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I've played many .io games and I like most of them. I created this list to know about your favourites.
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Back in old days when there it's not any skin, not really much lag, and not many teaming, now fullin with worst bot, lag, annoying skin, many bully teaming. So I don't think this deserve to be top games.

This game was a classic and nostalgic game until it got its updates. Now it's laggy, full of random crap, and it just doesn't feel the same.

This is a wonderful game! It deserves to be #1! though it does lag some times and people name themselves cusses.

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Without a doubt the game there is. There are so many good design choices that it's hard to keep track of them. You have so many options, whether you want to be a Marksman taking out enemies from long distances, a Triplet, tried and true, an up-close and personal fighter, or even the equivalent of a missile, you have so many choices. Although the meta is somewhat skewed against trap layers outside of Domination, all of the tanks are unique and dangerous in their own ways. (Besides, at least the meta isn't 20 boosters ramming into whatever poor sap they find at the moment, unlike what it was at one point.) What's more is that in team games, you actually PLAY as a team, whether it's deterring a threat as multiple tanks or advancing as a wave. It's such a good team game with interesting classes (mechanically), and its art style of two-dimensional figures on a plane work better than the blobs and viruses of and whatever the heck is supposed to be.

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This game is my favorite game of all time. So addicting that's it's unbelievable. But really challenging and hard at the same. I very strongly recommend this game to those who have not played it.

This game is very much like the game of snake. More dots you eat the larger you grow. But if you run into another worm you start completely over. Very fun and addicting game

Thi si the best io game ever created it is so good. I don't think agar desirevs to be first because how laggy it is and how bad it is.

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It is a very fun and simple game. It is where you play as a narwhal and earn upgrades by killing other players. To kill a player you must click somewhat close to the person you are trying to kill but not to close or it will just push them. Move your mouse in the direction you want your narwhal to move. Very simple aspect and really easy to learn. You can also name your narwhal and change its skin and color in the bottom right corner. It was tough at first, but after a couple days I started getting better at it. I reached first place by the fourth day of playing. It is a very fun game and I don't think it will ever die down.


This is easily the best io game there is. It is fun, the most popular, the most addicting, the only problem is when you get too good (like me), you win it too easily. It is ridiculous that this isn't number one, as it is easily the best

If you don't have Fortnite and just have a computer. This game is just as fun and challenging.

Best game ever! Should be first! A fast and fun version of fortnite!


Great game, working on tier 14 in desert. I already got to mammoth, Elephant, and just recently Blue whale. I'd say pick water, for less needs in the end, but start out with desert. Also, I'm working on not doing exactly that and just desert for faster upgrades. And one of my most prized moments is when I got to the very rare lava toucan.

Really fun. Way more complex than most of these. You start as a mouse or a shrimp (Or a chipmunk through some monkeying around) and level your way up in different biomes (Land, ocean, arctic) with a different food chain for each animal. Every animal has an ability or a passive designed to help them survive or hunt. Quite good.


Its really fun my high score is 24.39


This one's too easy. (I'm and I was leader at least 10 times. Super easy. You can get on the leaderboard in 2 minutes. The ultimate strategy is to kill. I once got like 20 kills. They give you 500 points each and your score goes up like crazy.

I almost always name my squares after empires like German Empire or Russian Empire.

I really like this game because of the rules of this game makes it cool


Awesome game! Starts you out with a simple, two cannon boat, which, through multiple upgrades and add-ons, can become a battleship. Build your own fleet of up to three additional boats, with fishing boats, minedroppers, battleships, or man of wars.

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This should be higher than Skribbl. Definitely one of the most fun.


Other than the toxic players and inappropriate drawings done by trolls who just want to ruin the fun and people vote-kicking you for no reason, it's a pretty fun game.

I used to enjoy it, but I kept getting in toxic servers, and people would always draw penises instead of what they were meant to draw.

This is a amazing game to get together and show your drawing skills off. I recomend it at slot two.


This hands down deserves to be in top 5! It's better than the up view games that all copy each other... And agar sucks now, it's so unfair and they even added battle royale mode...

This deserves to be in the top 3! I It is a awesome game when you like bonk them out they lose and theirs slingshot that is really fun!

Easily the best io. Create maps and skins, so much choice in the game and variety.


I love this game. It can get pretty boring at times, but mainly it's fun. All you have to do is build up a village, attack other players, and stay alive.

This is the best game that uses weapons, food, and even making bases and join teams. If you don't have a fun io game to play, I this is the best tutorial game to start with(except Minecraft).

De best to game ever! You just kill people and upgrade and it's sooo fun!


Great strategy game. 10/10 would play again


Honestly it's working your way up that's the best. Your reflexes get better and you become more self aware since there are SO MANY PLAYERS. It's all well-deserved when you become king and beat up those who beat you. Satisfying

Love planes so I founded it on internet I played it and I LOVED it!


Love playing Driftin! Fast paced and fun


It's a great game, that allows you to build your self up; team up, and make bases. Use your survival instincts to get better equipment, fend off dragons and kraken, survive in different climates, and fight other players. Highly suggested for teamwork game play.

This should be so much higher. It's a really cool survival game and has a lot of game modes and items. The character is so cute.

It's a wonderful game that deserves more recognition than it gets 10/10 game.


Best Game Ever, I love the aspect that you can become different fish its pretty cool.

Most well thought-out and intuitive mechanics in io history. Addicting and challenging but still easy for new players. Lot of objectives and strategies with constant updates and over 60 animals to play, is currently the best io game.

It is awesome, you can evolve into other fish, but it is really hard to be able to get to the final evolation a whale. I have only got to that once because I was lucky and went onto a uninhabited server. :). REALLY ADICTING

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