Top 10 Reasons Why Roblox Isn't Fun Anymore

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1 Bullies

It's so sad to see a lot of bacons getting bullied, the old side of roblox was better and there are no slenders or cnps around. The reason why i hate slenders and cnps it's because they are always rude to bacons. The new side of roblox is worse and some features getting removed soon.

I play prison life, and I see many bad admins and bullies. They are the reason people now play jailbreak. Bullies, hackers and bad admins are the worst. They ruin every game on Roblox and other games! Wished the bad ones were banned.

2 Hackers

Damm this sucks. It's mostly kids that do that who think they are growwn they hack into your account and destroy the moderation making the community angry and scared

They killed one of my favourite games Survival 303 this is how: When the game was popular They kept hacking so the devs made it paid access. Not many people wanted to pay robux to play and therefore the game dropped off the front page, then when the paid access was removed they shut it down dor updates then moved the game to another place. So now the game is buried in the dust, forgotten by most except for a small community of people including me.

3 Hashtags

I understand why hashtags are necessary. But I don't understand why they have to put hashtags on EVERYWHERE.
Hashtags are irritating, and most of the reason is this.
I was playing some Natural Disaster Survival, which is my favorite game right now. That game is FUN!
I saw some people speaking Filipino, my native tongue, so I proceeded to speak in Filipino. I was so irritated when they literally put hashtags all over my text! I saw a bunch of players speak in Spanish (I think) in another game and Roblox literally did the same!
Why can't we speak different languages other than English?! Why do we HAVE to speak in English in order to communicate?! What if this person doesn't really know much of English and can only talk in their native language? Seriously, Roblox should allow all of us to speak in our native languages. It's just... offending to me.

4 The community

This is definitely supposed to be here, no mistake. I am literally just playing some ROBLOX, chilling out, the usual. Out of nowhere a group of people just start bullying me and calling me a noob, and I know I joined in 2018, so I guess I qualify as a noob, but sadly, this also happened on my birthday, causing me to temporarily quit the game (the game I was playing, not robux itself). What's really sad, though, is that they bullied me for being a bacon, even though I knew they had no robux and had only used avatar editor. Eventually, I got robux, and I saw them once again, and they said "Hey, noob. Stop using Avatar Editor." Then they said they'd check my skin to make sure I wasn't lying, and when they found out, they literally rage quit the game just because I got robux. Nowadays, to honor bacons, I dress up as a bacon with the casual glasses and back sloth or swords. Word to the wise: Don't bully anyone until you get to know their story.

5 Horrible updates

Sometimes the updates in games are TRASH. One time I was playing pet simulator x, and their updates are mostly linked with robux.

Come on... anthro? Who wanted this garbage? They look disgusting and horrible. Why are they even forcing this down in our throats?

Cheez It logo isn't too bad, there could be worse. TIX GONE? That's worse. Guests gone? I'm quitting. (I like guests even if they are annoying)

6 Kids rage at you for killing them

It really doesn't matter if you kill someone purposely or accidentally. Even if you say you're sorry they still rage at you. Just try to be as nice as you can.

It happens sometimes... even when it's an accident like as a 10 year old, these kids are annoying. But if they do that you will have to get over what happens. I mean, just leave them alone, or leave the server. If he or she tries to kill you, you know what to do... choose another server from the menu. Or maybe just ban them if you are playing an admin game if they are not okay with you killing them and if the game you are playing is an admin game

7 ODers

I feel bad for the young kids who just want to explore features of the game and being traumitized by oders like seriously, I was pranking some random people by robbing there houses in Brookhaven and when I went to house 15 in the server, upstairs, I saw two people doing sus stuff in the bed! Luckily, one of my friends joined just in time to ban those oders so yeah. But there is still a big bunch of oders still out there... They are normally found on club games like Club Iris and some other hangout games.

There are certain hacks where people can do inappropriate things to each other, and considering it's children's game I'm quite concerned. Young kids are becoming exposed to such appalling behaviors. I've seen a few games that people have created (not popular games or anything, just games that players would create to exclusively play with their friends.) where there are poles, and females are dancing on men. It's absolutely disgusting and I am horrified. The roblox online dating community is just getting larger, and this isn't okay. Especially since a lot of these people are underaged. This is just going to become one of the many ways online predators contact children. How scary. This needs to be fixed immediately.

8 If you use free models you're apparently a idiot

1) This is true though. Some people use nothing but free models instead of learning how to build. You need to learn how to build to not be an idiot.

2) How is using free models fun?

What, it is fine to use free models, you are technically implying that everyone that uses it is stupid.

Free models can open your game up to hackers though.

9 Losing connection even when your connection is strong

It's so annoying. Let's say I'm playing some Jailbreak, right? I gather up a team, one of us gets a key and helps everyone escape, and we leave the prison. We get a bounty, and when we are legit about to become really rich from a robbery (like millionaire rich), my game looses connection. Fix this immediately, for I am getting robux and I don't want to have gotten it just to see that the whole game loses connection and I can't get it back..

That happens to me a lot at my cousins' house. I do have connection and I'm always thinking, "oh well, this area must have bad connection." But I'm starting to believe that there is a problem with Roblox losing connection.

10 Clothing made by users is copied and their name is the same word over and over again

This isn't so much a problem with Roblox itself but the people who play it.

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11 People insulting your games

Who cares about getting insulted by someone's games anyway. You just need to improve more like roblox did. More improvements will like your game someday and you get robux. Well if I create games then people insult me, I don't care and then "fine no robux for you".

Getting feedback in your games is something you need to accept. if someone insults it, youll have to accept it. but those people who insult it just because they don't understand the game are basically those untrustworthy people outside your apartment begging you to enter his almost broken shack of "Wonderful things"

12 Getting kicked out for no reason

I got kicked from Lisa Gaming Hangout for no reason and lost all the coins I stole in 2021 so I quit it.

Yeah... I play a game... now it suddenly freezes and I get kicked out.

13 Child predators
14 Robux

Why can't it be just like tix? We just have to buy robux using REAL money. It's sad that little children keeps asking their parents to get them robux. But the worst part, if they say no they just steals their credit card like come on.

Even though i waste some robux on something i might want. I don't think it was a good thing to use parent's credit card to get some.

Robux is pretty much the main problem. As with insane prices, robux can only be acquired with real money! And it's expensive! Tix was removed, which made a bigger problem!

15 Removing tix

While having tix removed does limit the freedom of users to a great extent, the troublesome hyperinflation of Roblox's economy was eliminated. Like it or not, the world we live in - runs on money, not benevolence.
However, targeting on young children to "grab" cash out of their small pockets is rather exploitative in its imagery.

To whoever says "We Want Tix Back! " If Tix was still around. it just would not work.

Why is this 15th? It needs to be at least top five. Now we can't make robux without paying our real life money :(

16 Roblox never ban ODers

Do you even know that reporting takes time?. Scratch is worse.

And they ban us rule-following players!

17 The company only cares about money

Yeah I get that capitalism is cool and all, but you also need to have some care about your citizens (Citizens in this instance is Robloxians/the players/fanbase/whatever you like to call it). It seems like Roblox is doing these absurd updates just for capitalism.

Around when Roblox started it really was just about having fun and seeing what an easy-to-use blocky game engine could do. Corporate mindsets ruined it.

They don't care even if ODers took over ROBLOX, they only care about if their money reached $92 million or not.

18 Repetitive games

Games now are just cliche while in the past basically had games based on the users imagination while most games now are just a copy of a cliche concept of something more frequent than ever such an a example: Murder (genre), Steam knock offs, etc.

most of games on this game are soo boring, when I play those games, more people will attack me even I'm not trained enough, I need to quit because they won't stop attacking me for no reason at all.

Simulators have only two types of formulas, using a backpack and using bad tools to grow or you use pets to gain items. And that is like half the games you see now.

19 Admins ban you for the dumbest reasons

Roblox isn't improving their moderation and they ban people for the dumbest reasons, they have added AIs to falsely ban them. which is much worse than unfair bans, they are the worst video game I ever played for almost 5 years, they used to ban people for inappropriate images they uploaded until 2021. the roblox moderation has gotten worse now.

I got banned once for reporting a hacker nocliping everywhere. Apparently it was discriminatory because the hacker was a girl. She didn't even get banned. Thankfully they responded to my appeal right before I was about to get unbanned. They kept me banned for 1 full day. Then they said "Oh wE aRE trYiNG tO ImPRoVE tHE mOdeRATiON sYstEM" no you aren't. They probably copy & pasted this message for everyone who got screwed over.

20 Sexual content

The Condo games are the biggest offenders of this. These games somehow nullify Roblox's filter to allow people to freely swear and say inappropriate things in chat. Most of these games consist of players roleplaying having you-know-what and doing other sexual things not permitted on Roblox. These games tend to get taken down whenever Roblox finds out about them, but they keep coming back with new titles, since Roblox filtered the title of "The Condo".

Anyone remember those "S.3.X PARTY 18+" Games? Those sucked and were poorly made. And got deleted within 10 minutes.

21 People use "noob" as a insult

Noob is one of the most idiotic insults ever created. It's an insult made for 5-9 year-olds and it's nothing more. It's barely even an insult. The term "noob" SHOULDN'T be used as a term to describe what someone's appearance is. You're NOT a noob because you don't have 1,000 Robux, "Beautiful Hair for Beautiful People", "Shiny Teeth" and half a million followers. The term "noob" for me means someone that is "new" to something, not someone that beat you at a game.

Well how about Myusernamesthis? Is he a noob because he is just a bacon man? Well no bro. The why did he got all the gamepass and vehicles and everything inside of jailbreak huh?. Your identity doesn't even matter! Even other bacon mans are pro! Not all of them are noobs but pro. See, this guy I played in jailbreak, he is a level 10 bacon man. He is such pro! We have no match for this guy! He is so fast which is cool! So I learned my lesson that customizing your avatar into a cool one, It doesn't mean your pro! You are a noob! Sometimes cool dude in roblox are pro because they think and there good in roblox! Even Kreekcraft and all Youtubers becausse they always think they are pro which is good right? Some guys in jailbreak owns a cool vehicle but does it matter? No! I custimized myself as a noob avatar then some guy in a volt proves he is a pro! What a daydreamer! I took him in a rocket launcher! Which is some to be a bacon man!

22 Boring games

Like there is no new game for me. Once I play the game it just becomes boring. Play a nostalgic game and it gets kinda boring for me. Why is nobody creating new games?

I've personally gotten bored of games since there's no new games with incredible graphics. No creative and original games are being made except for some, looking at you simulator games. The old games which I actually liked such as Survival 303 are dead.

I remember joining ROBLOX in late 2016 (Introduced by my brother, not the YouTubers, ok?), and there were some decent games on the front page. Now that "genres" were removed and people are becoming less and less creative, there's simply a lack of good games. Nowadays, this is the front page:

1. Obbies/TOH rip-offs
2. Simulators
3. Roleplay Games
4. Tycoons
5. The same games every time you go on the front page

Yeah, there isn't much diversity now.

23 Scams

Scams are just no good. Getting stuff for free even tho the other player dosen't want to should be illegal. Why is roblox not banning them?

They ask people to copy and paste some bull comment on 5 games for free robux. It was legit from Roblox and not any scam site, so I tried it but nothing happened. I wonder what they really wanted.

Some YouTube videos I watch tell me how to get free Robux, but it never works.

24 Safe chat

Safe chat is just so annoying. Even when I type something that is not a bad word or some numbers, it still censors them.

I like fnaf roleplay games but when I enter a name like Alex afton it shows up as hashtags!

It just replaces not only bad words, but everything with hashtags!

25 Builders Club

It isn't even a club, it's a membership that causes kids to get your parents money. Even if your older you could get jealous of others with builders club.

Um, this is actually important.
Roblox needs money to stay up, and buying because can help Roblox keep their servers up.
If you don't want to spend $6 on a game, I feel bad for you.

Ugh, now tix is removed. Builders club makes it harder because you need to beg your parents to break out their wallets, not that I do that

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