Reasons Why Roblox Isn't Fun Anymore

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1 Hackers

I hate hackers because when I play stuff like jailbreak or prison life in prison life they spawn kill us like every 10 seconds and jailbreak they go so fast you can't even escape running.

They killed one of my favourite games Survival 303 this is how: When the game was popular They kept hacking so the devs made it paid access. Not many people wanted to pay robux to play and therefore the game dropped off the front page, then when the paid access was removed they shut it down dor updates then moved the game to another place. So now the game is buried in the dust, forgotten by most except for a small community of people including me.

For me I like ROBLOX, as long as hackers aren't there to abuse, when there is a hacker who helps, sure, why not? They can help you, so whats the problem? Kicking for no reason and even bans and trolls, when an admin is honnest there is a reason not to report for admin abuse, but if they are abusing no matter what, you might want to tell the owner

Hackers... the worst ever thing that ruins Roblox in so many ways. ROBLOX! BAN THE HACKERS SOMEHOW! Hackers are THE WORST! They ruin all your own servers and no one knows how only the hackers know!

2 Bullies

This should be #1 on the list! I joined in Spring 2020 (I know, I'm new), but even in the short time I've been on Roblox, every server had at least one bully, troll, or toxic person. When someone is bullied on Roblox, no one tries helping the victim out! Everyone is just a bystander! I often see bullies run up to someone, insult them, and run away. Sometimes, the victim could be saying the most nonchalant things, and the bully will laugh at them and run away (This happened to me). When I see a bully and am gaming with someone, I suggest we stand our ground (usually if the bully threatens us and tells us to leave a place that we got to first), or if the bully won't leave us be, I suggest we remove ourselves from the area, and if possible, block the player. In a lot of games I play, it's impossible to block the bully and reporting and /kick does NOTHING! Many bullies threaten with hacking. I was roleplaying in a game that I no longer play called Dragon's Life on Roblox, where you RP as ...more

Whenever I get bullied it's because in a game I'm beasting everyone ad then he randmonly calls me noob for like no reason if though he the one that a noob for being a sore loser.

I got bullied 6 times by 6 different people and they are all males/boys. I blocked those freaking freaking idiots and they are still being blocked

I keep being bullied by these people... and I talk to other players about it, but they don’t care :(. Well, sometimes they care but mostly they don’t. These dumb bullies keep kicking me, too in admin games... when I am not at owner rank. please Ban them from Roblox

3 Kids rage at you for killing them

It happens sometimes... even when it’s an accident like as a 10 year old, these kids are annoying. But if they do that you will have to get over what happens. I mean, just leave them alone, or leave the server. If he or she tries to kill you, you know what to do... choose another server from the menu. Or maybe just ban them if you are playing an admin game if they are not okay with you killing them and if the game you are playing is an admin game

Yeah, happens a lot, I just kill some kid with my own skills, and rages and says "STUPID NOOB" or "HACKER", I mean, jeez those kids are extremely annoying!

Yep, that's why roblox only care about "report abuse" few times. Because of the too much false report of little kids. They report everything, from killing to losing. I assume that's how survival 303 got deleted.

My old account was terminated for killing 5 people with a gernade in Phantom Forces. All the guys said I was "hacking" and "being unfair". Well, don't be all together right near the flag and I wont kill you!

4 If you use free models you're apparently a idiot

Yea sometime free model are cool but they say it its bad because its free

Free models can open your game up to hackers though.

Who cares if we use free models?!

No one is going to spend money on the game

5 The community

This is definitely supposed to be here, no mistake. I am literally just playing some ROBLOX, chilling out, the usual. Out of nowhere a group of people just start bullying me and calling me a noob, and I know I joined in 2018, so I guess I qualify as a noob, but sadly, this also happened on my birthday, causing me to temporarily quit the game (the game I was playing, not robux itself). What's really sad, though, is that they bullied me for being a bacon, even though I knew they had no robux and had only used avatar editor. Eventually, I got robux, and I saw them once again, and they said "Hey, noob. Stop using Avatar Editor." Then they said they'd check my skin to make sure I wasn't lying, and when they found out, they literally rage quit the game just because I got robux. Nowadays, to honor bacons, I dress up as a bacon with the casual glasses and back sloth or swords. Word to the wise: Don't bully anyone until you get to know their story.

I don't like the community because people nowadays are finding ways to make swearing ok without hastags and I don't like it plus when people disrespect you it hurts mentally.

Community in roblox isn't even a community. Especially when you get bullied, others instead of helping you, they helps the bully. Also (I do not know if this have anything to do with community) is that when you create a great game that you spend so many time on it it never get known. It does not get shown on the popular or any other catogories. Only the well known game get famous and your game just stay a mystery because you was not given a chance. So how did other creator get famous? Well most just have a famous account on twitter, twitch, or youtube

The community is forever ruined. There's bratty little kids bullying each other in almost every game, ODer's flooding the Adopt Me and roleplaying games, 8 year old's who think they're cool just because they have a ton of Robux and think that they qualify to make fun of other people, and hackers who glitch the game so bad it isn't even funny. Not to mention the bots who advertise free robux in every chat.

6 Losing connection even when your connection is strong

It's so annoying. Let's say I'm playing some Jailbreak, right? I gather up a team, one of us gets a key and helps everyone escape, and we leave the prison. We get a bounty, and when we are legit about to become really rich from a robbery (like millionaire rich), my game looses connection. Fix this immediately, for I am getting robux and I don't want to have gotten it just to see that the whole game loses connection and I can't get it back..

I have it very often. I also have that I actually LOSE connection. It disconnects me and a few seconds after I get disconnected my connection... is BACK.

I hate this because sometimes when I'm about to do something to complete a tycoon or an obby it disconnects and I START ALL OVER AGAIN

THIS IS THE WORST! I was at my Anna’s house, sitting at the chair by the backyard, and I LOST ROBLOX CONNECTION, even if my connection was VERY strong. It’s HORRIBLE. Please find a way to get rid of this.

7 People insulting your games

Getting feedback in your games is something you need to accept. if someone insults it, youll have to accept it. but those people who insult it just because they don't understand the game are basically those untrustworthy people outside your apartment begging you to enter his almost broken shack of "Wonderful things"

Used to happen to me, just because of them getting killed.

Because you are not Professional

They call you a "Noob" and say that your game is Noobish makes roblox called "Nooblox"

8 Clothing made by users is copied and their name is the same word over and over again

It happens to every popular game. Meepcity: MEEPCITY MEEPCITY MEEPCITY..., Royale High: ROYALE HIGH ROYALE HIGH... etc. This is really stupid, annoying and ridiculous.

They made so many copy of the same

This is just annoying

It's so annoying. Ove run into this on multiple ocasions

9 Hashtags

This is so offensive. I can only speak in English and this is kind of discrimination of those who doesn't speak English really well... it also tags numbers which is really annoying when I trade in games like Royale High and want to write how many diamonds I want for the item I am selling. It also doesn't tag creepy messages like your alredy dead, but it tags ,well" ,stupid" and other innocent words.

I understand why hashtags are necessary. But I don't understand why they have to put hashtags on EVERYWHERE.
Hashtags are irritating, and most of the reason is this.
I was playing some Natural Disaster Survival, which is my favorite game right now. That game is FUN!
I saw some people speaking Filipino, my native tongue, so I proceeded to speak in Filipino. I was so irritated when they literally put hashtags all over my text! I saw a bunch of players speak in Spanish (I think) in another game and Roblox literally did the same!
Why can't we speak different languages other than English?! Why do we HAVE to speak in English in order to communicate?! What if this person doesn't really know much of English and can only talk in their native language? Seriously, Roblox should allow all of us to speak in our native languages. It's just... offending to me.

You can easily bypass the tags system and swear on roblox. For example, you can make your letters have a sub number, and it can’t be censored by it. Plus, you can say the V word and many others in different languages.

The hashtags are straight up stupid like numbers and spelled out numbers are hashtaged like watt, like in roblox 1 would be # and one would be ### like what the frick, the is also hashtaged I believe so yeah it is very stupid and also I agree with another commenter about the languages I speak Japanese and hashtags a lot of it which in my opinion is very annoying when I talk to of my friends.

10 Getting kicked out for no reason

sometimes I'm going to play roblox and it has me go to login when I was logged in yesterday and when I find out on my computer I WAS WARNED FOR NO REASON because sometimes it said I sweared I mean I did swear before but I don't nowadays.

Yeah... I play a game... now it suddenly freezes and I get kicked out.

People get kicked because they aren't profeesional at Roblox

In roblox highschool that was first time getting kicked out like 5 or 6 times because I love the game though

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11 Removing tix

While having tix removed does limit the freedom of users to a great extent, the troublesome hyperinflation of Roblox's economy was eliminated. Like it or not, the world we live in - runs on money, not benevolence.
However, targeting on young children to "grab" cash out of their small pockets is rather exploitative in its imagery.

To whoever says "We Want Tix Back! " If Tix was still around. it just would not work.

Everyone hates this so much it's on the list twice.

I bought stuff with tix but I forgot

12 ODers

ODers. The worst topic in ROBLOX history. BLECH. I go into a game (Murder Mystery 2) that I grew up with, and there will just be these 'slender' people doing inappropriate things, and I always think to myself, 'is this what my childhood game has evolved into? I know I'm powerless to change anything about this. The guests from so long ago have turned into these horrible people. HELP ME

I was minding my own business in Boys and Girls Dance Club, which I play frequently because I have admin commands there. Suddenly, a random Avatar Editor using girl gives me a heart and says "Wanna be my girlfriend and have ___?" This always disgusts me completely, even when I'm not the victim, so I jail them until they learn their lesson, and, honestly, Roblox needs to start getting more serious about this and bring a stop to it, though I will not quit Roblox.

I can TOTALLY understand why this is a problem.. but no one ever thinks about the kids life's at home. they could be neglected or abused and want someone to at least pretend they care. I know ROBLOX isn't a dating site but you have to at least think about the kids on the game more than your self. I really don't think that kids do it for attention but because they want to be loved even if its by some creepy 46 year old man..

They are so annoying. They are really disgusting, if they really want to find a boyfriend or girlfriend because they're too lazy or young (which is pretty sad that they're doing this if they're too young) to go find themselves a real friend then they can just go on Eharmony or something

13 Repetitive games

Games now are just cliche while in the past basically had games based on the users imagination while most games now are just a copy of a cliche concept of something more frequent than ever such an a example: Murder (genre), Steam knock offs, etc.

Simulators and Tycoons *cough cough*
But I love Bee Swarm, Retail Tycoon and Theme Park 2! (to be honest y'all need to take notes from these games sksk)
But still more simulators and tycoons are really bad kskskss and all of them are the same but with a different item.

Simulators have only two types of formulas, using a backpack and using bad tools to grow or you use pets to gain items. And that is like half the games you see now.

I totally agree with this, there are like 10 simulator games on the front page always, and people are always making more.

14 The company only cares about money

Yeah I get that capitalism is cool and all, but you also need to have some care about your citizens (Citizens in this instance is Robloxians/the players/fanbase/whatever you like to call it). It seems like Roblox is doing these absurd updates just for capitalism.

I think that Roblox will start taking all the robux from selling gamepasses/ clothes, they are alredy taking 90% (with Buliders club/ premium they take 30% but it is still a lot they should take 10%)

At this point the creator is just sitting in his chair watching the money flow in and then when he hits 5000 money he goes out and buys stuff with the money he’s supposed to be splitting with the other creators instead he is just sitting down and watching

They don't care even if ODers took over ROBLOX, they only care about if their money reached $92 million or not.

15 Admins ban you for the dumbest reasons sometimes

They ban me a lot, especially in RP games, just for doing one little error, such as "not following orders", when I see some random kid troll doing stupid things.

Me: joins a game with admins in it
Also me: Says a Joke
Admins in the server: So you have chosen death?

They ban me for "abusing caps" in rp and for being a bit sassy at them because thy were bossing me around.they think that there the boss of EVERYTHING and that you can't have a little fun on games :I

I spoilt Star Wars for an admin: I got banned for 1 day for saying "Han Solo Dies! ". NOT JOKING.

16 Builders Club

Ugh, now tix is removed. Builders club makes it harder because you need to beg your parents to break out their wallets, not that I do that

Why does it have to be so ' expensive?!
Roblox has turned money hungry

Extremely necessary membership benefits ruin games.

Builder's club gives little kids reasons to brag.

17 Scams

They ask people to copy and paste some bull comment on 5 games for free robux. It was legit from Roblox and not any scam site, so I tried it but nothing happened. I wonder what they really wanted.

They scam because they are poor.

I hate scams they are so mean

I got scammed before and all of my robux was gone

18 People use "noob" as a insult

Really people that do this they the noobs since in games like BIG paintball I beast the whole server and I dude just randomly calls me noob and he's a new player lol.

Noob is one of the most idiotic insults ever created. It's an insult made for 5-9 year-olds and it's nothing more. It's barely even an insult. The term "noob" SHOULDN'T be used as a term to describe what someone's appearance is. You're NOT a noob because you don't have 1,000 Robux, "Beautiful Hair for Beautiful People", "Shiny Teeth" and half a million followers. The term "noob" for me means someone that is "new" to something, not someone that beat you at a game.

Noob means a new player.
I joined in April 2016, and if somebody called me "noob", they are probably a 2018er.

Noob does not mean what they look like. It's what they act like that makes them a noob

19 Robux

I would not DARE to pay them a single piso JUST for Robux. I'd honestly rather buy an LOL Surprise with my money (yes, I'm in middle school, and yes, I like toys. don't judge.).
I look like what they call "noobs", and it's honestly unfair for me. I wanna be unique, and that divides me into two options; use Robux generators OR make my own accessories and clothing, which I actually consider. Roblox should give us campaigns that give us free Robux like Tapjoy or something. That way, it will be much easier.

There should be something like missions for the games you favorited which gives us robux, because for now the any way of getting robux is paying real money or selling your items.

Robux is pretty much the main problem. As with insane prices, robux can only be acquired with real money! And it's expensive! Tix was removed, which made a bigger problem!

It shouldn't even cost 10$ for 800, that's really strange and who even cares, yes, you can get pretty cool stuff with it but it's a huge waste of money.

20 Horrible updates

R.I.p guests, tix, and every other thing that existed in roblox, people who couldn’t get accounts because they didn’t wanna deal with people saying rude things they just become a guest and now they can’t do that because roblox did one of the most stupid updates yet

Cheez It logo isn't too bad, there could be worse. TIX GONE? That's worse. Guests gone? I'm quitting. (I like guests even if they are annoying)

*cough* Jailbreak *cough*


When a player gets a strike for saying hi
Strike: Reason: Saying hi to a friend


did not acctually happen lel

And another,

Strike: Reason: Oding

ok now I understand, ill go get a girlfriend in real life then to play with in roblox to OD YAYYY

Strike: U r banned: reason: Oding again



Also did not happen

21 Boring Games

I remember joining ROBLOX in late 2016 (Introduced by my brother, not the YouTubers, ok?), and there were some decent games on the front page. Now that "genres" were removed and people are becoming less and less creative, there's simply a lack of good games. Nowadays, this is the front page:

1. Obbies/TOH rip-offs
2. Simulators
3. Roleplay Games
4. Tycoons
5. The same games every time you go on the front page

Yeah, there isn't much diversity now.

I've personally gotten bored of games since there's no new games with incredible graphics. No creative and original games are being made except for some, looking at you simulator games. The old games which I actually liked such as Survival 303 are dead.

Get rid of simulators, tycoons, and obbies they all are overused and boring because for simulators they just have stupid high prices for tycoons some have like 1% stuff that you buy with tycoon money and 99% stuff you buy with robux and that stuff some of it costs 1000 robux

Please...somebody ban all the obbies! Especially in the RP games! I don't care how you do it(starting a petition to ban a obbies from Roblox,hacking into Roblox and destroying all the obbies in the RP games) just get them banned already!

22 You Get Bullied If You Have Free Clothes

When I didn't have any robux, in my late 2018 days, I loved playing Epic Minigames and Boys and Girls Dance Club. I stopped playing those games for a while because I was always getting bullied in the game because of my character. People would actually push me off platforms in minigames and purposely make me lose, and in the chats they would say "You're such a noob LOL", even though I was actually pretty good at the game and them doing this to me stopped me from reaching a level I was really eager to get to.

I have a lot of items I won from events and bought but I have the bacon hair purely because every other hairstyle looks stupid on me.

I think it stupid because it might be a teen and I think that investing money on game is dumb.

I think this is absurd even though I'm a person that joined 2017, I couldn't experience tix, now these jerks just bully people just because they can't afford robux, ITS CRAZY IK, I own builders club and robux, but I'm not a jerk

23 jaredvaldez4

To the guy who said he was a hacker and has seen that video called "LEAVE JARED" Dude... what in the world is with the capitalized letter in every word you write? I agree what you said about Jared, but your post looks a bit weird with the capitalized letter in every word you even write. Don't worry, the caps lock is not that necessary. but I'm not forcing you, it's your life.

Is it the guy that screaming like an idiot in the bed eating biscuits? Yes that's him,he is a fat kid screaming in the bed eating biscuits while someone is holding the camera and the video was named LEAVE JARED ALONE right what a fatty kid screamer.

Oh wait, the video was "LEAVE JARED ALONE" not "LEAVE JARED" my bad.


24 Guests

This is another reason I think ROBLOX has been going downhill. I was always a default skin lover, so when I figured out guests were removed, I was extremely sad. All of the players that think guests were just stupid crap that like to troll, I hope you now realize that most guests wouldn't do that and it's probably just somebody that wants to make guests look bad. So stop being salty, but it really is annoying and mean to the guests.

All of you people are awful. Don't you ever think that guests just want to have fun? It seems you heartless jerks never feel bad and also not all guests are bad, you shouldn't judge an entire race just because one of them did something bad. You all have ugly hearts. People need to be nice to guests and realize not the entire guests are bad

I hate guests so much! I was playing Flee The Facility 1 week ago! And I thought guests were removed.. so when that guest joined me and my friends said "I hate my life I thought they were removed.." and that guest was trolling and being RUDE and breaking the rules! and in Adopt And Rasie a cute kid the so annoying they always put me in a stroller and troll UGH! and in file I was hacking all 2 of my friends were hacking THEN (warning: this will make u rage when I tell u this! ) the guest crawled under me THEN stole the com! and my friends said "uhh..let’s go hack somewhere else.." I THOUGHT THEY WERE BANNED ROBLOX I HATE ROBLOX BECAUSE I WANT GUESTS BANNED!

for the person who saids that they hated guests and thought they were banned they were and are peop,e can still dress up as guests they troll og guests were nice new fake guests are jerks

25 Adopt and raise a cute kid

Everyone calm down! Whats the correct thing to do? Teach the guests how to play the game. Encourage them if they cannot do something. What if the guest is a troller? Leave the game and join another server. What if you are still in the same server? KILL THAT GUEST.What if the game is not a PVP game? I don't know.

So much for a "cute" kid.

Too much of this ganre

So boring. If only I could RP as an alien or a witch instead of a stupid kid, without people thinking I’m weird. (Then again, it’s called “Adopt and raise a cute kid.” Nothing fun about raising kids if all they do in this game is poop. Gets boring real fast.)

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