Top 10 Best Pokemon Regions

These aren't my favorite Pokemon Region these are the best Regions of Pokemon.
The Top Ten
1 Sinnoh

Sinnoh's most unique quality is its secretive and prudent handling of its lore. Where the other regions spill out the details of their deities, Sinnoh leaves you with ruins of ancient text, suspenseful and dramatized piano scores, scattered plates with references to Arceus, and an optimized spread of information to draw you into it's mythology without ending your curiosity. Arceus' name is not once said, despite it being the chief Pokemon of the region. The fact that you can complete the game and still feel confused on the ruins in Celestic town testifies to how effective Sinnoh's lore was managed. It is the only game to make you feel not just like a trainer, but like a historian and investigator as well.

2 Hoenn

This region had the best biomes because the developers stuck with the land vs water theme and tried experimenting with various different biomes. You travel through normal plains, normal forests, a volcano, a soot covered plains area near the volcano, the ocean and multiple islands, a desert, a jungle a mountain, multiple unique caves and even a city inside a crater inside a mountain inside the ocean. You're even able to go underwater and there's actually a lot of secrets and content down there. The regis are a great example of side content that required exploration on behalf of the player throughout a variety of biomes before the player could catch all of them.

Simply put, no other region, not even Alola, even comes close when it comes to biome diversity, exploration, and secrets.

3 Unova

Unova is beautiful. Fantastic music and great locations are everywhere
Love Mistralton City, Chargestone Cave, Nimbasa City, Dragonsprial Tower, Icirius City, just every location is amazing!
While the routes in Unova are not as great as the ones in Hoenn and Sinnoh, they are still good. Sure they are more linear, but they make up for it by being expancive. You can just go straight through the route if ya want, but there are still places you can go and explore.
This is a good balance between those who want to just get to the townanf those who want to explore and enjoy the game.
Unlike Sword and Shield where is no exploration and u just go in a straight line.

4 Johto

The Johto region gave an innovative, fresh new start in the world of Pokemon. You can go back to the Kanto region and get the extra eight badges before taking on Mt. Silver. This region is very amazing and underrated.

Johto will always be special for me. Its lore is for me the best of any pokemon game. Gen 2 games are all about the balance between Kanto and Johto, between tradition and modernity.

The Johto region has the best starters and the gyms are tougher. Larvitars are most common in Johto, and those are one of the best NON STARTER Pokemon ever! Also, TYPHLOSION is the best starter.

5 Kanto

The first region from where world's strongest and best trainer came known as Ash Ketchum and the 2nd one also from there whom we know as Red. And it is the first original series released and it should be at least 2nd in place because mewtwo is world's 2nd strongest and best pokemon after arceus which also from this region. This is the same region from where most of world's strongest trainers came such as Brock, Gary Oak and Blue.

Kanto has stunning pokemon however it is kinda boring. I played "Let's go Pikachu" and it is sorta boring but I hear the Let's go games make it easy to get shinies. I can see why people don't like Kanto but I think Kanto is quite a good region. I played 2 regions Galar and Kanto. Galar beats Kanto but I really like Kanto.

6 Kalos

Kalos is my favorite region because it is based of France. Not only are the landmarks similiar like, from The Eiffel Tower to Prism Tower or Geosenge City to the Stone hedge, the cultures are very similiar as well. One of the greatest tourist attractions in Frnace are the numerous and varieties of cafes. France is also known for being a fashion state and an artistic state like, how Valerie was a fashion designer and hoe there was an art museum in Lumiose City.

I also loved the Pokemon that were in Kalos like Mawille who is immune to poison types and Sulveon because... She is cute-!

7 Alola

I just started playing Pokemon again and this region is so fun. The trials make this more exciting and more entertaining for the player. The kahunas are the best part in my opinion because they are like the champion of each island. The pokemon are a bit weird now compared to the earlier generations but I mean like Toxapex, Incineroar, and Kommo-o are total beasts. This one has to in the number one spot.

The region was like no other. I liked how instead of having gyms, they had island trials instead. Alolan forms brought in a lot of nostalgia. There were very few Pokemon native to Alola but many memorable ones (Type: Null, Cosmog, etc). And the STORY. Don't even get started with it...
I also felt that this was the region the really brought old fans back to the series.

8 Orre
9 Almia

In terms of number of towns and cities a small region, but with some of the biggest amounts of variety seen in any region, and a layout that facilitates travel rather than hindering it.

Diverse landscapes, plenty of pokemon, easy travel, friendly people, low unemployment, Almia has it all.

10 Galar

Galar is so boring!
Routes are linear and empty, so are towns and cities.
The Wild Area is flat, baren and unintersting. Dynamax and Gigantamax where fun for a few short times, but got boring super fast.
Ballonlea and Glimwood Tangle are the only places I like in this region, because they feel magical, other than those two, the rest is lame.
Easily least favorite region. The region's theme is linearity and it's so boring.

Galar is awesome because you can dynamax! People who hate this region are dumb and deserve to die and die and die. It also has pokemon from previous regions which is awesome. Plus it has camping! I only played 2 regions Galar and Kanto! Galar is number one of the two.

The Contenders
11 Oblivia
12 Fiore
13 Sevii Islands

My kind of Post game. Nothing crazy, but still fun.

14 Paldea
15 Ransei
16 Hisui
17 Pasio

This is how you can become a Pokemon Master.

18 Ferrum
19 Lental
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