTIMATE attack power, greater than Galaxy Pegasus or L Drago. Pegasus' low profile Spin Track allows it to uppercut high profile beys like Flame Sagittario and Rock Leone. Pegasus' weaknesses are that it has low stamina due to its rubber flat performance tip. Although the rubber flat gives Pegasus an aggressive spin, it also stops spinning quickly. Pegasus has a fast repeated attack pattern that usually defeats every bey. Pegasus is the most POWERFUL bey and can defeat even the best stamina and defensive beys. Pegasus has defeated L Drago, Earth Virgo, Burn Fireblaze, Counter Leone, and Galaxy Pegasus. Pegasus rules! GO PEGASUS!

6 Earth Virgo GB145BS

Earth Virgo is the best! I used to think it sucked, but now it never loses. Any Bey could technically lose, but Earth Virgo has a bottom spike that lets it withstand any terrain. Also, it has two metal balls that really increase stamina. The Earth fusion wheel raises the defense to an insane level. However, Earth Virgo will always lose to a tornado battler.

I have Earth Virgo, and so far, no disappointment. I believe it should be above Earth Eagle, or at least really near it, since it's beaten mine and my friend's Eagle! Also beaten my own Storm Pegasus, Flame Libra, Burn Fireblaze, etc. Most thanks to the spin track. So please vote for Virgo. I think it should at least get into the top 5, at least!

7 Dark Wolf DF145FS

I have Dark Wolf and it's cool. I beat every Bey battle including Poison Serpent, Cyber Bull, Dark Bull, Storm Capricorn, L-Drago, Storm Pegasus, Rock Aries, Rock Leon, and every my Bey. I am telling you Dark Wolf is better than every Bey and it has to be at the 1st place! P.S. Vote for him, please!

My Dark Wolf has beaten Beyblades like Storm Sagittario, Storm Pegasus, Flame Libra, Rock Leon, Rock Orso, Pisces, and Gravity Destroyer. Whenever I face a difficult challenge, my Dark Wolf always wins. My Dark Wolf is the best bey. My request: Please vote for Dark Wolf.

8 Storm Aquario 100HF/S

I have this bey, and I love how the performance tip can be changed from flat to round. I usually keep it on attack. The only bey that I struggle to beat is Earth Eagle. That thing's too overpowered.

I really didn't think that Aquario was good, but when my cousin battled with me, he beat both my Earth Eagle and my Rock Leon, which I thought were invincible... It's great because it recovers balance and has a great attack.

Absolutely my best bey. It beat Storm Pegasus and Lightning L-Drago at the same time.

9 Dark Bull H145SD

He is awesome. I have done many battles and have won every single one with my Dark Bull because he always manages to pull through and defeat my opponents' beys with everything he's got.

Dark Bull rocks! It can defeat many beys like Libra, Wolf, and Phoenix in seconds. It has a lot of defense and balance...

Dark Bull is the best by far! Burn! We can beat anyone and any bey. Laugh out loud, haha. Dark Bull is awesome! We can even beat Burn Fireblaze with him. We want to try to beat Libra, but we don't have him!

10 Rock Aries 145D

In my opinion, Rock Aries is the best Beyblade. It's no wonder why it's on this list. It has really good defense, decent attack, and great stamina. It hasn't lost to any one of my other beys. That means it beat my Meteo L-Drago, Basalt Horogium, and Gravity Perseus/Destroyer. In my opinion, it is the best defense type Beyblade. If you have the chance to get Rock Aries, try to get it. You will definitely not regret it.

I think Rock Aries is the best. This bey is a defense type that counterattacks when something else hits it. It could take on Dark Wolf and Burn Fire Blaze and win. When it comes to defense attack Beyblades, Aries is the best for the job. When I got Aries, I got way better!

The Contenders
11 Cyber Pegasus 105F

Cyber Pegasus is so bad. He did not win forever, and he just beat dust. I say don't buy it. I have it, and if it hits a bey, it goes flying out of the stadium.

The best bey ever! It has good attack and stamina, a metal face bolt, and a super cool fusion wheel! Buy yours right now!

This Beyblade is cool. It beat a Beyblade in a hit. Cyber Pegasus' fusion wheel and energy ring are cool. Vote for Cyber Pegasus.

12 Thermal Pisces T125ES

This bey is the best. Buy it right now. You will win every time. Your beys will be saying stop, please! He may not look good, but he rocks! He is #1! He beat some really good beys. I mean, Twisted Tempo and Rock Pegasus.

The stamina is awesome, and it could beat any bey. I have beaten about billions of challengers with it. It beat Meteo L Drago, Earth Virgo, Rock Leone, and Storm Pegasus.

Thermal Pisces is the BEST. It beats Storm Pegasus, Storm Aquario, Earth Virgo, and Burn Fireblaze. Everybody, vote for this Beyblade because it is number 1.

13 Rock Orso ED145D

I personally favor all Beyblades with the Fusion Wheel of Rock, but when I first battled with my Rock Orso, I knew it could take down every other Rock Bey within seconds.

Orso's a beast! He beat my friend's Hell Kerbecs, Earth Eagle, and Beat Lynx. I couldn't have asked for a better bey.

Orso's a tough bey, and you guys should vote for it because he is tough and took out Meteo L Drago.

14 Poison Serpent SW145SD

I think it's a very cool Beyblade because yesterday I played with Rock Leone and it just threw him out of the stadium. It also defeated Earth Eagle yesterday. Before five days, I had made a special move for Poison Serpent (Venom Strike). When it hit Rock Leone, it instantly stopped spinning.

Poison Serpent rocks because it broke my grand Cetus. I mean, I had to get a new one, so there goes another $8 out of my wallet. Back to the bey, this bey never loses, maybe to a few beys, but with its big wheel, it is hard to knock down, so it is offensive and defensive at the same time.

15 Burn Phoenix 105F
16 Counter Leone 145D

Counter Leone beats my Poison Pegasus and my Midnight Bull, Storm Pegasus, Dark Wolf, Thunder Leone, and Ray Striker. He is my best bey out of all 8 of them.

Counter Leone has really good defense and can withstand many attacks. It also has really good stamina, which makes it last much longer.

Counter Leone has beaten all my Beyblades. Vote for Counter Leone.

17 Flame Sagittario C145S

Flame Sagittario is amazing in a stamina stadium. Statistics state that its C145 spin track is the most used spin track in ALL Beyblade tournaments.

Flame Sagittario is the best beyblade ever! It defeated my Earth Eagle, Hell Kerbecs, Flame Libra, Dark Wolf, Lightning L-Drago, and Storm Pegasus. It is a stamina type bey.

Although this Beyblade isn't mine but my brother's, I think this Beyblade should be the 11th, 10th, or 9th. This Beyblade has insanely strong balance and defense. With it, he is the first best in my neighborhood (He still doesn't want to battle me, yet, mmhm).

18 Midnight Bull 125SF
19 Dark Cancer CH120SF
20 Earth Wolf 105WD

Earth Wolf is awesome! Out of the eight beys I have (Burn Fireblaze, Galaxy Pegasus, Meteo L-Drago, Lightning L-Drago, Inferno Sagittario, Gravity Destroyer, Rock Leone, and of course Earth Wolf), Earth Wolf is the best. It beat all my Beyblades when I tested it out on my duo launcher, which can launch two Beyblades at once. It has immense attack, and its fusion wheel gives it high stamina. Please vote for this bey.

Earth Wolf is the best bey I have ever had. It is the best among Burn Fireblaze, Ultimate Gravity Destroyer Attack, Galaxy Pegasus, Meteo L-Drago, and of course Gravity Destroyer. It is the best Beyblade I have ever had. It has very much stamina. Please vote for this bey.

21 Rock Scorpio T125JB

This Bey is the best. I don't have a duel grip or anything like that, but if I did, I would have at least 100,000 for how many times I've won with it as my only Bey. It should be way up at number 1 for how good it is. Vote for Scorpio as #1, or I will personally come to your house, spin him into your face, and take all your points, if you are even good enough to have more than 2.

Why can't you all make Scorpio in a better spot? I have a Rock Scorpio and I did regular and custom beystadiums! He's like the Master Chief of Beyblade! If y'all can't accept that... Then whatever! I mean, if you get what's left of Scorpio (not Poison Scorpio M145Q) they have out! Sure the other Beyblades are good, but can they beat Scorpio?

22 Evil Pisces ED145WD

Evil Pisces deserves better than this! He beats Earth Eagle almost every time! He is the best bey ever and deserves number one! He also beats Earth Virgo every time! Please vote for Evil Pisces!

Evil Pisces should be higher than Twisted Tempo because my Pisces always beats him. Thermal Lacerta also sucks, and Galaxy Pegasus, even though I have him.

Hello, I am in love with it. This Beyblade beat Earth Eagle.

23 Bakushin Susanow 105F

Amazing attack, good stamina, huge fusion wheel. Buy it now!

24 Dark Gasher CH120FS

Dark Gasher is more than powerful compared to other Beyblades. He wins with Galaxy Pegasus, Meteo L Drago, and Earth Eagle, so I like him.

25 Evil Gemios DF145FS

It is a very good bey with a unique fusion wheel, one of the best in my opinion. It is also my zodiac sign. Go, Gemios!

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