Top Ten League of Legends 4.11 High Skill Cap Champions

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1 Zed

I think you the difference between a player that has mastered zed and a player that is still learning is, that better zed players always keep track on their shadows, analyze the Situation and how escapes, pokes, engages are possible. Just if you recognize all these possibilities you are a perfect zed player. And that's the reason why he's so difficult

Zed is good as firstly it foes not require mana although it requires energy but it generates fast enough. Another thing is that you can outplay people like yasuo with your shadow as if you are zed and your friend is yasuo and you are having a head on, you can outplay by shadowing behind him and when you see he is about to q just press your skill again and you doge his super pain skillshot just like that.

Can do amazing stuff with his shadows and flash.

2 Orianna

The difference between a good and a player that have mastered orianna is massive, keeping the ball spot on and landing those shockwaves will make the difference.

Orianna got balls

3 Yasuo

Yasuo is by far the best. His skill cap is extremely hard. He is squishy but mobile and carries with him arguably the best kit in the game. If you see me on Yasuo you better dodge.

Yasuo is not that hard to learn the basics on, but the skillcap is very high, some pro's such as Samsung Blue Dade, has this champion almost permanent banned against him, just because he is so good at him.

4 LeBlanc

LeBlanc and Lee Sin is by far the highest skillcapped champions in the game in my opinion, the amount of combos, and little tricks makes the whole difference between a good or amazing LeBlanc, and she has very good juke potential with 2x w and passive.

Leblanc is a higher skill champion to master because of the juke potential you really have to think about the situation and what form of her ult to use or how to get away.

5 Thresh

What only 5? I think he should be 3, 2, or maybe 1 along with zed and vayne. Just watch madlife best plays thresh

Aiming q and hitting the right person is essential, and he has a huge juke potential with his q in jungle.

6 Syndra

Very hard to master just because the synergy between her skills and to win trades you will have to hit your skillshots that is fairly easy to dodge for some champions unless you use them smart.

7 Draven

Solely mastering how to catch the axes is enough to drive you crazy. Focus too much on where they fall will easily put you in a tight spot and got caught by enemies so you need to know when to give up the axes. You have learn to face the correct direction so the axes will fall at your desired positions. Your ult has the highest damage output among all the global ults but to land it to its full potential requires extremely good timing and direction. There are much more you have to master to play Draven well. You can always tell good and bad draven apart

DRAVEN 11?! SHACO 14?! Craven takes up so much snowball and you have to ducking CATCH axes. Zed 1? Zed easy for me, easier than master yi. Yasuo 4? Why is yasuo even on this list?

His axes are too op

8 Twisted Fate

I main TF, and I can say he is not an easy champion to pick up nor master. Aiming his 3 cards is an incredibly hard skill shot, you need to choose the right cards at the right time, plan your ult in proper places, and engage when your E is up. He goes very close to lee sin and others.

Much skill cap so Op

9 Karthus

Learning to hit and use the q smart is a long process of learning.

10 Riven

Very hard to master. Basics are easy to learn but hard to Master.

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11 Lee Sin

Choosing who to take the number 1 spot between lee and lb is hard, Lee Sin benefits more from flashy plays than lb, but needs to hit her spells and this can be somewhat hard at times and I feel like she needs more skill to master.

Some of the hardest mechanics in the game (think insect kick). there are also a few other tricks (like ward jumping) that arn't east to preform with out some practice

Should be number 1,

12 Elise

Probably THE hardest champ to "learn" and hard to master, very versetile kit with a lot of tools.

13 Shaco

Shaco has a kit that has a lot of subtlety to it. While he can be picked up and understood relatively quick, mastering his full potential makes him a nightmare. Shaco can easily carry his team if played properly.

14 Ahri

Relying on two skills shots (Q and E) and an active of item (DFG) makes quite the difference between an Ahri who knows how to handle herself and one that doesn't. Also the mechanics of ult gives many possibilities of using it to either escape, follow or start, knowing how to properly use the 3 "stacks" of ult is important.

15 Vayne
16 Azir
17 Rengar
18 Nidalee
19 Viktor

If you know how to user his E, have fun murdering people in the mid game.

20 Mordekaiser
21 Singed
22 Anivia
23 Jambon
24 Cassiopeia

Cassiopeia deals a lot of damage. But her combo relies on hitting the "Q". You must be good on skill shots. And the positioning with her is also hard. Her ultimate has a short range but it is really bursty and powerful when landed right. Overall, when mastered, she is very powerful.

25 Talon
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